Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love my kitties (off topic, rant)

There has been a spate of dog attacks around me lately.  My online friend got bitten badly by a dog and another killed her beloved conure.  My mom got mauled by the neighbor's dog (and so did our dog)--she needed 16 stitches and that was with the dog biting THROUGH her jacket and shirt, I forget how many the dog needed, maybe half a dozen.
I've owned dogs--I currently half-own one (Mom's got it because Grandma likes the dog)--but now I don't  want to be around even my little dog.
Last night, though, was horrible and I'm glad I wasn't there.  My friend came home from picking up her 7 year old daughter from daycare and the street was filled with cops and the animal control van.  In the  neighbor's driveway was their cat, murdered by a pit bull and of course the little girl saw it--"Look Mommy isn't that our kitty?" Did I  mention that the child's birthday was this weekend? Happy birthday little girl, you'll never forget this one.  The dog didn't even belong to the house it was at, it was the people's son's dog and they kept it locked up in the basement.  The people refused to speak to Animal Control or the cops, and didn't even bother to walk across the street and say "sorry our son's dog killed your cat."  The irony is that my friend owns and loves a pit bull and staunchly defends the breed (her dog is really super sweet). Animal Control did seize the dog (more than they did for my mom's attack!) but that seems to be the end of it.  A sweet, silly kitty who didn't deserve to die like that, a traumatized child, and not even a token "sorry" tossed their way.  That makes me SO angry.  Other neighbors heard the attack but the cat was killed fairly quickly so they couldn't do anything except call the authorities; they can't be blamed.
So my kitties today are being allowed to do anything they want.  They got extra food.  I'm not moving them aside if they annoy me with head-butts and meows while I am writing my book.  They are getting scratchings and kisses and love.  I will laugh if the big male poops on the floor next to his litter box (which he does about half the time) or if my old cat bites me when he wants to be brushed.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

being pruned from the family tree

I'm on Facebook as Rosie (come friend me) and obviously also under my real name.  Last night one of my "cousins" (I have no real first cousins, they are all second cousins and removed cousins and in-law cousins, the price of being the only child of 2 only children) posted about 2 dozen pictures of a family reunion that my mom and grandma (and I) weren't invited to.
I was tempted to call my mom and say "did you  know so-and-so is in town?  And that everyone got together at Aunt whatsis's house?" (I recognized her kitchen in the pictures.)  But I didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings.  These are my mom's first cousins, that she grew up with (one of them is my godmother).  My grandma's in-laws and nieces and nephews.  Clearly our branch has been pruned from THAT family tree, huh? 
It reminded me of when I was little and we hadn't been removed from the family yet. I was the only girl and none of those boys wanted to play with me--because I was a girl and because I was fat, I'm sure.  No one ever wanted to play with me because I was fat. So I never played (exercised) and got fatter.  How depressing is that?  And now 35 years later, it's like I don't even exist when those boys get together.  And yet the one who is friends with me on Facebook, he had to know I'd see the pictures. 
As I write this, my grandma's in the hospital.  My  mom had to call the ambulance at 3 a.m.  Grandma went from fine at supper, fine at bedtime, to massively sick. She's been admitted with pneumonia--how does that happen in six hours?  I wonder, when she dies, if any of the family who ignored us will show up for her funeral.
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

back boobs, again

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