Monday, September 19, 2011

Rosie is a bad guy. As usual. (off topic)

Recently I wrote about someone I know who went rather crazy and accused me of being, basically, in a gang of crooks and thieves.
I won't rehash the story; go to the link if you haven't already read the post.
This person just requested of me, through her new mate, that I go and feed her cat while she's on vacation!  I said no.  I won't feed her cat.  What did she say to me when I said, "I hope we can still be friends?"  "I don't think so."  I don't think I can go feed your damn cat.  You must have other friends you didn't abuse and dump, ask them.
And guess what?  Now I'm a bad person.  A pet abuser.  Because I won't feed her cat.
A week before she had the epiphany that we were a bunch of crooks, her car got towed and impounded.  She called me, freaking out, needing help. I drove her around for 2 hours, from this lot to that, to the bank, etc.  She promised in return to take me out to dinner.  She asked me where. I chose Outback. She said Outback was too expensive and she couldn't afford it. (Really?  Outback.  Sheesh.)  A couple of days later, I was branded a thief and a crook and there went my dinner.
And now I'm supposed to do her another favor?  What were her words?  "I don't think so."
To make matters worse, now my husband is so pissed at me that HE'S feeding the fucking cat.  WTF. Because I'm the bad guy, the bitch who won't forgive and forget.
The sound you hear is me banging my head into a wall repeatedly.  Maybe I'll give myself brain damage and become stupid enough to be this idiot's friend again.
Update:  In case you're wondering, I'm doubly a bad guy because I am "refusing to be friends with someone who is mentally ill".  That was today's lecture, before my husband went off to fawn over this nut's cat.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

mocking lymph edema

This picture is making the rounds on the internet joke sites. I agree that it's ugly. But it's lymph edema. I recognize it all too well. This person CAN'T wear socks and probably is grateful they found those adjustable shoes. Lymph edema legs are hotter than regular legs. I wear capris with my LE. Fuck it if you don't like how it looks. It's a disease, I control it as best I I don't look like this pic. Makes me sad to see people mocking what they don't understand.
No one ever posts a picture of someone overweight thinking they look nice.  We know we don't look nice. Most of us do our best and try not to end up on People of Wal-mart and otherwise being mocked.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lazy Rosie is...lazy

I was having dinner with my mom last night. It's something we do once a week, either have dinner or lunch depending on her work schedule. We were talking about a relative who was recently diagnosed with some sort of heart condition. This person has a sit-down job, comes home from work, and watches TV.  That's her life.  She's overweight, of course, and she drinks at least one two-liter bottle of Pepsi (not diet) every day.  So it is really not surprising at all to find that she's not well.  (She tried Weight Watchers but she was using all her points on Pepsi instead of food, so she didn't lose weight, surprise, and quit.)
My mother, ever so helpful, points out that I have a sit-down job (essentially) and so therefore I am "sedentary" and in the same boat as the relative.  I pointed out, calmly, that I run around 30 miles a week (300 minutes/5 hours) and do around 3 hours a week of Tai-chi.  These are minimum numbers.
Mom's response?  "Right, you're sedentary."  Because my mom, of course, is super woman.  She works part time.  She is a caretaker to my 95-year old grandmother.  And she walks every day 5-10 miles, rain or snow or sun, and she also gardens.  To her, I'm the laziest thing on the planet, maybe a step up from a slug, but probably not.  Our truly sedentary relative is probably not even alive by my mom's high standards.
I try not to let it bother me.  My mom's always been my biggest critic, and always fostered the "never enough" in me.  If I got an A, why wasn't it an A+?  If I won a writing contest, why didn't I win all of them?  I lost weight and went down to 114 lbs but she constantly harped on me that I would gain the weight back and guess what?  After 2 years, I did.  (And you know what?  I ate MORE during those two years I was thin than I EVER have when I was overweight.)  She measures everyone's fatness by mine.  "She's as fat as you, Rosie.   He's not quite as big as you."
But still, I feel a sense of accomplishment in spite of my mother.  I ran 10 miles this morning (100 minutes) bringing my total this year to over 650 miles. Last month I logged over 25 hours of exercise.  Not Biggest Loser numbers, but not shabby for someone doing it alone.
So, anyway, I came here to tell you all that I am sorry for being so lazy and I'll try to kick it up a notch, m'kay?

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