Sunday, December 30, 2007

top 10 unreported stories of 2007 includes "Obesity Rate Levels Off Among U.S. Adults"

I was flicking through Time magazine's list of the 10 most unreported stories of 2007 (I must admit, some of them I had never heard a peep about!) and #7 was: Obesity Rate Levels Off Among U.S. Adults. (view screenprint once link dies)
There isn't much to the story:
As child obesity rates continue to rise in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that obesity rates among American adults have been holding fairly steady at 34% — or some 72 million people.
I thought it was something like 66%. Maybe it's 66% overweight and half of them are obese?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hate Christmas

It's been years since I cared about Christmas. For one thing, I'm not Christian anymore. So all the Jesus and church stuff leaves me cold.
And I'm just not that into presents, giving or getting.
I'm fat, so anytime someone gives me clothes, they are going to be the wrong size or horribly unflattering. My MIL has in the past called my husband and asked what size I wear. He says, correctly, that #1 he doesn't know and #2 it really depends on the brand and style of clothes. She's asked him to go and look at my clothes labels! If I wanted her to know what size clothes I wore, I'd wear them inside out, okay? He's told her that I buy most of my clothes from the Lane Bryant catalog, so then she gives me a gift card to Lane Bryant at the mall (different brand) which takes me forever to use because I hate going to the mall.
The last couple of years, for both my birthday and Christmas, I have said very firmly that I do not want any gifts, that I don't want to exchange gifts with anyone for any reason, that I have everything I need that is affordable and if it's not, it's too big to expect someone else to buy.
I'm a huge person. My husband's not small either. We live in a 900 sf house full of computer equipment and pets. We have no room for anything else. We don't need lamps or magazine racks or framed posters or dragon statues or fake swords mounted on tacky plaques. I have approximately 15 scarves, head wraps and pairs of assorted gloves, as does my husband.
A few weeks ago my husband sent me an email asking what I wanted for my gift. I wrote back and said "What I want is for my wish not to get any gifts to be respected!"
A week ago I hear him on the phone with his mother saying, "We don't need anything. We don't celebrate Christmas. We don't want to do any kind of gift exchange anymore."
Plus, remember, my dad died right after Thanksgiving (a month and a day ago) and I'm not really in a holiday celebrating mood.
So Christmas day we're all at my mom's for lunch (MIL too). I was in the kitchen doing something and MIL comes in and says "aren't you going to open your gifts?" I looked at her and said, "I specifically requested not to get any gifts, so I'll be in here." She laughs (titters really) and says "well Santa made a mistake then!" and walks away. No, SANTA didn't make a mistake, I'm not five years old and I don't need or want any presents!
And what did I get? A hideous hat covered with sequins that looks like something my grandma would wear. A nice scarf, but I don't need any scarves. A pin brooch thing of hardened clay made by someone in a nursing home that looks like it was made by someone in kindergarten. I don't wear pins, or brooches. I don't wear winter hats.
This morning I asked my husband if he could get me gift receipts for the hat and scarf. He refused, saying it would hurt his mother's feelings. I said if she insists on spending money on me, I want the money to spend when I go on vacation in 2 weeks.
I do have an Amazon wish list. How hard would it be for her to buy something off of that? That's what it's for. On my personal web site, I have another list of things I want. None of those things are scarves, brooches or hats.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

too fat to adopt? Follow up.

I blogged a few days ago about a man who was deemed too fat to adopt a baby (550 lbs). Although I don't like kids, I thought it was a push-button issue and wrong.
Well, there is a follow up story out there, and it appears that the whole truth did not involve his weight. (link to story; link to screen print of story)

A man who gained national media attention by claiming he was not allowed to adopt a baby because of his weight was awarded temporary custody of the child, but the judge chided him and his wife, saying they knew the primary reason the boy had been removed from their home had nothing to do with obesity.

"He seeks to extort a favorable result by his accusations," O'Malley said. "Fortunately, Missouri courts base decisions on the weight of the evidence, not the weight of the litigants."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

lol cats

This is the funniest site in the world and you will not thank me for sharing it. I spent 3 hours at it upon first viewing. It's stupid and funny and addictive.
It's called I can has cheezburger? and it's animal pictures with stupid, badly spelled captions.
Here are a good ones that are applicable to a fat blog:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

and this is my favorite of all time:
Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

important information on the practice of weighing yourself daily...

