Sunday, December 30, 2007

top 10 unreported stories of 2007 includes "Obesity Rate Levels Off Among U.S. Adults"

I was flicking through Time magazine's list of the 10 most unreported stories of 2007 (I must admit, some of them I had never heard a peep about!) and #7 was: Obesity Rate Levels Off Among U.S. Adults. (view screenprint once link dies)
There isn't much to the story:
As child obesity rates continue to rise in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that obesity rates among American adults have been holding fairly steady at 34% — or some 72 million people.
I thought it was something like 66%. Maybe it's 66% overweight and half of them are obese?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hate Christmas

It's been years since I cared about Christmas. For one thing, I'm not Christian anymore. So all the Jesus and church stuff leaves me cold.
And I'm just not that into presents, giving or getting.
I'm fat, so anytime someone gives me clothes, they are going to be the wrong size or horribly unflattering. My MIL has in the past called my husband and asked what size I wear. He says, correctly, that #1 he doesn't know and #2 it really depends on the brand and style of clothes. She's asked him to go and look at my clothes labels! If I wanted her to know what size clothes I wore, I'd wear them inside out, okay? He's told her that I buy most of my clothes from the Lane Bryant catalog, so then she gives me a gift card to Lane Bryant at the mall (different brand) which takes me forever to use because I hate going to the mall.
The last couple of years, for both my birthday and Christmas, I have said very firmly that I do not want any gifts, that I don't want to exchange gifts with anyone for any reason, that I have everything I need that is affordable and if it's not, it's too big to expect someone else to buy.
I'm a huge person. My husband's not small either. We live in a 900 sf house full of computer equipment and pets. We have no room for anything else. We don't need lamps or magazine racks or framed posters or dragon statues or fake swords mounted on tacky plaques. I have approximately 15 scarves, head wraps and pairs of assorted gloves, as does my husband.
A few weeks ago my husband sent me an email asking what I wanted for my gift. I wrote back and said "What I want is for my wish not to get any gifts to be respected!"
A week ago I hear him on the phone with his mother saying, "We don't need anything. We don't celebrate Christmas. We don't want to do any kind of gift exchange anymore."
Plus, remember, my dad died right after Thanksgiving (a month and a day ago) and I'm not really in a holiday celebrating mood.
So Christmas day we're all at my mom's for lunch (MIL too). I was in the kitchen doing something and MIL comes in and says "aren't you going to open your gifts?" I looked at her and said, "I specifically requested not to get any gifts, so I'll be in here." She laughs (titters really) and says "well Santa made a mistake then!" and walks away. No, SANTA didn't make a mistake, I'm not five years old and I don't need or want any presents!
And what did I get? A hideous hat covered with sequins that looks like something my grandma would wear. A nice scarf, but I don't need any scarves. A pin brooch thing of hardened clay made by someone in a nursing home that looks like it was made by someone in kindergarten. I don't wear pins, or brooches. I don't wear winter hats.
This morning I asked my husband if he could get me gift receipts for the hat and scarf. He refused, saying it would hurt his mother's feelings. I said if she insists on spending money on me, I want the money to spend when I go on vacation in 2 weeks.
I do have an Amazon wish list. How hard would it be for her to buy something off of that? That's what it's for. On my personal web site, I have another list of things I want. None of those things are scarves, brooches or hats.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

too fat to adopt? Follow up.

I blogged a few days ago about a man who was deemed too fat to adopt a baby (550 lbs). Although I don't like kids, I thought it was a push-button issue and wrong.
Well, there is a follow up story out there, and it appears that the whole truth did not involve his weight. (link to story; link to screen print of story)

A man who gained national media attention by claiming he was not allowed to adopt a baby because of his weight was awarded temporary custody of the child, but the judge chided him and his wife, saying they knew the primary reason the boy had been removed from their home had nothing to do with obesity.

"He seeks to extort a favorable result by his accusations," O'Malley said. "Fortunately, Missouri courts base decisions on the weight of the evidence, not the weight of the litigants."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

lol cats

This is the funniest site in the world and you will not thank me for sharing it. I spent 3 hours at it upon first viewing. It's stupid and funny and addictive.
It's called I can has cheezburger? and it's animal pictures with stupid, badly spelled captions.
Here are a good ones that are applicable to a fat blog:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

and this is my favorite of all time:
Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

important information on the practice of weighing yourself daily...

We've all been doing it wrong. Now that we know the correct way to weigh ourselves, everything will be much easier.

Monday, December 10, 2007

200 lb suit

I am not cold.
Why do people ask me where my coat is all the time? "It's cold out, where's your coat?" I'm in my 30's, give me some credit for knowing if I am cold or not. Especially if I have gloves on. If I have my gloves on, that means my HANDS are cold, I recognize with my special senses that my hands are cold and I put gloves on. If my arms and upper body were cold, I might put on a sweater instead of a short-sleeved shirt. But rarely, oh so rarely, do I need to wear a coat or my winter cape.
Why? Because I have a 200 lb fat suit on. It keeps me snuggly warm.
People who know me, who know I am always warm, STILL will say "Where's your coat?" "Don't you have a jacket?" "It's freezing out, aren't you cold?" It's worse when stranger say it. How dare you assume what my body temperature is? You know what I say? "I don't need a coat, I have a layer of adipose tissue." People who don't know what adipose tissue is (it's fat, people, I'm fat, just look at me) don't know what to say. People who do are either shocked or try to laugh it off. But they can't exactly say "You aren't fat" because at over 300 lbs, fat is one thing I definitely am. So they end up embarrassed. And rightly so, for saying something so personal to me.
PS it is 33 degrees out, last night we had freezing rain and I'm wearing a t-shirt. And gloves.

