Wednesday, January 31, 2007

overworked, hurt my foot

I'm at school on an icky old Mac, checking in, because I've gotten some concerned email.
I did hurt myself last week. Still don't know how or what. On Thursday I was wearing stirrup pants (I love them--especially since I can't wear socks because of the edema) and the bottom of my right foot hurt a little, the way it does if the stirrup pants are cutting into the bottoms of my feet. (I bought the wrong size once--petite instead of tall--and I couldn't understand why my feet hurt all the time--because the pants were stretched so tight between the bottoms of my feet and the waistband! I cut the stirrups off and the pants instantly turned into capris.) I took off my shoe but the area where my foot hurt wasn't where the stirrup was, and these pants are talls, the way they should be.
Friday when I woke up my foot hurt so bad I could barely walk. There was a small purple lump well under the skin of my instep and the ball of my foot was swollen and bruised-looking. I limped all weekend (when I wasn't soaking it or laying down with my feet elevated). Monday night I was out with a bunch of friends, some of whom do Reiki. You don't even have to say "I hurt myself"--they see you limping and they're all over you like white on rice. I was given various diagnoses: plantar's wart, old piece of glass working its way out, varicose vein, infected cat scratch... I'm suprised no one suggested stigmata, but then again these are pagans.
Tuesday when I got up my foot did feel better. I was hardly hobbling at all. Today it is fine. So I don't know if my friends and their various types of hands-on healing did anything or if it was just some quick, acute thing that's passed on its own.
My boss's home computer, where he stores a lot of data, broke on Monday. It's our busy week, and I had to try to reconstruct all this lost information. The program he was using doesn't even load onto WinXP, that's how old it is (he was running it on Win95!). I brought in my ancient, crabby, creaky laptop (Win 98) but it refused to cooperate. Plus my work computer hasn't got a floppy drive, and my laptop only has a floppy, and the laptop hates my thumb drive, so there's no way to get them to talk. I worked overtime yesterday, 90 minutes extra. Today I worked two hours extra with never a break all day, not even to pee. I came right here and peed...well, a lot.
So, to sum up, yesterday and today I was exhausted and burnt out with using a computer (and here I am, at a computer class for 3 hours) and before that I was in pain.
I'm back.
ps I can't spellcheck on this dumb machine, sorry for any mistakes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Standard clothing sizes in Spain

Spain is really on a roll here.
Spain's government has reached an agreement with major fashion standardize women's clothing sizes with the aim of promoting a healthier image.
The program, designed by the Health Ministry, will also prevent those companies from using window displays featuring clothes smaller than a European size 38 (10 in Britain, 8 in the United States). They will have five years to phase in the change.
FIVE YEARS to change a window display? Give me a break. Even if they have to order new mannequins, it won't take FIVE years.
"It is not reasonable for a modern and advanced society to establish stereotypes of beauty that are far removed from the social reality of a community. It is everyone's commitment that beauty and health go hand in hand," Health Minister Elena Salgado said.
Is she saying fat is healthy? I might be a healthy fat person, but that's fairly rare.
The...program aims to end a situation in which a woman who buys a size 40 dress from one designer may not fit in a size 40 garment from another designer. The ministry said the differences sometimes lead women to feel compelled to lose weight.
Designers should be encouraged to promote a healthy physical image that conforms with the reality of the Spanish population....The agreement also stipulates that European size 46 no longer be specifically labeled as a larger size.
That last is BS. A plus size is a plus size. I don't know what it equals in American (if a 38=10)...maybe an 18? a 20? Yes, it sucks to shop in "fat" stores but what's the point in changing the label? If tomorrow size 20 in America wasn't a plus size anymore, that wouldn't make anyone who WORE a size 20 thin. That's magical, delusional thinking. It doesn't help anyone.

