Monday, August 31, 2009

don't drink yourself fat

don't drink yourself fat--coke

NYC's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has unveiled a series of 3 new ads promoting healthy eating and believe it or not, I don't hate them.
There are three almost identical ads, showing a bottle of Snapple, Coke and Gatorade being poured into a glass that's full of nasty fat instead of drink. They are cleverly done. Not that they will work. Or maybe they will. I remember finding out in high school from a girl who was Miss Connecticut how many calories were in regular soda and I switched to diet and haven't looked back. 10 calories a sip ads up.
You can compare this ad to the PETA one I mentioned last week, which advocated going vegetarian to lose weight. The PETA ad was insulting and rude and from what I understand, has been taken down. (Then again, everything PETA does is more to cause controversy than anything else.) Let's see what others have to say about NYC.
Is the image of a glass of fat gross? Yes. But it gets the message across. Putting a picture of an overweight woman in a bikini next to the words "blubber" and "whale" may also get the message across, but in a not-nice way.
However, I have to wonder how long before Snapple, Gatorade and Coke force NYC to take the ads down? Although you can't see the labels/brand names, it's obvious what they bottles are, and if you look at the image names on my Flickr pages, they were labeled Snapple, Coke and Gatorade by NYC.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the truth about boobs

I have always had big boobs.  I started growing boobs in 3d grade.  It was embarrassing and I was constantly teased and humiliated by other kids for having boobs before anyone else.  I hated wearing a bra (still do) but hated having them flop around even more (ditto).
Last night I had dinner with a friend and the first time she saw my whole body was when we were walking out to our cars, since I had gotten there first and was reading when she arrived.  She said that my boobs looked smaller.
My husband, who is a typical clueless man most of the time, had also noticed this, but he realized why.  They aren't really that much smaller.  But they were hoisted up and out by the sticking-out part of my upper belly, which isn't really sticking out that much anymore.  So they are kinda just hanging there, looking smaller, when in truth they have always resembled a half-deflated balloon.
The bras I am wearing are from when I went away last January (2008!) so they are old and stretched out, even if I hadn't lost almost 50 lbs.  (!!  I know  !!)  I know I need a smaller size and they aren't doing the job anymore.
The worse is when I work out on my Bowflex.  There is one leg exercise where I have to bend over slightly and hold onto the lat tower.  My boobs hang straight down, and as I move my leg, they sway.  It looks, swear to god, like I have a pair of elephant trunks in my tank top. WITH a bra on. 
I have a sports bra coming and I can't wait.  I want these suckers squished flat and pushed up to my chin when I work out.  I cannot have elephant trunk boobs.  It's uncomfortable, ugly and distracting.
(elephant image source)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

obesity=brain damage?!

Sigh.  A new study (PMID 19662657) shows that obese people have brain damage.  Now, maybe if the brain damage caused the obesity, it would be another "it's not my fault I'm fat, I have drain bamage" kind of thing.  But it's "It's not my fault I have brain damage, I'm fat" doesn't flow as well.
(O)bese people have 8 percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals. Their brains look 16 years older than the brains of lean individuals....Those classified as overweight have 4 percent less brain tissue and their brains appear to have aged prematurely by 8 years.
These studies were done on people in their 70's. I do not know how long they had been overweight or if they had been diagnosed with any sort of dementia.
(I have an interest in this, because a relative of mine died of dementia. An ugly way to die, and not a way I'd wish on anyone.)
Article also doesn't say if you lose weight, does your brain get better? Is damage permanent?
Too many ifs for me.  I'm simply not going to believe in it.

Obesity causes brain damage
(screenprint of original; image source)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

PETA : "save the whales. Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian."

