Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seat belt extender needed?

Do you think he asked for a seat belt extender?

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disfigured movie

One of my constant readers, who is also my friend on Facebook, suggested that I watch a movie called Disfigured. So I added it my Blockbuster queue and yesterday I watched it with a friend.  Why not with my husband? Because he said "I don't want to watch fat people while I"m eating."  Huh? You LIVE with a fat person.  You ARE a fat person.  He is too strange sometimes.

The movie is mainly about Lydia, a short fat woman who belongs to a Fat Acceptance group.  She doesn't really fit in there either, because the woman running the group is against exercise, weight loss and anything that implies a person dislikes her body and wants to change it.  Lydia is ridiculed for wanting to start a Fat Acceptance walking group.  Darcy, a tall, thin anorexic woman tried to join the FA group, and is driven away by the leader. Darcy thinks she is fat.  She befriends Lydia, even though Lydia describes herself as Darcy's "worse nightmare" and Darcy admits she thinks Lydia's body is disgusting.  Their odd friendship progresses through fits and starts, including a funny scene where Darcy lists things people tell her--"drink milkshakes"  "you should eat something"-- and Lydia counters with what people tell her "you have such a pretty face" "don't eat that".  At her walking group, Lydia meets Bob, an overweight guy, leading to a rather bizarrely filmed sex scene (so much billowy flesh--who is who?).  Bob leads Lydia to confront herself in some uncomfortable ways, and that causes Lydia to make a strange request of Darcy, and finally for both women to dispel some of their demons. 
It's worth watching.
Movie website
The best line in the movie comes in the beginning, at one of the meetings.  A woman complains that people say she's let herself go. "I didn't go anywhere, I'm right here!" 
In an aside, the actor who played Bob was the season 1 winner of the Biggest Loser (Ryan Benson).

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Thanksgiving as a less fat person

Basically this is my 3d Thanksgiving without a dad.  He died a few days after Thanksgiving 2 years ago, but he was in the nursing home dying on Thanksgiving day that year.  I can't imagine Thanksgiving ever being a happy fun holiday for me again.
I got home a little while ago and did my calories.  I ate excellently, under 500 calories.  For Thanksgiving.  I had turkey, a hint of gravy, corn, potatoes, a piece of a dinner roll, and a very small low-fat brownie for dessert.  I drank diet soda.  Everyone else drank wine (and then coffee) and ate many things on the table I abstained from.  Well, it's not hard for me NOT to eat shrimp, as I hate seafood, but I didn't eat the blueberry muffins, or the fried peppers and broccoli, or the stuffed mushrooms, or the apple pie, or the pecan pie.
But something good did happen.  The bathroom at my parents' house is badly laid out.  The linen closet sticks out and the corner is kittycorner to the edge of the sink, so it's a narrow spot.  I used to have to go sideways and really squeeze through, and I had a problem shutting the door at the same time I was doing this.  I walked through today with space all around me, shutting the door effortlessly behind me.  Confused, I stopped, backed up and tried going through sideways.  Space all around me. I looked at that space and was utterly confounded to think I USED TO FILL THAT.  OVERFILL that.
Wow.  That's what 62 lbs looks like in the real world.  That's right, 62.  In just 3 little pounds, I will be in the 200's.   Whoo-hoo! 

I'm posting here again because, after many fits and starts, it appears that the thieving website is gone permanently.  3 or 4 times it was allowed to go back online and each time it had more than 30 articles stolen from me and many from other sites.  They'd take a few down and tell the hosting company the problem was solved and the hosting company didn't bother to check, just allowed it. 

If you are reading this ANYWHERE but on or on, it's stolen; please let me know. wholelottarosieyoung at yahoo dot com. Thank you.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I am on Facebook.  Mostly to play stupid games with my friends, and with total strangers.  I will continue to post most of my stuff here and on Twitter.  Trying to find the program that synchs them all together.   Anyone?  I already feed my RSS feed to Twitter; I want to make my Tweets my status on FB.  
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Thieves have been vanquished

I am happy to say that the thieving site that was stealing my content and other's content has been removed from the internet. Yay.