GB & US refuse to ban super-skinny models

Oh well. Great Britain & the US ar not following Spain's lead and banning models with low BMIs:
The British fashion industry has said it has refused to ban stick-thin models from the catwalk but offered a sop to critics by launching a drive to promote a healthy body image in women.
The announcement by the British Fashion Council (BFC), two weeks before London's Winter Fashion Week begins, comes despite bans imposed in Madrid and Milan as well as calls for a ban in Britain.....The move echoed one in the United States, but contrasted with those in Madrid and Milan.
The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which founded New York's fashion week and still plays a key role in it, decided this month not to ban underweight models but instead called for more education on eating disorders.

I think people are pretty educated already about easting disorders. It's not just about eating disorders; it's about how these woman are portrayed and what that does to the psyche of the "average" 150 lb or so woman seeing these pictures of 5'8 110 lb models.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

gain weight=make less money

Another one for the "duh" file. A new study today found out (gasp) that you make less money as you gain weight. Imagine that.
Piling on the pounds is not only bad for health it can have a negative impact on earning power.
Just a 10 percent increase in body mass index, a measure of weight relative to height, can cut a man's real earnings by 3.3 percent and a woman's by 1.8 percent....[They don't] know whether it is due to discrimination against the overweight and obese or to health problems or depression that may limit their productivity....
What is being shown is that there is an income gradient which relates to obesity in the same way that other factors do...If it is perceived that people are more concerned about overweight and obesity in certain areas it may well relate to the fact that they are becoming more aware of the health consequences.
Somehow, I doubt the discrimination is about "health consequences." Smokers get hired every day, in spite of how bad they smell. (A few of them work here--I can smell them in the hallway long after they've passed by.)
But what do I know? I'm fat. Obviously I'm too stupid to know that I should eat less and exercise more.
I am surprised that men take a bigger hit than women. Seems like men get away with being fat in ways women don't.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

weight loss gum part 2-availability

It's not even INVENTED yet, much less available.
Read my original post and you'll see. Injectable in 5-8 YEARS and gum AFTER that.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

weight watchers scale--response to comment

I don't know anything about the scale. At your weight, it will probably be accurate. It's up to you if you find it valuable. Will you record and note the information and use it for feedback?
Send me a link and send me your email address to wholelottarosieyoung at yahoo dot com.

body fat percentages take 2

Well I got soundly blasted via comments that the other percentage of your body weight isn't just muscle mass. Okay, okay, I get it. The point I was making is that it's NON-FAT weight and I doubt that base amount of poundage changes much even if you gain a lot of (fat) weight. I highly doubt my organs and bones gain weight with me. Argh. By nit-picking, you all missed the point I was making about the body fat meter going up to 50% body fat but 550 lbs.
Double argh.
And you know what? Even if my organs DO gain weight, I don't want to hear about it unless you can supply a link to a medical site.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

weight loss gum?

Does it come in orange? When I was a child I LOVED orange Bubblicious. Does anyone remember Bubblicious? It was big soft WADS of gum. The flavor lasted about 10 minutes (longer than the zebra gum--what the hell was that called?) but was it GOOD. I've always loved orange stuff. I use mandarin, candied citrus and satsuma -scented Body Shop products (when I feel like smelling fruity). Anyway, what a digression from this article.
The Imperial College London team are developing a drug based on a natural gut hormone that mimics the body's "feeling full" response. An injectible [sic] treatment could be available in five to eight years, but the long-term goal is to produce a form that can be absorbed in the mouth.One in five adults (in Great Britain) are obese, but that could rise to one in three by 2010.
The hormone in question is called pancreatic polypeptide (PP), which the body produces after every meal to ensure eating does not run out of control. There is evidence that some people have more of the hormone than others, and becoming overweight reduces the levels produced.
A vicious circle then results, causing appetite to increase, an inability to resist the temptation of food, and further increases in weight.
Early tests have shown moderate doses of the hormone, pancreatic polypeptide (PP), can reduce the amount of food eaten by healthy volunteers by 15% to 20%.
Of course, if it's in England, it won't make it over the pond for years.
But that's another me-victim finding. I've got this defective pancreatic polypepetide which makes me fat. Well, it might not make you feel FULL as quickly, but you can still LOOK at your food and judge "is this too much"?

