Friday, June 24, 2011

thought of the day--groceries

I am inherently lazy, in spite of the fact that I exercise like a loon. If I can sit and do nothing strenuous, I will. And yeah, that's partially why I'm fat. But this post is actually about losing weight.
Because I am lazy, when I go grocery shopping, I don't want to make multiple trips between car and house carrying bags.  I'm physically strong, I guess, so I can hold all the bags.
But when I go to walk up the steps, all of a sudden, I can barely move.  I feel like I have to put some of the bags down. They seem to weigh a lot.  Every 2 liter bottle of soda (yes, diet, don't lecture me) is 4 lbs and I often buy 6 or 8 bottles (8=32 lbs) plus whatever else.
But I never buy 90 lbs of groceries.  So why can't I walk up the steps carrying 50 lbs when I used to LIVE, ALL THE TIME, 90 lbs heavier?  How did I walk?  How did I walk CARRYING GROCERIES?
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Endermologie for lymph edema

I was out with a friend of mine over the weekend who is a massage therapist and she told me about a new treatment called "endermologie" (yes, with an ie not a y at the end) which is mostly used for cellulite but has another application--to break up edema.  She was sure there were people in our general area that offer it, but I really only found practitioners who were 30 or more miles away.  I'll keep looking.
I was telling her about what happened when I went to the lymph edema specialists, with their all-or-nothing treatment and she was appalled.  She is a professional, clinical LMT and she agreed that there should be a treatment I can go to maybe weekly or every other week and self-massage techniques they should teach me for at home (exactly what I had expected from the place!).  That's when she told me about endermologie.  
I haven't been able to find out a lot about it--only how to buy the machine!--but here's what I've got so far:
This web site appears to be the manufacturer of the system(s). It has lots of unmeaningful technical talk:

The two independent motorized rollers (patented by LPG) gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation, depending on the desired objectives.
The various folds treat different types of tissue, including cellulite, adipose, edematous, fibrous, adherent, inflammatory, thin, fragile, and relaxed tissue.
With their micropulses, the Lift heads (patented by LPG) create a wave of tissue that delicately stimulates the skin. Depending on the frequency at which the Lift valves pulse (4, 8, or 16 pulses/second) and the chosen suction strength (adjustable intensity), the Lift heads generate different stimulations for specific beauty and therapeutic goals. These frequencies can treat different types of tissue, including fibrous, edematous, scarred, wrinkled, thin, and fragile tissue.
It reminds me a little of the machines my friend in Florida used to sell.  She used one on me and it did make a huge difference on my leg.  That machine was $1200 and I really wish I'd bought one from her.  But I would have had to go to beauty school to buy one, even to just use on myself.  
The endermologie site seems to also offer a home-care option called Wellbox.  Unfortunately the Wellbox site is in French and Euros.  It seems to say the machine costs 90 Euros. That's about $125.  I'd buy it.  Ah, no, the English site says 999 Euros.  That's $1400.  I'd ask my financial guy if I could raid my special savings, but it doesn't seem to be available in the US.  At least, the web site isn't very clear on whether it is.
A friend of mine posted recently asking for donations to help her with medical bills for a beloved pet.  I wonder if I can start one of those to buy this system?  I'll have to ask her how she did it.