PETA has a new ad campaign mocking overweight people.  As you can see, tt shows a fat woman in a bathing suit with the tagline "Save the Whales, Lose the Blubber.  Go Vegetarian."  The billboard is in Jacksonville, Florida.
I'm so glad that no vegetarians are ever overweight.  If only I had known that years ago.  I could give up eating grilled chicken in favor of deep-fried Twinkies.
(sarcasm mode: off)
Anyway, fark PETA.
PETA hates fat people

Saturday, August 22, 2009

KFC bacon and cheese sandwich with fried chicken buns

Apparently this is a real KFC product, called a Double Down--a bacon and cheese sandwich with fried chicken buns.  I wouldn't eat it, but it's the kind of thing that makes me crazy.  How many calories must be in this so-called sandwich? How many fat grams--two pieces of fried chicken with bacon and cheese and gloppy sauce!?
I must say, I'd eat the fried chicken.  Or the bacon.   Maybe the bacon with cheese (if it's cheddar).  The sauce, no way, it's probably mayo or ranch-based (and ranch is itself mayo-based).   But not the whole kaboodle, no sir.
Lots of pictures proving it's real here; the screencap above comes from the commercial, which is on Youtube--Youtube embeds blow my margins, so I'm not putting it here.
I guess I am not very good at being a fat person because I have ZERO desire to run to KFC and try one, even without the sauce.
KFC double down bacon sand w fried chicken buns
Screenprint of article.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2 obese people crane-lifted from homes

Two stories in one day about obese people being removed from their homes via crane.  It's so sad, and scary.  No matter how much weight I lose I will never ever not be in fear of becoming that fat.
In Germany, a 250 kg (550 lbs) was lifted by crane from her home after all other ways to remove her failed.  The article doesn't state why she had to be taken to the hospital.  As an aside, they mention a 660 lb man who also got removed from his home via crane, in Brisbane (Australia), due to an asthma attack.
550 lb woman lifted by crane
(picture source=article source.  Screenprint of article.)

down another lb but not feeling very motivated

Down another pound today (45, for those keeping track) but I'm feeling very BLAH about it all.  My weight loss tracker shows me as several pounds behind on my goal of losing 100 lbs by the end of the year.  I've ramped up my exercise and cut my food.  I don't know what else to do.  Although the doctor's off laughed at me when I said I had Cigna as insurance and they don't pay for WLS, I'm doggedly filling out the million pages of forms (again--as I got rejected a few years ago for non-insurance reasons) but wondering really will it help or hurt?
It's so hot out.  I feel unmotivated to go outside in my sweltering garage and do my bowflex routine.  The thought of taking a walk makes me want to hide under the bed.
I'm going back to Yale in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the dietitian will be available for me to see.  Her calculations of what I should eat don't add up and she doesn't return my calls or answer my emails.  That's discouraging too. 
I had to spend money I don't have on new clothes--$85 for a new bathing suit, two sports bras and one regular bra, and that's after items being on sale and having a discount (should have been $135).  I was planning on buying some new things at 50 lbs lost anyway, but it's scary having no income other than my husband's, which is fixed (no overtime for him and his next bonus isn't until the spring).  But my bras totally don't fit at all, I need a sports bra for strength training, and my bathing suits are all rags from chlorine. (I got a chlorine resistant one--finally available in plus sizes!)

Monday, August 17, 2009


I've noticed that a lot of signatures on Spark People have a nice little goal list.  I think it's annoying to have to look at that list every time you read someone's post, but there is a place for such a list and that place is in my sidebar.

364 Starting Weight--took pics 1/20/2009
328 10% lost--Happy Dance 8/10/2009
314 50 lbs lost--buy clothes--take pics
299 Out of the 300 club forever!
292 20% lost--Happy Dance
264 100 lbs lost--go on vacation--buy clothes--take pics
256 30% lost--Happy Dance
250 100 lbs to go!--Happy Dance
220 40% lost--Happy Dance
199 out of the 200 club forever! --buy clothes--take pics
184 Half of Me party
150 Goal--take pics--plastic surgery
Post surgery party with lots of before & after pics

Today I am at 320.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be getting some pants that don't fall down!

doing crazy exercise!

Friday and Saturday I did pretty much nothing for exercise. I felt like a slug. But it is SO HOT out. Going to the pool isn't refreshing, it's a heated pool (92 degree water) in a hot room (85 degrees) and when I sweat during my workout in there, I'm not cooling off at all.
Today I braved the hot pool for an hour and then, because I'm feeling crazy happy about losing 44 lbs (!!!!) I went out into the sweltering garage and did a lower body Bowflex routine. By then I was so overheated, if I had a turkey timer on my belly it would have been poking out. I took a freezing cold shower and it felt SO GOOD and now I have the A/C blowing on me AND a fan. If only I was eating grapes, how decadent would that be!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

