Monday, January 30, 2012

Handcuffing fat people & dirty pictures of dead people dilemma

I've come to the conclusion that I don't think like other people. To clarify, I don't think like my husband.  For instance, if I see a trash bag bulging at the side of the highway, I wonder if there's a hacked up murder victim inside. I was surprised to hear that my husband has never once considered that.  It seems completely logical to me.
My latest oddball thought (which he also raised his eyebrows at) is: how do really fat people get handcuffed?
Only recently have I been able to get my hands behind my back and I'm not sure they could be handcuffed back there.  In front, I can't really put them together in front of my crotch so my handcuffs would be more at diaphragm level.  And I'm not a huge fatty anymore like I was.  Plenty of the big-belly guys at the pool wouldn't be handcuffable (if that's a word).
And then I wonder about the really big people--the 600 pounders.  How would they even fit in the back of a squad car?  Would you have to hook two pairs of handcuffs together?  Would the metal cuffs even close around their wrists?  The plastic cuffs would probably rip through their fat like a wrist garrote.
This kind of thinking can occupy me for hours.  I need more hobbies, or a job.
Of course the real thought is, what would a 600+ pound person DO to cause him/her self to be arrested in the first place?  Maybe that's a road I don't want my thoughts to wander down.

And in a completely random topic switch, my friend has a dilemma.   Let's call my friend Abby.  Abby's friend Mary forgot her digital camera at Abby's house.  No big deal...but...then Mary was killed in a car accident--a getaway car fleeing the cops hit her.  It's been over a year, and Abby remembered the camera and looked at it to see if there were pictures of Mary to give to her parents, and there are--only the pictures are, um, compromising, and so are the videos.  No one except me knows she has Mary's camera.  Should Abby delete the pictures? It's doubtful her parents would care about the camera itself if there are no (nice) pictures of their daughter on it. Mary's boyfriend recently become engaged to someone else so doesn't seem appropriate to offer them to him.  What would you do with dirty pictures of your dead friend?
(update: there is no one else in the pictures, just Mary.)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

a sad sight (and a gross one, to be honest)

I had to go out to buy a few things (new pots for my plants, mostly) and I stopped at a Chinese place for lunch (yeah, I know Biggest Loser was all over Chinese food this week, but they didn't show anything that I eat there).  None of this is interesting enough to waste a blog post on though.
However, I saw something so very sad when I was there.  A group of men walked in together, probably having a work lunch.  One of them was huge, not only tall but very obese.  He was wearing sweatpants, light gray, and he had a big wet pee stain on the front.  There is no way he could see the pee stain, his belly was HUGE.  And he made no attempt to shield himself.  Obviously none of his "friends" said, "hey Jack (or whatever his name was), you know you pissed yourself?"  The snarky part of me said that I should take a picture of his stained crotch and the sad part of me didn't do it.  Because it was sad.  Either his friends didn't care enough about him to tell him he peed on himself (or leaked when he peed into a toilet) or he didn't care enough about himself to cover his pee stain when walking across the restaurant.
How does this happen? How does an adult human being who is obviously mentally competent walk around with urine on his pants?  Do his friends think so little of him as a fat person that he's not worthy of telling?  Or does he hate himself so much for being fat that he just doesn't give a shit anymore?  (Thankfully, he had not given a shit in his pants--the back of his sweats weren't stained.)
I'm sure there are all kinds of logistics involved with using a penis and having a giant floppy belly.  I don't care to know--I have my own female logistics to worry about and my belly is much smaller than his.  Still, if you have a problem with peeing standing up, SIT DOWN.  You're in a stall, no one cares that you're only peeing.  If you can't see it or reach it due to the belly, SIT DOWN.  I am imagining all kinds of awfulness on how exactly the pee stain got there.  The one thing I don't believe is that he just pissed in his pants--the stain wasn't that big.  And it's not like a guy has to wipe afterward--although maybe this guy SHOULD.
If the guy had been in Wal-mart and covering himself while standing in line to buy new pants, that would be something different.  But he was walking around in a restaurant with his pee-shame on display.
Please, to all the gods, let my friends love me enough that they wouldn't allow me to walk around pee-stained in public or with any part of my body hanging out of my clothes that shouldn't be on display.

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Facebook changes may erase Rosie

One of my friends has a Facebook account that isn't linked to a cell phone number. FB has frozen that account until she either provides a cell phone number (she hasn't got one) or correctly and quickly IDs a series of random photos (including pets, babies, and cartoon characters) as belonging to specific friends.  Since most of Rosie's FB friends are strangers, there is no way I'll be able to pass the photo test and although I have a cell phone, it's attached to my real-name account (one account per cell phone).  So I expect someday (not anytime soon) that I'll be locked out too.
Therefore, I've created a Facebook Fan Page.  Anyone can like it who has a FB account.  I won't see your personal stuff.  I'll be posting weight loss information on there and links when I put up a new posting.  It's administered under a different FB account as well as Rosie's so I'm hoping freezing one won't freeze the other.
EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY MY FACEBOOK FRIEND, PLEASE BECOME MY FAN.  I am going to do my best not to duplicate information across the two--in the beginning, it might.  If the day comes when I am locked out, I won't be able to tell anyone.  My account will be completely inaccessible.
Obviously I'm hoping it will never happen, or not anytime soon, but I have no idea why my friend was singled out.  It may be that as part of the stupid Timeline roll-out they are targeting all accounts without mobile numbers.  I volunteered for the Timeline (stupid, annoying, pointless) so maybe I'll get skipped.

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Monday, January 02, 2012

back boobs strike again

I just don't understand how these people leave the house without looking in the mirror. A baggier shirt. Pants that fit better. Not difficult to get. It looks like her head's on backward. (Source)

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