Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the official "seefood" diet

It's an old joke: "I'm on a seafood diet." "Seafood diet, what's that?" "When I see food, I eat it!"
And now someone has written a book about it: Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. I've got the book on order from the library, but here's what has to say about it:
We are powerless to ignore the clarion call of the candy jar, the beckoning of the buffet, the summons of the snack cupboard.....What really influences our eating...are visibility and convenience.

You'll eat more if you're eating:

  • "family style" with the serving bowls on the table.
  • directly from the bag or carton.
  • on a bigger plate or from a bigger container.
  • in front of the television, in the car, with friends.
Oh, that's depressing. I wonder what it will be like to read the whole book?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

metabolism boosting diet soda?

I was just made aware of this so called metabolism-boosting diet soda.
So I looked it up (see link) and checked it out.
Here is the claim:
"The clinical research proved that drinking one 12-ounce bottle of Celsius increases metabolism by more than 12 percent over a 3 hour period," states principal investigator Ron Mendel, Ph.D. "Elevated metabolism is what allows people to burn more calories."
Okay, sounds great, right?
How significant is a 12 percent boost in metabolism? Dr. Mendel says that by replacing a regular soft drink with a bottle of Celsius every day for one year, even with no change in exercise habits, a person could theoretically lose up to 17 pounds.
Notice the hedge language: "could theoretically"... "up to".
Now let's do some math. Don't worry, I'll do it all for you. That splashing sound is my brain melting and running out of my ears.
17 pounds is 61,200 calories. A regular soda (let's say a can) is around 120 calories. So just cutting out 1 can of non-diet soda a day would give you a 43,800 calories lost in a year, even if you didn't switch to this miracle soda. You'd lose about 12 lbs. That leaves 5 lbs of weight loss to the soda.
Five pounds? After a year of drinking their no-doubt shitty tasting & expensive soda? Is that worth it?
Let's see what the math says:
According to this Base Metabolic Rate calculator, my base rate (unmoving in bed for 24 hours) is 2295 calories. Let's round it to 2300. In fact, let's round it to 2400 in 24 hours, for a nice even 100 calories per hour so the math doesn't strain my brain.
So in 3 hours I burn 100 calories. An increase of 12 percent for 3 hours is...gasp...36 extra calories. That's 13,140 calories a year extra, or 3.65 lbs. And remember, I am hugely fat, with a huge BMR.
12 + 3.65 is less than 16 pounds, not the 17 they promise.
Most of the stories I found on this product are dated in 2005, although a few are from February of 2007. I could not find any place on line that sells this. But it's a good exercise in critical thinking.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

900 lb man

A 900 lb man with Prader-Willi syndrome (where a person is always ravenously hungry) had to be taken out through a wall yesterday. I saw part of the story on CNN (I had jury duty--yuck) in between stories on OJ's thievery and that guy getting tasered for yelling at John Kerry.
The man hadn't left his house since 2003. He was taken out after a nurse voiced concerns about his condition. They had to cut a hole in the house and take him out with a forklift, covered by a tarp.
I've seen shows on this disease. You can't give these people gastric bypass, you can't do anything but lock up food. Many of them are also mentally disabled as well. It's very sad.
image source
For more on Prader-Will Syndrome.

Friday, September 07, 2007

making fat people look bad

I was just in Friendly's, having lunch with my mom. I went up to pay.
Waiting there by the registers was a very fat man. He was wearing a tank top. It was too short. He showed a very large expansive of sagging hairy belly up front, and we do NOT want to talk about the plumber's crack. Lots of tattoos.
Okay, not a pretty sight, but I am not judging.
As I got closer, I smelled him. Sweat and dirt.
He was eating what looked like M&M's. Every so often he would drop one and it would bounce. I wondered why anyone would eat M&M's while waiting in line at Friendly's.
And then I saw what he was doing.
When no employees were around to see, he would lean over the counter and HELP HIMSELF to the toppings bar. A scoop of Reese's Pieces (not M&Ms after all), another of nuts, etc. He would shovel each handful into his mouth and if no employee was looking, go for more.
Even if that wasn't disgusting, it's stealing. If he wanted those toppings on his ice cream, it's something like $.50 each. Probably per scoop. And he ate at least 5 scoops while I was standing there to pay. He was already eating when I walked up, and still there when I walked away.
That is a fat greedy bastard. That is someone who ate himself fat and doesn't give a damn.
Everyone who already hates fat people thinks we are all like this guy. But it's not true. Seeing him make me want to take a walk. When I got home I put on more deodorant and brushed my teeth.