Friday, December 30, 2011

600 lb woman quits the feeder business

600 lb woman quits feeder businessI first posted about Donna Simpson almost 2 years ago, when her ambition was to become the fattest woman in the world.
I doubt I thought of her much since, except maybe when watching that horror movie about feeders.  I probably figured she was dead.
But she isn't.  She has lost 85 lbs, moved to a new state, and quit the feeder business to become healthy.

For years, the 44-year-old mother of two was a star in the fantasy fetish community that worshipped the overweight and the feeding that led to it. Simpson had a website where men paid $19 a month to watch her eat.....But as the year winds to a close, Simpson has moved on. She left New Jersey ...and returned to her hometown of Akron. She has turned away from the fantasy world, replacing her pre-recorded videos of her with a blog about her journey to health. She already has lost about 85 pounds, and she hopes to join a gym soon to begin walking in a pool. She has modified her eating, as well. 
She has a blog about her new lifestyle on her website instead of feeder videos. I'd post an encouraging comment, but no comments are allowed. 
I'm so happy for her.  I hope she has a great 2012.

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2011 exercise roundup

In 2011, I accomplished: 14,000 minutes of exercise, including running 1,126 miles in the pool.  Over 230 hours.  Average about 4.5 hours per week.
That's nearly 188 hours of running and the balance (~45 hours) is mostly tai-chi/qi-gong and a little bit of walking.
SparkPeople, of course, wants you to do a whopping 2880 minutes per year.  That's 48 hours per year, or less than an hour per week.

I think that's close to the max that I can do.  lessons 2x per week, that's 5 hours a week or 15,600 minutes in a year.  But I can't guarantee that I can take 2 classes a week all of 2012 or that I won't get a job that will cut into my pool time.  I guess 15,000 minutes is my 2012 goal for now, barring illness or the pool being closed (see February for example of bad month).
It is funny how ingrained it is in me that I am fat therefore I am lazy and out of shape. 
fat=poor health
fat=out of shape

and don't forget the oldie but goodie
I know that under my padding of adipose tissue, my muscles are rock-solid.  My blood work is fine.  My blood pressure and resting heart rate are fine.  My IQ hasn't dropped any points as far as I know (last time I tested it online it was actually up slightly).
It doesn't matter.  People see me, or see my photo, and think "fat, lazy, stupid" and I think that myself.  Programming can be a terrible thing.
Happy New Year and thanks for reading.  See you in 2012.  

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

updates and pic

I've been quiet lately, I know, weird for me. But nothing fat-related or food-related has really been going on.  I finished a few books and they are available on Amazon.  They are new age and not about being fat.  If you email me (wholelottarosieyoung at yahoo dot com) I will send you Amazon links but I'm not outing my real name on here.
The only thing I've been doing is running in the pool like a mad woman.  I used to run about 20 miles a week (200 minutes) and now I'm doing 33 miles (110 minutes a day, 3x a week) and last week I did a 20 mile single run.  Next week I'm doing a whole marathon's worth (26 miles, 4.5 hours) on Wednesday.  Not for weight loss, although I'm sure it's happening, but just to see if I can hit 1,000 miles (10,000 minutes) of running for the year. I'm at 915 miles so far.  I saw a guy on the Biggest Loser Thanksgiving talking about his goal of 500 miles a year and I sniggered at him.  I'm still fat and doing twice that, what's his excuse?  Plus I'm still doing tai chi, I'm taking 2 classes a week (one advanced, one beginner), so doing about 3 hours a week of tai chi and qi gong.
Seasonal Affective Disorder has really nailed me this year, even with the Wellbutrin.  I get up, run in the pool and collapse into dreamtime upon getting home.  I'm sleeping a ridiculous amount, like a cat.  I don't think I'm up 6 hours a day.  But I have no motivation.  My books are done.  I have no job.  What does it matter if I get up or not?  Who cares?  Probably some depression talking there too.  I know in mid-January I'll magically snap out of it, but that's a long way away and my new faux down comforter (clearance & sale at Kohls) is so comfy...
My husband might be getting transferred to another town with a longer commute but he'd be making a third more money and the people in that department specifically asked for him to come work there.  Which is a good thing, right?  More money and people who really like him--not that his current people DISLIKE him, but it's nice to be REQUESTED.   I wish someone would request me and give me a chunk of money.  It still might happen, right?
Oh, the picture? Yeah, that's me.  And hubby, actually, lurking behind me.  My body is getting to be shaped really weird.  My hips aren't terribly wide, but I'm THICK, thicker when turn sideways then when I face forward.
I feel like I should be so much thinner.  I hate myself sometimes.  I'm weak when it comes to food, my portion sizes are usually too big and my food choices terrible.
Anyway, come hang out with me on Facebook.  If I feel entertained maybe I'll stay awake.

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