Tuesday, February 12, 2013

how to be fat and canker-sore free with one medicine

Another promising new weight loss drug (soon to be shot down in flames) is a canker-sore ointment that, when ingested, causes weight loss WITHOUT DIETING OR EXERCISE. And it's already off patent/generic. This could be as HUGE as the people who will want to take it. And even better for the drug companies, you have to take it FOREVER or gain all the weight back. Is this the miracle drug we've all been waiting for or is it doomed to be another massive disappointment?
Here's the juicy bit:
In the study at the University of Michigan, researchers gave mice a high-fat diet, and they became obese. They then injected the animals with a drug called amlexanox, which has been on the market for more than 15 years to treat canker sores. The mice lost weight, even though they kept eating the same number of calories. When they were taken off the drug, the mice gained all the weight back.
If it really works this way on people, and it has no hideous side effects, and it's cheap (GENERIC!) who cares if you have to take it forever?
But speaking of hideous side effects:
One concern will be whether these drugs, by increasing energy expenditure and body temperature, may have unintended consequences on other systems, such as the heart.
Oh, well, you know, my heart's gonna fail from being so fat anyway, at least I'd be able to move the last few years of my life with less fat on me, right?

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rosie in the snow

We spent all weekend digging out from about 3 feet of snow (deposited in ONE DAY, crazy). Many streets in my town are still unplowed to the point that snowplows themselves can't make it through and only payloaders can do the job. Supposedly the National Guard is coming (everyone says it, can't find anything official) to dig out the state.  The state's roads were closed (massive fines for driving) until 4 p.m. yesterday but what did it matter when you couldn't get out anyway? 
My street was "plowed" so narrow that it's impossible to get out of any driveways; you back up and immediately hit the 8 foot high snowbank on the other side while the front of your car is still between the 8' snowbanks to either side of your driveway. It is insane. My husband basically slammed our SUV in and out of drive/reverse and crashed into snowbanks (while I attacked same with shovel) to get out earlier today after 5-6 hours of shoveling and snowblowing to clear our long driveway and dig out the vehicle. I had to get dog food for my mom (for her DOG, not for HER to eat) but her street wasn't plowed and neither is the one leading to it so she walked to meet me.
Lot of people walking along the main roads, some carrying purchases, some with gas cans.  I saw one lady with several children, all in pajamas, carrying a redbox DVD.  Really, you risked your kids' lives (and didn't bother dressing them properly) to walk two miles to get a MOVIE?  Walking along a busy state road that's one and a half lanes wide and now you're taking up that half lane being on foot?  for a movie? 
It's really crazy. Random stores are open (I saw 2 closed Dunkin Donuts, the one that was open had no food, only coffee, probably the donut truck didn't even try to get there), random streets are plowed, people are taking their snowblowers to the street and getting themselves out since no snowplow or payloader has ever come since Friday when the snow started.
My husband and I are both fat-asses and when it comes to something physical like shoveling and snowblowing 3 plus feet of snow (some drifts higher than my head), we are useless and basically hurt ourselves.  We were totally willing to pay someone, anyone, but there is no one to pay.  People who plow with pick-up trucks can't even get out of their own driveways and anyway their street isn't plowed.  My neighbors have bigger snowblowers than me but they also have long driveways and multiple vehicles to dig out.  
We did have more snow in our yard a few years ago, but it didn't all fall in one night (we had a big snowstorm every few days that winter).  You run out of places to put the snow, the whole front yard is snow with a narrow tunnel to the front steps and a narrow tunnel along the public sidewalk.  If I gain a few pounds I don't think I'll fit, honestly.
The governor and town mayors are all saying "stay home tomorrow, only absolutely essential businesses and employees should go to work" and yet the pool says they will be open.  I don't know if I want to try to get out, drive all the way there (I don't know how bad the back roads leading to the facility will be) only to find that maybe the pool isn't essential after all.  
(photo source picture 25/109 and yes, the snow is against the glass at that height)

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