We've all been doing it wrong. Now that we know the correct way to weigh ourselves, everything will be much easier.

Monday, December 10, 2007

200 lb suit

I am not cold.
Why do people ask me where my coat is all the time? "It's cold out, where's your coat?" I'm in my 30's, give me some credit for knowing if I am cold or not. Especially if I have gloves on. If I have my gloves on, that means my HANDS are cold, I recognize with my special senses that my hands are cold and I put gloves on. If my arms and upper body were cold, I might put on a sweater instead of a short-sleeved shirt. But rarely, oh so rarely, do I need to wear a coat or my winter cape.
Why? Because I have a 200 lb fat suit on. It keeps me snuggly warm.
People who know me, who know I am always warm, STILL will say "Where's your coat?" "Don't you have a jacket?" "It's freezing out, aren't you cold?" It's worse when stranger say it. How dare you assume what my body temperature is? You know what I say? "I don't need a coat, I have a layer of adipose tissue." People who don't know what adipose tissue is (it's fat, people, I'm fat, just look at me) don't know what to say. People who do are either shocked or try to laugh it off. But they can't exactly say "You aren't fat" because at over 300 lbs, fat is one thing I definitely am. So they end up embarrassed. And rightly so, for saying something so personal to me.
PS it is 33 degrees out, last night we had freezing rain and I'm wearing a t-shirt. And gloves.

almost lost it in a fast food place

Before I went to see Golden Compass yesterday (fun movie; go see!), my husband and I went to a local fast food place. Now I eat at this chain often, but in another town. The one we went to yesterday I used to go to with my dad every couple of weeks, and the last time I went there was with him--except when I go through the drive-through, but that's not often.
When we were done placing the other, I walked over to the condiment/napkin area and without thinking starting getting condiments for my dad (in his last months, he was confused and needed help with everything). I had a handful of stuff, none of which I actually wanted, and it wasn't until I turned around to hand it all off to my dad ("You carry this and we'll go find a table while Mommy gets the food, okay?") that I realized my dad was dead, he wasn't there waiting for me to hand him things and he never would be again. I almost started crying right there, with my handful of napkins and ketchup and other assorted items I cared nothing about.
I abandoned it all and went to sit down by myself. I didn't want my food. I just wanted to get out of there. I wonder if I'll ever be able to eat there again without feeling sad?

Friday, December 07, 2007

The split personality of subway.

Subway has a new ad featuring Peter Griffen from Family Guy. He is a fat slob cartoon character, not unlike Homer Simpson (who has been advocating for Burger King lately). And what is he advertising for Subway? Some big feast.

Does this look like something Jared would eat? How can subway hype how healthy & low calorie its food is in one set of commercials and then advertise a "feast" on another set? I tried to get the nutritional info on the feast, but somehow it just loops back into a page with an ad on it. Hmm.

coffee addicts

I hate coffee.
I hate people who have to drink coffee all the time, everywhere. I hate that my supermarket cart now has a cup holder on it, for people to drink coffee while they shop. Of course these are the same people who open a box of crackers for their children to eat as they shop. Why, exactly, is America fat? Because even as they WALK, they eat.
Last night my gas light came on as I drove home from work. I was cold and I didn't feel like stopping for gas. I went out for supper, and it was colder, and dark. So I waited until this morning. I went to the Food Bag near my house. Four cars, all empty, were blocking the pumps. I sat and waited, car running, gas light blinking, for them to come out and drive away so I could fill up.
Instead, they all came out WITH FUCKING COFFEES and THEN started pumping gas.
You can't pump gas without a coffee in your hand? WTF?!
So I drove away, because waiting for them to fill their tanks would have cost me the last of my gas, and made me late for work.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

too fat to adopt a child?

