Monday, August 11, 2014

preaching follow up

I did not speak of my own problems at last week's group. I did not want to hear any Bible/Jesus shit from that freak.  If you missed my last post, this guy basically told me that the problems other people are having around me are because I'm a pagan.
At the end of the session, I indicated to the therapist that I wanted to talk to him.  He said, "What's up?"  And there, lurking, was Bible thumper.  I said, "I'd like to talk in private," quite pointedly looking at the Bible guy.  We started walking down the hall.  Bible guy followed.  The therapist asked again what was wrong.  I turned and looked at Bible guy who was still following and said, "it's about him."
Once we were in his office with the door closed, I said how upset I had been at the implication that the problems of my loved ones were caused by my religion.  And the therapist agreed, and said he had gone too far.  I reminded him of the time he told the sad woman that she'd be happy in heaven too.  I said how uncomfortable I am every week that he has to bring the Bible and Jesus and prayer into everyone else's recovery plan.   In fact this week someone suggested to Bible Thumper that he hang a dream catcher above his bed to help with his nightmares.  His face was FROZEN in disapproval.  It was actually kind of awesome to see.  And the therapist read from a book on Buddhism, a passage about non-attachment.  The therapist actually confessed to me that he was worried that (Bible Thumper) would be offended by the Buddhist reading!  But it's okay that Bible Thumper offends me?
The end of the conversation was basically that the therapist hadn't really realized how far Bible Thumper was pushing the envelope with his constant Jesus/Bible/prayer talk.  He agreed with me that it was inappropriate for him to suggest it to anyone else, and that he was going to call him and say he could only talk about Jesus/Bible/prayer in conjunction with his OWN recovery and not anyone else's.
I might not make it to this week's session because I have to go to the hospital with my mom for some tests because they still don't know what's wrong with her.  It might be another week before I find out if the Bible thumping and preaching will stop.
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Rebecca said...

Good for you (and the others) that you spoke up. I'm glad the therapist listened and agreed to act!

Hope the tests can help your mom.