bingeing and bypass surgery

Faithful readers may remember the diagnosis of "subclinical bingeing disorder" that I was accused of having and then had to "prove" I didn't have. This disqualified me for WLS and then I switched insurance and now I course I don't have any insurance so it's a moot point.
But this new article says even if I DID have a binge-type thing going on, it wouldn't matter:
Regular binge eating before surgery does not increase the risk of poor outcomes in the first year after gastric bypass surgery (also referred to as "bariatric" surgery), in extremely obese patients....Nearly 40 percent of the patients reported binge eating at least once during the 28 days before surgery.... About 10 percent met criteria for binge eating disorder.Although the binge-eating patients tended to be more distressed before surgery than those who did not binge, the binge eaters experienced greater reductions in depression after surgery, to the extent that there were no significant group differences at follow-up.
Overall, the average body mass index (the ratio of body weight to height) was 51.7 before surgery and 33.3 one year after surgery.
The study was done at Yale, right here in Connecticut.

thinner & fatter at the same time and body fat percentages

I've lost all the weight I regained during my months off from working out. But all my body measurements are still bigger. This proves what they say: you do end up fatter. Obviously I lost muscle mass and gained fat mass so at the same weight, I now have a higher fat percentage than I did last fall. Very discouraging.
Speaking of body fat percentage, my body fat meter finally came. And it's going just as fast. No where on any web site where I looked at it did it say what parameters it accepts. Once I got it, I saw that it goes up to 550 lbs! Wow, I weigh WAY less than that. So I laboriously programmed in my stats with its counter-intuitive buttons and got an error message when I used it. Finally I looked at the error message list and it said that my fat percentage was "out of range." Out of range? I weigh less than 550...oh. The max fat percentage is 50% that it will measure.
I did some calculations. I remember what my body fat was when I was "skinny" (size 4-6) and my fat percentage was "obese" (30%). My muscle weighed about 90 lbs. Let's say that as I get fatter I do gain some muscles (in my legs, to carry my fat around). How much would that be, really? Ten pounds max of leg muscles? Which would give me 100 lbs of muscle. Which basically means, if I am like most people, that body fat meter won't work for anyone weighing over 200 lbs. Yet you can program it up to 550 lbs. What 550 lb person has over 275 lbs of muscle? And if they did, I can bet they wouldn't need a stupid meter to know it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

WLS jumps, mortality drops

More than 120,000 obese Americans had some kind of surgery to help them lose weight in 2004, with the biggest increase among middle-aged people....
In 1998, 772 people aged 55 to 64 had gastric bypass, stapling or some similar procedure known as bariatric surgery to help weight loss. But that number ballooned to 15,086 in 2004....The national death rate for patients hospitalized for bariatric surgery declined 78 percent, from 0.9 percent in 1998 to 0.2 percent in 2004.....More than 103,000 of the 2004 operations were on patients aged 18 to 54, the study found, and 349 were performed on youngsters aged 12 to 17.
So young! It hurts my heart.

the 14% body weight/fat people

I got another email from them with a different URL which is not a search portal. It promises all this:
* 14% Reduction in Weight and body fat after six months, without dieting
* Strengthens the immune system
* Lowers Blood Pressure
* Removes Wrinkles
* Eliminates Cellulite
* Reverses Muscle Wasting
* Improves Kidney Function
* Accelerates Wound Healing
* Improves Skin Tone
* Increases Bone Density
* Reduces Stress Levels
* Reverses the effect of aging
* Increase energy level, endurance and exercise capacity
* Increase cardiac output and athletic performance
* Improve memory retention and cognitive function
* 9% increase in lean muscle after six months, without excercise [sic]
* Achieve a younger, tighter, thicker skin
* and much more benefits [sic]