I haven't been following any news lately, but I just saw this article on a 550 lb man who tried to adopt a baby he and his wife were already caring for. Instead of allowing it, the courts removed the baby from their care.
I'm no fan of babies and you'll never hear me whining that I can't adopt one because I'm too fat. But if this guy really wanted this child and had proven he could care for it, what's the big deal?
Gary Stocklaufer, 35, weighed 550 pounds in July when his petition to adopt Max, an infant he and his wife had taken in, was denied. Missouri officials have not confirmed the reason Max was removed from the Stocklaufers' home....But several adoption experts have said the case is considered the first case where a couple seeking to adopt has resorted to surgery in the increasingly prevalent practice of denying parents adoptions because they are obese.
....The baby, who was 4 months old when he was removed from the Stocklaufer home, had lived with the Stocklaufers since he was a week old and is related to the Stocklaufers.
Stocklaufer and his wife, Cindy, 34, claimed their plans to adopt Max were denied because of Gary's weight. Instead, Max was given to another couple for possible adoption.
Gloria Hochman, spokeswoman for the National Adoption Center in Philadelphia, said weight problems are becoming more commonly considered by adoption agencies.
The article doesn't say how much the wife weighs. They have another child they adopted which apparently was not taken from them.
Now this guy had gastric bypass, not for his health, but to adopt this baby. He lost 200 lbs since July and he's trying again.
I won't even go into a rant on "how did he get approved so fast? How did he get approved when he was doing it for the wrong reasons" because I will never stop.
NEW: Screenprint of news story

Monday, December 03, 2007

my dad & back to the pool

It's been a week since my dad died. It took forever for him to leave, and then everything happened so slowly, but in retrospect it all flew by. Yesterday it snowed and I realized he will never see snow again. I know these moments will keep hitting me. Yesterday I was thinking, it's been a week since I saw him. Now today it's a week since he died. The counting will stop, I know.
And now I can move on with my life. I can go back to working out more often (it was a choice every day--do I work out or go see him? Due to the distance involved with driving there, and the times the pool's open, it was a choice of one or the other) and getting into shape for my trip next month. Well, better shape. I missed 2 months of workouts--I went once a week, or not at all. Horrible to have to choose between your own health and watching someone you love slowly die.
I actually worked out right after my dad died. I made the last long trip up to the nursing home and collected all his things, and then went to the pool for a punishing hour. I think the tears were ascribed to water splashing on my face, but who cares. I hurt my knee--it still hurts--I did too much, too soon. But I am frustrated by the time I lost, and how my body backslid when I wasn't working it several times a week.
My trainer was able to meet with me on Wednesday for the first time in months. I think it was May or even April the last time we worked out together. My knee was very painful and we didn't get a lot done--barely an hour. My form has regressed slightly--I'm not as straight as I need to be and my edema-leg is back to drifting where it shouldn't. But that doesn't surprise me. And she can't be angry with me--it was her schedule that interfered with our sessions, not mine. I did the best I could all this time without her.
I finished NaNoWriMo somewhere in there too. 66,217 was my final count, I think my highest so far. Second year winning. My NaNoWriMo blog on 360 is going to be going away or moving. Yahoo is closing 360 down sometime soon, in favor of what they aren't saying. Supposedly none of the existing 360 info will be lost. I know the photos got moved to Flickr whether we wanted them to or not.

Monday, November 26, 2007

dad's gone

The nursing home called about 45 minutes ago. My dad's gone.
I'm crying, I'm sad, but I'm glad he's at peace. The last few months were just hell on him. I spent a long time with him yesterday and I also saw him Friday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brookhaven Obesity Clinic

I just found out that TLC has a whole series filmed inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic, called "Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic." (I'm not sure how long the link will be good.) There was a marathon on this afternoon and I watched several of them. They are worth watching if you are overweight or obese, just to serve as a warning or to scare you skinny. I took a walk tonight in the freezing cold!
The one that affected me the most was a black guy who had lymph edema (that's what I have). This guy's leg was huge, swollen in such a way that he didn't even look human on that side. It was an elephant man kind of thing. He had regular chocolate colored skin but on his leg it was black, like gangrene or something. It was split and oozing and absolutely repulsive. He had it inside a kind of net stocking, which held on various bandages that held back the oozing.
It made the problems I have with my edema seem trifling, I'll tell you. This guy could barely get into bed because he couldn't lift his leg at all. Once he was in bed, he basically laid on the leg. He went to a specialty surgeon hoping they could surgically fix it (which I've seen on other TLC obesity shows--basically they flense the leg, like a whale--repulsive to watch, creates scars and a thinner but still misshapen leg) and the surgeon told him he couldn't help his leg. (My husband was watching this section with me and he said he found that hard to believe.) The surgeon said the only possible treatment, if the man couldn't lose weight (I believe he was in the 500-600 lb range, but don't quote me), was to amputate the leg, but the surgeon said a real leg with edema was better than a fake leg. The guy did not want to lose weight and at the end he said he wanted his leg amputated. (That was the "Unsafe for Surgery" episode.)
The episode about people there who cheat really made me angry. These people are there to lose weight but they are having pizzas delivered. One girl actually ordered food for others and went to the front door to get it for those too fat to go to the front door themselves! There are only 75 beds in this place, people are calling begging to be taken and yet there are people there abusing the system. Makes no sense.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sad for dad

