Monday, June 11, 2007

Is this the end, beautiful friend?

From a high of 55 visitors a day, I'm down to about 10. No comments. No feedback. It just doesn't seem worth it anymore. Most of the visitors stay for only about a minute, so they aren't really reading anything. I've got 3 subscribers through Feedburner, but no click-throughs, so those people aren't coming to read based on my RSS feed.

I used to have some "faithful" readers who commented often; even they seem to have gone away. Perhaps it's time for Rosie to move on. She's not really real, you know, she's just a tiny piece of my personality. She had a good life and a long run--almost 670 posts.

I'll keep my email addresses.
wholelottarosieyoung @ gmail and yahoo

Exercise log:
Thursday: 85 minutes
Friday: 90 minutes
Saturday: none, couldn't go to the pool because of thunder/lightning and for same reason couldn't go hiking
Sunday: 45 minutes in the pool

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday I had a day of no working out. I had to bring my cat to the vet (his cancer is growing) and then met a friend for dinner and shopping; got home at almost 9 p.m.
Monday I did 90 minutes in the pool for about 950 calories.

Monday, June 04, 2007

exercise log

  • Thursday: 92 minutes in pool 974 calories
  • Friday: 80 minutes in pool 847 calories
  • Saturday: 90 minutes in pool w/ trainer 953 calories
  • Sunday: 45 minutes hiking 714 calories
So it seems like I burn roughly 10.58 calories per minute in the pool. So if I decide to drink a 2 liter bottle of non-diet soda, it would take an hour or so to work it off, since soda is about 10 calories an ounce.
Hmm, put it that way, the choice is clear.