Wow. If only it was true. I gave them some fake info so I could get more of their fake info and taunt them some more.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

follow up on 14% body fat

I just got that email AGAIN and I decided to go to the site and look at what other claims they were making so I could taunt them again. (Sorry, too much Monty Python.)
What a joke. The site is a single page with columns of links--diet pills, weight loss aids, home gyms, fitness equipment, etc. There's a bogus little "best site" graphic on the top (I could make one of those! No link to who gave it out!). Every link leads to...a list of search engine links, which I bet are pay-per-clicks (like google adsense). They aren't even selling a product! How lame is that?

lose 14% weight and bodyfat! Or, what's the difference between weight and fat percentages...

I got a piece of spam email (imagine that) exclaiming that I could lose 14% weight and body fat.
Do these people not understand body fat percentages? Or do they just think the people who receive the email are so stupid they don't understand?
Let's say a woman weighs 160 and her body fat is 41% (because she's short, has a small frame, never works out, etc).
She takes this "miracle" diet pill and loses 14% of her body weight, which is 22 lbs. This brings her to 138 lbs. If her muscle mass didn't change, that makes her body fat percentage 31%, which is only a 10% loss.
You just can't have it both ways.
It does remind me of that new diet pill commercial they are showing incessantly on Comedy Central. I hate it so much I have to mute it. Leptropil? Just Leptoprin under a different name, I'm sure, the commercial even looks similar. Anyway, the woman goes on and on that every pound lost is 78% "pure body fat"! Which means, of course, that 22% of it is LEAN MUSCLE. That's almost 1/4. So 1/4 of the weight you lose on this pill (that's assuming it works; most likely it doesn't) is lean muscle. Which makes you weaker, and actually flabbier. And when you gain the weight back, guess what? 100% of the weight GAIN is PURE BODY FAT. So, since body fat takes up 2.5x the space of muscle, you will be FATTER at the SAME WEIGHT you were before. What a deal. Thank god it's bogus and doesn't work.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

phentermine update--lost 5 lbs

I lost 5 pounds this week with my friends Phentermine, the pool (2 workouts) and Slim-fast. I am still on half a 37.5 tablet of Phentermine.
I made a new weight loss tracker, it's got Phentermine on it:
weight loss weblog
As always, the tracker will be at the bottom of the whole blog at all times. Eventually this one will show donuts too. If I keep it. I like change.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

working out and the state of phys-ed in the US

Ugh. I met my personal trainer last night for a workout in the pool, my first one since September. She is this little thing, barely 5 feet tall, 116 lbs of muscle and she kicks my ass. 90 minutes in the pool, and then we went back to my house and did some floor exercises. She has been taking new classes (she's going for a Doctor of Physical Therapy) and she thinks I have a disconnect between my sensory cortex and my motor cortex (which may have something to do with my body dysphoria).
How do we solve this? I lay on my back on the floor (with my boobs in my face so I can't breath) with my personal troll, I mean personal trainer, sitting on my knees so they can't move, and then trying to rotate my hips in a vaguely obscene motion without moving my shoulders either.
She did this whole little dance for me, showing all the planes of movement of the hips, complaining that our society is repressed about out bodies so such a dance is seen to be obscene when in fact it's an extremely healthy movement showing perfect flexibility and control. According to her, every aerobics class should incorporate those movements, but women are so ashamed of their bodies, they can't be comfortable moving like that in front of other people.
While she was holding me in place and explaining out how of balance my movements are (which is good, because she didn't think she'd find the imbalance so quick) we talked about how physical education (when kids get it at all) is all about gross motor movement. Run here, run there. There is no fine tuning, no balance, and unless you take a dance class or a martial arts class or a chi gung or tai chi class, you are never taught those kind of balanced fine motor skills. All the fine motor skills I have come from a year of doing chi gung a few years back (before I hurt my leg).
It was interesting that the conversation came around to that, because a new martial arts studio opened down the street from my home, and I've been thinking I might want to try to take a class. However (lack of funds aside) I really haven't got the balance for kicking and I'm not sure I have the stamina for anything else. My PT agreed; she said maybe in a year.
Anyway, I woke up this morning exhausted from a week's worth of inadequate sleep and I had an early class at school. I opted NOT to take a phentermine pill today so I can sleep tonight. I'm sore--not all over, but mostly my lower back and the insides of my legs. I told my husband my trainer was a personal troll not a personal trainer and he said he was going to tell her that. She called a little while ago, and he answered my cell phone, and immediately said, "Rosie said you're a troll" and I could hear her laughing. I knew she wouldn't be offended. I also suggested to her it would be quicker, easier and have the same effect if she just beat me for five minutes with a stick. Cheaper too. She found that funny too. But she was glad to hear the exact places where I'm sore today, because that tells her something about my states of unbalance. I also was very aware of my hips today when I walked, and felt unbalanced, but I figured that might mean I was getting more balanced (out of unbalance) and she said I was right.
So I have to do the hip-roll thing, 5-10 a day, very slow. She also showed me how to do a version in the pool. We're going to a once-a-week schedule for the month she's between semesters. (But I'm not; different schools, different courses schedules.) Then she is starting at a new school and she doesn't know how her schedule will be (with homework and such), but of course I will continue to be her guinea pig for trying out everything new she learns.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Xenadrine EFX, One A Day Weight Smart, CortiSlim and TrimSpa sued for false claims