This whole thing with my dad is just ripping out my soul. I go see him every day; I go watch him starve to death under hospice care. I wish I could strip off my fat and stuff it into his IV so he could live off it. I could give up a 100, 150 lbs and still be a porker. (Like the comedian Ralphie May, in his new special, when he says it's no accomplishment to lose 270 lbs, "a whole fat man" and "still be fat as hell.")
Dad's mostly unconscious, but some days he's semi conscious and knows I'm there, and those days are the worse. The starving to death is the kind way for him to die, and the knowledge of that is just awful. If I could strip off my fat and feed him with it somehow, it would only keep him alive so his underlying diseases could kill him. He's got several now, all on the edge of fatal, and it's just a question of which one will get him first, or if the starving will take care of it. They say he's not in any pain; he's on morphine and other high octane pain killers. Some days he holds my hand and other days he pushes it away and other times he doesn't seem to notice. But some times his eyes are half open and he turns his face to me like he can see me. His speech center has been destroyed by disease and he can't communicate at all so we don't know if he's blind or deaf or in pain or what. We aren't even sure if he understands what we say or if it's just a response to noise in the environment. The nurses have a cd player next to him playing soft music that if he was awake he'd probably hate.
So if you're wondering why I've been quiet, that's why. I can't find anything funny to say, or even cutting and bitchy. I've been doing no research on fat issues and even my NaNoWriMo novel is suffering.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

dad update

My father has been slowly slipping away for the last month, pretty much in a near vegetative state in a nursing home, unable to talk or focus his eyes on anything, the victim of severe brain damage. For the last week it's been getting harder and harder to get him to eat--he can't swallow and keeps choking on his food, so we made the decision to go to hospice care. Basically he's just doped up on morphine to keep him pain free and out of it while he starves to death. After several weeks with little or no food, he is skeletal--I doubt he weighs 130 lbs. I don't know how long it takes a frail, sick man to starve. Nurses guessed between 3 days and a week but up to 2 weeks is possible. Won't that be a happy Thanksgiving for my family if that's what happens.
My dad is relatively young to be on nursing home death row--he's in his mid-60's.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

Happy Halloween!
NaNoWriMo 2007 starts in 10 minutes. Don't expect to hear from me much for 30 days. Check my progress at my other blog.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it's official. Dasani sucks.

I hate Dasani water. It's made by Coke, and I hate Coke, plus Dasani tastes awful. It's got "added minerals" which means salt. It's salt water. It tastes like crap. I would rather drink tap water. And guess what? That's what Dasani is. Tap water. With salt. (gags)
And now it's official. It's won a bad product award.
According to this article, Consumers International has given Dasani one of its top 4 slots: Another award went to drinks giant Coca-Cola for pushing marketing "into the realms of the ridiculous" in the United States and South America with its Dasani bottled water which is sourced from the same reservoirs as local tap water.
Consumers International, a global federation of consumer advocate organisations, said the awards aimed to highlight the abuse of consumer trust.
Here is another article on the debacle that is Dasani:
In early 2004, Coca-Cola launched its Dasani brand of bottled water in Britain. Dasani had already established itself as one of the most popular bottled waters in the United States.
Within weeks, however, Coke had a disaster in the making. The British press discovered that Dasani was nothing more than processed tap water and ran a series of indignant stories suggesting that consumers were being hoodwinked by the U.S. beverage giant....

Be that as it may, most Americans are probably unaware that Dasani...doesn't originate from pristine mountain springs; it starts in the same pipes that run into people's kitchens.Dasani undergoes a filtering process and, according to Coke, is "enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste." But, in the end, it's still tap water.

With salt in it. Ew.

screenprint of second article (first is already gone from web, sorry)

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's not my fault I'm fat. It's society.

