Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my knee

I've done about half a dozen physical therapy sessions. They aren't what I expected. I expected exercise. I'm getting massage. Lymphatic drainage massage, which feels like an Indian rope burn when done a certain way. The way they've been scheduling the sessions, I can't go to the pool. And I honestly feel like the pool helps me more.
The status is, my knee doesn't hurt constantly anymore. I still can't straighten it. It gets tired very quickly, and then sore. I understand that I need PT to fix the stiffness and make it straighten again. But I thought I'd be working with weights or in the pool.
The two women who alternate sessions concluded that my edema is so entrenched (around the lower part of my leg, the fluid is more like solid jello than water) that it needs to be broken up and managed better before they can fix my knee. My kneecap should be free-floating and it's fused into place by the edema. And my whole body is out of alignment after almost 6 months of limping.
I've been hiring my friend's two teenage kids to clean my house and work in my yard. My husband won't do anything around the house if I'm not doing it too, even if I'm unable. But let the kids come over and all of sudden he's buying and laying grass seed, raking, cleaning the resin furniture. I say, "can we wash the lawn furniture this weekend?" and he won't do it...let me hand over a few $20s to some kids and he's all over it. That pisses me off so much.
My car was unfortunately involved in a hit and run ($2000 worth of damage) and the police are working on the guy who did it. We have the license plate and even know where he lives. But meanwhile my car needs repair and I've got to shell out hundreds of dollars in deductibles because it's this guy's word against my husband's (who witnessed the accident). Even though the damage to the guy's vehicle matches the damage to mine. It's really pissing me off. I have to carpool to work, it's messed up my hours there, and my 3 month trial period is almost up. I fell at work (over nothing--my leg locked) and had to file a workers comp claim and I'm terrified they won't keep me, thinking I'm going to cost them money instead of being an asset.
I've started taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfatewhich is supposed to be good for joints. I have to order some Udo's 3-6-9 fish-free omega oil too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lots of obesity news--fat monkeys, fat ladies biting off ears, fat kids taken away, and fat discrimination

Here's a round-up of some recent obesity stories which caught my eye. My new job keeps me really busy all the time (unlike my old one) plus it's full time (unlike my old one), so my blogging time has been cut way back. I couldn't blog at work anyway, because I haven't got Photoshop to do my screenprints with.

Obese children ‘may be put in care’
(A couple)claimed their six children will be taken from them and placed in care unless they can bring their weight under control within three months.
I wonder what "under control" means in this context?
Causing social workers most concern is the weight of the 12-year-old child, who is more than 16 stone, and another three-year-old child who weighs four stone.
That's 224 lbs for the 12 year old, and 56 lbs for the 3 year old. My friend has a 3 year old. I think the child weighs maybe 20-25 lbs.
However, the parents are adamant that their children are only displaying puppy fat and believe it will be shed as they grow older.
Puppy fat? 226 lbs on a 12 year old? I was a fat 12 year old and I weighed around 100 lbs.
Yes, by any standards, these kids are fat. But will putting them into foster care really make their lives better? I mean, this is something to really debate. The children will be split up--no one wants to take in 6 kids that aren't theirs--and not be with their parents. I don't know how the foster system is in Australia (where this is happening), but I doubt it's any good.
You can argue that parents who deny their children medical care for religious reasons often get taken to court and their wishes overridden and a guardian appointed to oversee the child's medical care. Is having fat kids the same thing? Is feeding a child fast food equal to denying a blood transfusion?
(Source, screenprint)

Call me fat again and I'll bite off your ear...I've always wanted to bite off someone's nose, actually, but I don't think calling me fat would be justification for that in anyone's eyes!
A woman who chewed off part of a man's ear after he called her fat was given two years' probation yesterday.
They had gone to a hotel room to have sex, but the man changed his mind and called her fat. I'm sure that was terribly upsetting. But to bite off his ear? I wonder how drunk they were, since they met at a bar.
(Source; screenprint)

Is saying "don't discriminate against fat people" the same thing as "it's okay to be fat"?
Massachusetts wants to make fat discrimination illegal.
In an overwhelmingly overweight nation that worships thinness, many describe prejudice against the obese as one of the last socially acceptable biases. Advocates for the plus-sized, particularly activists in the "fat acceptance" movement, want obesity to become a category legally protected against discrimination, like religion, race, age and sex. But not everyone agrees.
...."Legislation happens when people are too childish to police themselves," said Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the Odelia Grey mystery series starring a 220-pound heroine who is a reflection of her creator."But, as a fat woman, I don't want a green light," said Jaffarian, 55, who worries that such a law would validate what some consider unhealthy weight. "The downside of legislation is that the prejudice would go more underground."
I'm not really sure how it can go "underground" as she says. It's not very much in the open now. No one has ever said to me, "We won't hire you because you're fat" or "we're firing you because you're fat" (and those are legal things such a bill would address). Has anyone ever said, "I won't date you because you're fat"? Sure, and fuck them. But a law wouldn't stop people from being assholes.
(Source; screenprint)

I saved my favorite one for last: chunky Japanese monkeys. (See photo, above, and I hope that curly thing is the monkey's tail and not his, um, happy place.)
Happy tourists visiting the wildlife park in Japan might have thought they were treating the monkeys. But they have left many of them so overweight they can hardly get around.
Isn't this the ZOO's fault? Why let the tourists feed the monkeys? And honestly I can't believe the monkeys got that fat overnight.
About 50 Macaca mulatta monkeys at Ohama park in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture have been so overfed by tourists they are now massively overweight....A healthy Macaca mulatta monkey weighs about 20lbs, but one of these chunkies is over 4st. (Which we already know from the story above is 56 lbs. Or 3x what it should weigh. Not unlike me.)
I feel bad for these monkeys. It's their keeper's fault. Monkeys don't have the sense to say "no, thanks, don't throw me another banana, I'm full."
(Source; screenprint)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

MRI results

My MRI results came back and I'm pretty pissed off.
I have a "Baker's cyst" and moderate arthritis (just in that knee). The cyst can't be operated on because I am too fat. I can't walk because my knee hurts so much. How exactly am I supposed to lose weight?
And of course, it's my fat's fault that I have arthritis and a cyst. Although my other knee is just fine. So I'm only fat on the left? Sounds like a funky movie title: "Fat on the left". What would it be about, I wonder?
I start physical therapy in a week. I can go 90 times. At $40 a pop. I'm hoping to get some kind of routine I can do myself in the pool and/or on my bowflex. It's warm enough now that I can set it up in the garage and use it.
My boss at work is coming up with crazy diets for me. Eating only string cheese and eggs, for instance. Neither of which I would eat. I don't feel like getting into the whole eating disorder-food neophobia thing with her.
ARGH the whole thing just pisses me off. I am so tired of everything being blamed on what I weigh.