What do I always say about over the counter, non FDA approved "diet pills"? The only make your wallet skinny. This was only posted 10 minutes off the press!
FTC fines weight loss pill firms $25M
The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday fined the marketers of four weight loss pills $25 million for making false advertising claims ranging from rapid weight loss to reducing the risk of cancer. ...The products would remain on store shelves, but that the companies would have to stop making the false claims.
That's unfortunate. If they don't work (which "false claims" seem to imply") then take them off the market. $25 million is NOTHING to these people.
The marketers are required to back up the claims with the science and if they can't do that they can't make the claim. But we don't ban the products from the shelves.
Why not?
The FTC investigated a variety of claims made — including rapid weight loss and reduction in the risk of osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and even cancer...
Fines were levied against marketers of Xenadrine EFX, One A Day Weight Smart, CortiSlim and TrimSpa.
I've taken one-a-day weight smart! I always was suspicious of vitamins.
FTC investigation found that the marketers of Xenadrine had a study that said those who took a placebo actually lost more weight than those taking the pill.
"Testimonials from individuals are not a substitute for science," (FTC Chairman Deborah Platt)Majoras said. "And that's what Americans need to understand."
Haven't I said that time and time again?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

phentermine...hungry again

I ate supper, at around 5:00.
I ate lunch at noon.
No breakfast.
I am ragingly hungry AGAIN. I mean, my stomach is growling in these short fart-like bursts (and here I am in class...oops) like I hasn't been fed in a month instead of 3 hours. What the hell is going on?
I am SO tired I could fall over. I have that fuzzy headed feeling like my head isn't quite attached. or like I'm going to pass out (good thing I'm not on the subway).
But I know I won't be falling asleep for at least 6 more hours. I forgot about this part of taking phentermine. The exhaustion.
Oh, and the thirst. I filled 2 bottles with water and left them both home. Grr. And the cafeteria here is closed. In 50 minutes I can go home. And shower. And drink.
Maybe sleep.
I'm thinking that the hunger all the time (the opposite of what it's supposed to do)--is it raising my metabolism? is it supposed to? I thought it decreased hunger, increased energy. Energy? What energy? I could fall asleep on my keyboard. My stupid Mac keyboard. If it's raising my metabolism that's fine, all well and good but must I be hungry? Must my stomach growl and gurgle and complain like one of my always-hungry cats?
Damn Mac, most of the buttons are missing from my post, I can't even get to the HTML, I can't spell check and the browser isn't spell checking for me. My head is fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, sorry everyone.

phentermine update

I was ravenously hungry this morning around 9 a.m. which really pissed me off. I've been drinking water. Now I just have a vague stomachache and I feel kind of spacey. My eyes are really big again, and the skin on my face feels really tight.
Good thing I don't have to take a subway anywhere.