test results

I went to see my regular doctor Friday. Although I haven't been back to see the Yale docs, yet, they sent the test results to her. The only thing wrong with me is metabolic syndrome. The cure is what I'm already doing, what my doc calls "drastic lifestyle changes". She said I am already "attacking" my problems (her lovely word, not mine) and there really isn't anything more I can do. She doesn't believe I need bariatric surgery of any type because I am doing so well on my own. I'd still like a lapband, which would make it impossible for me to overeat, but if I can't get one, oh well. I registered to win a free lapband, but I'm thinking what happens is that EVERYONE wins the "free band" but it doesn't include installation or any of the other fees. I wonder what the band itself is worth? Probably a couple of grand, if that.
Back to the metabolic syndrome. I don't have insulin resistance, which is what Yale was guessing the tests would show, or diabetes, which I was terrified of. I have 3 of the 4 symptoms of metabolic syndrome (from the Mayo Clinic site):

* Obesity, particularly around your waist (having an "apple shape")
* Elevated blood pressure
* An elevated level of the blood fat called triglycerides and a low level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol — the "good" cholesterol
* Resistance to insulin, a hormone that helps to regulate the amount of sugar in your body
My total cholesterol is low (155) but within that the good is lower and the bad is higher. My blood pressure isn't high, it's borderline, and it's been very stable for years at that level (130/80). From the American Heart Association, Blood pressure that stays between 120–139/80–89 is considered prehypertension. So I'm not even really fully into metabolic syndrome.
And not that I'm whining about not being sicker, but that does make it more difficult to qualify for WLS. My husband called my insurance company and they said they never pay for WLS for any reason. When I talked to the obesity clinic at Yale, and told them what insurance I had, they basically laughed.
I keep meaning to research it on the Obesity Help website. I guess now that I'm online and thinking of it, I should do it now.
(graphic from)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

grocery shopping

Today I went grocery shopping.  I bought a 5-pound bag of mixed apples and oranges, a box of clementines, a box of beautiful grapes, and a 3-pound bunch of bananas.   I was so proud of myself I wanted to take a picture of my cart.  For breakfast I had my protein pudding, which someone disparaged when I wrote about it earlier.  I'm sorry, I know eating an 85 calorie breakfast (with 1 whole gram of fat) is simply out of control.  I should start eating a 1/4 cup rather than pigging out on a whole half a cup.
For lunch I had a chicken sandwich and instead of getting it drenched in ranch dressing I got salsa instead.  And I drank 3 HUGE glasses of ice water with it.  
I made myself work out for 5 minutes extra in the pool (65 minutes) because I was crabby and didn't want to be there at all.
Now I am in the air conditioned room, waiting for it to cool off, eating my lovely grapes.  The picture doesn't do them justice, they really are perfect and gorgeous and sweet and yummy.   Each grape is bigger than one of my thumb joints (yes, that's my hand). 
(and the lovely grapes I am enjoying have TWICE the calories of my pudding!  Better off eating the pudding, I think)

Monday, August 10, 2009

10% goal

Today before I left for the pool I was standing in front of the kitchen sink shoving low fat sugar free pudding into my mouth because I "have" to eat breakfast and I "have" to eat before I workout.  Even though I was eating chocolate and it tasted okay, there was no enjoyment in it.  So is it worth it to live this way?
Also today, I reached my first goal, 10% of my body weight lost.  It took a long time, since February, but here I am, 36 lbs lighter.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Shark Week! (off topic, mostly)

Today Shark Week starts on Discovery Channel.  They have a "what shark are you" quiz (like Facebook, and not much better written) and it declares that I am a GREAT WHITE.
"You are the most dominant and aggressive shark known to man! You hardly have any predators because you are at the top of the food chain. Your 3,000-plus teeth are razor sharp and help you rip your food apart into chunks so you can swallow it without chewing. You can live about two months on one good meal. You mainly enjoy swimming alone in cool waters in the Southern Hemisphere, and you are the least intelligent of all sharks."
Wait.  I'm stupid?  I chew without swallowing?  I eat once every 2 months?  That is SO not me!
I just spent about 10 minutes programming my DVR.  For the first time ever, I won't miss most of Shark Week.  Hopefully nothing I want to save will get deleted in the next few days.