Friday, August 17, 2012

crotch noodles in the pool

This is really starting to gross me out.
These old women, many of whom are none too clean and none too incontinent, no longer use float belts.  They jam one or more foam noodles between their thighs instead.  These are not their private noodles, they are the public noodles belonging to the physical therapy place. (And most of the time they are in SHALLOW water, with their feet firmly on the bottom!)
Imagine this.  I am in the pool.  I stick my hand under the water and vigorously rub the crotch of my bathing suit, I mean really jam the fabric against the flesh.  And then I swim up to you and hold out that same hand for you to shake.
Would you shake it?
If you wouldn't, then why would you think it's okay to grind a foam pool noodle against your own crotch for an hour or more and then discard it for someone else to touch/use.  GROSS.
When I run (or do any pool exercise) my knees are together. My thighs touch.  This strengthens my hips and legs properly.  If I put a pool noodle or 3 between my legs, that splays my thighs out and makes the angle of my leg and hip awkward.  I am then strengthening that improper angle instead of the proper one, which basically will hurt for the workout and will make it harder to walk and more likely that I'll fall because my muscles aren't used to me moving with my legs straight rather than straddled.
If I have the pool noodle around my chest or back and tucked under my arms, same thing.  Instead of my arms falling naturally at my sides, they are sticking out.  This messes up the alignment of my shoulder and upper arm in the same way as the thighs and hips.
When I'm in the deep end, I use a float belt (my personal belt) that has multiple square floats on a canvas belt.  I can move the floats around so they are in front and in back and they don't impinge upon the movement of my arms.
And of course the real pet peeve is that a pool noodle is not a flotation device.  It is a resistance device. You hold it in your hands and push against the water.  You put it under one thigh and push your leg down.  You do stretches against it.   You need it to be relatively straight.  Not bent in half from being ridden and filthy with crotch grossness and who knows if VD and various lady infections can spread that way.
Am I wrong here?  Too sensitive?

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