Dieting makes the trains stop running

I can't make this stuff up.
Sick subway passengers, most of them dieters who faint from dizziness, are among the top causes of train delays, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYC)....Fainting dieters topped the "sick customer" list. "Not eating for three or four days, you are going to go down. If you don't eat for 12 hours, you are going to get weak."
And then they have to stop the train to fix you up. SO EAT already.

fat bellies=heart disease

I think this is another case of oversimplifying.
The more your belly sticks out, the greater your risk of developing heart disease, a new study shows. The message is really obesity in the abdomen matters even more than obesity overall.....(The) team tested whether sagittal abdominal diameter, or SAD, which is the distance from the back to the upper abdomen midway between the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the ribs, would improve the accuracy of BMI in predicting heart disease risk.
Waist circumference is widely used to measure obesity in the abdominal area ... But while there are many ways to measure a person's waist...SAD, which is evaluated by a doctor or nurse with a caliper, is much more standardized, and therefore probably less subject to error.
Okay, that's all very interesting, but where are the numbers?

weight loss via nasal spray?

Well, it's no weirder than anything else, I guess.
U.S. firm designs nasal spray to fight obesity
Dieters may find some welcome assistance from a new nasal spray that could help resist the appetizing aromas of cinnamon bun stands, pizza parlors or tempting bakeries.
Compellis Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge, Massachusetts said it will begin human trials next year (meaning 2007) of a nasal spray designed to fight obesity by blocking the senses of smell and taste. ...
The pleasurable effect of eating is all stimulated by smell and taste....The premise is that olfactory activity that controls both smell and taste is a trigger and a feedback mechanism to eat. If you have some kind of reduced sense of smell or taste, you tend to eat less.
I can see this. You know when you have a cold and everything tastes like sawdust?
The product, known as CP404, is among the latest devices and treatments under development in the multibillion-dollar fight against obesity.... (They will) seek Food and Drug Administration approval in about three years after human trials begin in 2007... with the spray expected to hit the market in 2010.The nasal spray treatment would retail at $500 to $1,000 a year.
That's about $40-80 a month. You'll save that in food costs alone if it works. But will it be prescription?
The Obesity Action Coalition...cautioned that any such spray should be accompanied by other treatments and a change in lifestyle to be effective.
Of course. That's a given. Even the fake non-fda approved "weight loss drugs" say that. (If they work at all, it's the accompanying diet & exercise, not the pill!)
Stuck oddly in the middle of the article...
French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis began marketing its obesity pill Acomplia in Britain in June and expects to receive U.S. government approval by April to sell the drug in the United States. The pill switches off the same brain circuits that make people hungry when they smoke cannabis.
Medtronic Inc., the world's biggest maker of medical devices, is developing a battery-powered gastric pacemaker that causes the stomach to contract, sending signals of satiety to the appetite center in the brain.
(That device), like CP404, (is) still years away from reaching consumers.
That gastric pacemaker sounds like something I'd try. Along with the gastric balloon, available in Canada but not here.

starbucks dropping trans-fat

I don't get the allure of Starbucks. Maybe because I don't drink coffee. There's not a Starbucks in my town, but there's one not far away, and I've been to it exactly twice, both times with a coffee-addicted out-of-state friend. I am annoyed at the high prices and the way everything tastes of coffee--the hot chocolate, the snacks--because the air is permeated with it. Not a place I choose to go to.
Anyway, they are jumping on the anti-transfat band wagon.
Starbucks Corp. is cutting trans fats from the doughnuts, muffins and other treats in half of its U.S. stores, and plans to eventually drop the artery-clogging fats from company-operated coffeehouses across the country.....Standalone Starbucks stores in Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; Boston, Massachusetts; New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington; and Portland, Oregon will have zero trans fats in their food beginning Wednesday. (today)
I don't live in any of those places. But I thought I'd pass it along to my readers who might live in those places and might eat at Starbucks.
I see this whole trans-fat ban as probably a good thing, but it's got a "slippery slope" feel. Like, what's next? Fat in general? Fried food?