almost lost it in a fast food place

Before I went to see Golden Compass yesterday (fun movie; go see!), my husband and I went to a local fast food place. Now I eat at this chain often, but in another town. The one we went to yesterday I used to go to with my dad every couple of weeks, and the last time I went there was with him--except when I go through the drive-through, but that's not often.
When we were done placing the other, I walked over to the condiment/napkin area and without thinking starting getting condiments for my dad (in his last months, he was confused and needed help with everything). I had a handful of stuff, none of which I actually wanted, and it wasn't until I turned around to hand it all off to my dad ("You carry this and we'll go find a table while Mommy gets the food, okay?") that I realized my dad was dead, he wasn't there waiting for me to hand him things and he never would be again. I almost started crying right there, with my handful of napkins and ketchup and other assorted items I cared nothing about.
I abandoned it all and went to sit down by myself. I didn't want my food. I just wanted to get out of there. I wonder if I'll ever be able to eat there again without feeling sad?

Friday, December 07, 2007

The split personality of subway.

Subway has a new ad featuring Peter Griffen from Family Guy. He is a fat slob cartoon character, not unlike Homer Simpson (who has been advocating for Burger King lately). And what is he advertising for Subway? Some big feast.

Does this look like something Jared would eat? How can subway hype how healthy & low calorie its food is in one set of commercials and then advertise a "feast" on another set? I tried to get the nutritional info on the feast, but somehow it just loops back into a page with an ad on it. Hmm.

coffee addicts

I hate coffee.
I hate people who have to drink coffee all the time, everywhere. I hate that my supermarket cart now has a cup holder on it, for people to drink coffee while they shop. Of course these are the same people who open a box of crackers for their children to eat as they shop. Why, exactly, is America fat? Because even as they WALK, they eat.
Last night my gas light came on as I drove home from work. I was cold and I didn't feel like stopping for gas. I went out for supper, and it was colder, and dark. So I waited until this morning. I went to the Food Bag near my house. Four cars, all empty, were blocking the pumps. I sat and waited, car running, gas light blinking, for them to come out and drive away so I could fill up.
Instead, they all came out WITH FUCKING COFFEES and THEN started pumping gas.
You can't pump gas without a coffee in your hand? WTF?!
So I drove away, because waiting for them to fill their tanks would have cost me the last of my gas, and made me late for work.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

too fat to adopt a child?

I haven't been following any news lately, but I just saw this article on a 550 lb man who tried to adopt a baby he and his wife were already caring for. Instead of allowing it, the courts removed the baby from their care.
I'm no fan of babies and you'll never hear me whining that I can't adopt one because I'm too fat. But if this guy really wanted this child and had proven he could care for it, what's the big deal?
Gary Stocklaufer, 35, weighed 550 pounds in July when his petition to adopt Max, an infant he and his wife had taken in, was denied. Missouri officials have not confirmed the reason Max was removed from the Stocklaufers' home....But several adoption experts have said the case is considered the first case where a couple seeking to adopt has resorted to surgery in the increasingly prevalent practice of denying parents adoptions because they are obese.
....The baby, who was 4 months old when he was removed from the Stocklaufer home, had lived with the Stocklaufers since he was a week old and is related to the Stocklaufers.
Stocklaufer and his wife, Cindy, 34, claimed their plans to adopt Max were denied because of Gary's weight. Instead, Max was given to another couple for possible adoption.
Gloria Hochman, spokeswoman for the National Adoption Center in Philadelphia, said weight problems are becoming more commonly considered by adoption agencies.
The article doesn't say how much the wife weighs. They have another child they adopted which apparently was not taken from them.
Now this guy had gastric bypass, not for his health, but to adopt this baby. He lost 200 lbs since July and he's trying again.
I won't even go into a rant on "how did he get approved so fast? How did he get approved when he was doing it for the wrong reasons" because I will never stop.
NEW: Screenprint of news story

Monday, December 03, 2007

my dad & back to the pool

It's been a week since my dad died. It took forever for him to leave, and then everything happened so slowly, but in retrospect it all flew by. Yesterday it snowed and I realized he will never see snow again. I know these moments will keep hitting me. Yesterday I was thinking, it's been a week since I saw him. Now today it's a week since he died. The counting will stop, I know.
And now I can move on with my life. I can go back to working out more often (it was a choice every day--do I work out or go see him? Due to the distance involved with driving there, and the times the pool's open, it was a choice of one or the other) and getting into shape for my trip next month. Well, better shape. I missed 2 months of workouts--I went once a week, or not at all. Horrible to have to choose between your own health and watching someone you love slowly die.
I actually worked out right after my dad died. I made the last long trip up to the nursing home and collected all his things, and then went to the pool for a punishing hour. I think the tears were ascribed to water splashing on my face, but who cares. I hurt my knee--it still hurts--I did too much, too soon. But I am frustrated by the time I lost, and how my body backslid when I wasn't working it several times a week.
My trainer was able to meet with me on Wednesday for the first time in months. I think it was May or even April the last time we worked out together. My knee was very painful and we didn't get a lot done--barely an hour. My form has regressed slightly--I'm not as straight as I need to be and my edema-leg is back to drifting where it shouldn't. But that doesn't surprise me. And she can't be angry with me--it was her schedule that interfered with our sessions, not mine. I did the best I could all this time without her.
I finished NaNoWriMo somewhere in there too. 66,217 was my final count, I think my highest so far. Second year winning. My NaNoWriMo blog on 360 is going to be going away or moving. Yahoo is closing 360 down sometime soon, in favor of what they aren't saying. Supposedly none of the existing 360 info will be lost. I know the photos got moved to Flickr whether we wanted them to or not.