diet articles cause eating disorders & smoking

This is interesting. Girls who read diet articles later show signs of eating disorders
Magazine headlines entice teenage girls with promises: "Get the body you want" and "Hit your dream weight now!" But a new study suggests reading articles about diet and weight loss could have unhealthy consequences later.
....It didn't seem to matter whether the girls were overweight when they started reading about weight loss, nor whether they considered their weight important. After taking those factors into account, researchers still found reading articles about dieting predicted later unhealthy weight loss behavior.
Girls in middle school who read dieting articles were twice as likely five years later to try to lose weight by fasting or smoking cigarettes, compared to girls who never read such articles. They were three times more likely to use measures such as vomiting or taking laxatives, the study found.
....The study adds to evidence that girls' attitudes toward their bodies are shaped by popular culture. Previous studies have found that images of thin fashion models give girls immediate negative feelings about their bodies.
The whole article is worth reading. I actually did a similar study in college (unofficially) about people who read fashion magazines and what they weighed and if they THOUGHT they were overweight. Long ago lost, but I did find a correlation. Not that I remember what it was--I think the fashion mag readers tended to think they were fatter than they were.

phentermine effects & being the fattest

Very strange, all day yesterday I couldn't get onto Blogger with this account. I'd sign in to the New Blogger area, and then it would take me to a kind of generic page with no sign-in link instead of my dashboard. Very strange.
Anyway, yesterday I really started to feel the effects of the phentermine. Hot flashes and thirst, mostly, and of course I didn't remember to bring a bottle of water with me to work! I slept maybe 2 hours last night (not in a row)--I know I didn't fall asleep until after 2 a.m. and then I woke up repeatedly. It's not even 7 and I'm up. But I'm not tired. Just thirsty.
My appetite is way down. I had no breakfast yesterday, slim-fast for lunch, and ate a normal supper which ended up feeling like way too much food by the time I was done.
I'm still doing the 1/2 of 37.5 tablet at this point.

I went to a full moon women's ritual last night with one of my pagan friends and surprise! I wasn't the fattest person there! I know how awful that is, but I'm so used to being the big fatty in any crowd. I was definitely the 2nd fattest there. But this other woman had me beat by at least 100 lbs. Not that I feel good about it--her ankles made mine look petite. I could feel her pain.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Super Size Me movie

Well, I finally saw "Super Size Me"--it was on regular TV (MSN, I think) on Saturday night.
It reminded me that the Fast Food Nation movie is out and I checked the listings never came around here. So I guess I'll have to wait for TV for that one too. Maybe I should invest in Netflix.
Anyway, I was fairly excited to finally see Super Size Me. People who read Fast Food Nation told me I'd like it. (Fast Food Nation (the book) came out first.)
I didn't much like Super Size Me.
The beginning of the movie was marred by my husband yelling at the TV. He hates McDonald's. I finally got him to shut up. I'm not real fond of McDonald's either (I used to work there) but I can appreciate why he chose McDonald's as the subject of the film.
However, the way he ate there was ridiculous and over the top. It appears that he got a milkshake AND a soda every time. And every time he got regular soda in spite of saying he had to eat everything on the menu. And with every meal he had a dessert. The dietitian he went to told him to cut out the sodas and he just smiled at her. Diet soda is an option that many people take at fast food restaurants (I am one of those people). No wonder he made himself sick and was throwing up.
His goal was to eat everything at least once, and supersize only when asked. In 30 days, that's 90 meals. At the end of the movie, they state he was asked to "supersize" his meal 9 times. That's one tenth of the time. Not outrageous at all.
However, every time they show him, he's eating a double quarter pounder with cheese. Having eaten that once, he could have chosen to have just a small cheeseburger meal. Oh, but that would defeat the purpose of deliberately making himself sick, wouldn't it?
Plus he was used to eating a vegan diet cooked by his chef girlfriend (who at one point tells him that heroin and ham are the same thing--I hate pompous vegans), and then he starts eating fat and processed foods? Of course he'll be sick. He's not used to it.
During the scene where he throws up, my husband commented that he was eating like he was in a competition, just stuffing himself with as much food as possible. And it's true. He could have eased into the month with smaller meals, and not had the shake AND the soda AND the dessert with EVERY meal. I hardly EVER see anyone getting dessert AND a shake at a fast food place. If I get a shake, that's my meal. If I get a dessert, I just get a bottle of water (or get it to go and drink my own water). Maybe I'm the weirdo. Maybe I don't see everyone eating like him.
The movie showed an assembly-line laproscopic gastric bypass technique by 2 doctors where the surgery is 30 minutes and you go home the next day. Not sure what the point was....? Yes, they exist. Was he implying these people stuffed themselves like he did, and then ran for surgery? The WLS patient he talked to said he had diabetes yet still drank 52 LITERS of regular soda a week (52 liters x 32 oz x 10 calories/oz=16,640 soda calories per week, or about 2,400 per DAY). That's a man with a problem, who isn't listening to his doctors, and probably wouldn't be a good candidate for surgery. Yet there he was getting it.
Morgan's stats: he started out at 6'2, 185 lbs (BMI 23.8) with 11% body fat.
He ended up at 6'2, 210 (BMI 27) with18% body fat. His BMI puts him at barely overweight, and his fat percentage puts him at normal. According to this site on body fat percentage, for a man, 6-13% is an "athlete" and 18-25% is "acceptable".
Yes, he gained all that weight in 1 month. It's possible. But not probable. It reminded me of those stupid TV commercials were they make everything look so difficult and then the miracle product looks so easy you HAVE to buy it. (I manage to resist, somehow.)

Interesting points the movie made:

  • Cheese is addicting.
  • Kids don't have mandatory gym class anymore in school.
  • Children can't ID a picture of Jesus. Who has seen him? He lived 2,000 years ago and no one painted any pictures of him for hundreds of years. Who knows what he looks like?
  • Heroin=ham when you're a vegan
The movie's breaks were filled with ads for Nutri/system and cholesterol medicine.

Happy New Year

I guess I should make some New Year's resolutions, huh?
I've already started on my Phentermine. I'm cutting the 37.5 tablets in half, giving me an odd 18.75 kick of amphetamines every day. I can feel the effects. No real insomnia yet, no complete lack of hunger, but I am eating less and I feel different. My eyes feel really big. Isn't that strange?
I've gone back to (free tracking service) and put in some of my stats. My waist did get bigger (ach--more than I thought) and I gained a little weight back. I ordered a body fat meter from Amazon too.
It's hard to make goals when you're this fat. I mean, if I weighed 150, it would be easy to say "I want to weigh 125." Yes, I want to weigh 125 again! But setting THAT goal is just asking to fail. Does that make any sense? Let's set this year's goal as "to weigh less than 300 lbs". 280, how's that sound?
weight loss weblog
So there's my tracker, reset to 280 as my goal. Of course it only works if I remember to go in and update my weight! I'll try to do it more often. I put it permanently at the bottom of the page.
I start working out again on Friday. I talked to my PT over the weekend. I just have to stop into the gym, pay my membership and get an updated pool schedule. I also ordered 2 bathing suits which were on sale and I had 20% off one and 40% off the other. So the 2 together cost less than 1 new one. It's the same one I got a while back, with the prissy skirt. Hate the skirt, love the rest of the suit. I got it in 2 sizes. Too optimistic, you think?