I love to play the blame game for my fat. It's my fat, and I put it there somehow. Even if someone else made me do it.
Here's a new thing to blame: society. According to an English study, Obesity does not result simply from over-eating and a lack of exercise but is a consequence of modern life, a government think-tank said....(T)he technological revolution of the 20th century has led to weight gain becoming unavoidable for most people because our bodies and biological make-up are out of step with our surroundings....Until now, the government has concentrated on encouraging people, particularly children, to lead a healthier lifestyle, eating less fattening foods and taking more exercise. But ... a wholesale change in attitudes was needed.....there was no single "magic bullet" solution; even a new appetite-suppressing drug would not be the answer, because the problem is systemic. Tackling obesity, like tackling climate change, requires a range of changes in society, from increasing everyday activity through urban design and transport systems to shifting the drivers of the food chain and consumer purchasing patterns to favour healthier options.
I'm not sure if this is depressing or encouraging. So should I even bother to work out and eat less and try to be healthier if things all around me are geared up to sabotage my every effort, and short of going to live on a desert island with no one else around I'll never be thin again?
It really ties in well with the Mindless Eating book I recently reviewed. Cues to make us eat more and not know it are all around us and even when we KNOW that, the cues still work on us and we still eat more.
Why even bother to try?

biggest dummy

No, it's not an insult. It's a training product, believe it or not. A company in England has created a life-like 400 lb dummy to help train rescue personnel in how to lift and transport obese people.
I'm sure some people find it funny, but I wouldn't want to be dropped by a couple of paramedics who aren't able to handle my weight or size. The dummy's proportions, supposedly, are realistic--it's not just a dummy with a big belly.
The heavyweight dummy, which takes six people to lift, is believed to be the heaviest and largest in the world. The company, which manufactures fire and rescue and resuscitation dummies, said the demand for its new product reflected the growing obesity problem. ... (They)created a dummy that replicates, as closely as possible, the body mass of a large person, creating a realistic training tool.
It looks kinda sad laying there, doesn't it?

Monday, October 15, 2007

food neophobia

Well, my eating disorder has a name: food neophobia. Sounds so much better than OCD, doesn't it?
According to Psychology Today, We all have finicky friends who wrinkle their noses at sushi and consider pizza an exotic eat. Now there's a name for their cuisine-challenged condition: food neophobia, or anxiety over trying new foods.....(in a study) (n)eophobics, or those deeming themselves hesitant to try new things, found the smell of strange foods less pleasant and tended to sniff with less vigor than their neophilic, or more culinarily [sic] adventurous, counterparts.
The study author claims that neophobics do not have stronger noses than neophilic eaters. But I have always been really sensitive to strong odors. And it's true that I will not eat anything that smells bad (except ketchup--I hate the vinegar smell of it--as soon as I am done eating I have to wash the dish or throw away the trash because I can't stand the smell), some things that I don't like and won't eat have no smell at all. I love the smell of pickles, for instance, but hate how they taste.
Another example comes from Edge magazine: (A) resolute adult who refuses to try spicy dishes (is an) examples of food neophobia, or an unwillingness to try new foods. Patricia Pliner, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, is looking at the factors which determine food selection. "Food neophobia is a personality trait that some people have more than others. It's the expectation that new foods are going to taste bad."
It's not even that it's going to taste bad. That's an over- simplification by someone who probably always ate everything put on her plate. I could no more eat a new food than eat ...I don't know...the outgoing mail in the office where I work. Yes, every once in a while I do try something new, but I don't say, "I'm going to try something new" and then go eat it. It happens by accident, not on purpose. I've often sat and watched someone else enjoy something I won't eat. I can see that it's well prepared, sometimes it even smells okay, and obviously my friend is enjoying it. There is nothing in the world stopping me from extending my fork and saying "Can I have a bite?" (assuming I'm with a person who would say "yes" in return)....except my own head. I can look at the food and think "I bet that tastes really good." But I can't eat it. I can look at a menu and choose strange food for other people--yes, that looks good, he'll like that--but not for myself.
But even though I despair over it, I've found that it might not be my fault: UK researchers have provided an explanation for why some children hate to try new foods — it’s in the genes. In a large study ... (researchers) found that nearly 80 percent of children’s tendency to avoid unfamiliar foods was inherited. (source)
Whew. Isn't it great to hand off responsibility to someone else? Well, no, it's not. So I inherited a defective eating gene. Isn't there a way to overcome it?
The 3 D's of neophobia (from here): (T)here are three key responses behind food neophobia - the rejection of new foods - in both adults and children. "There is distaste, a dislike of the food's taste or smell; there is danger, the idea that eating the food will physically endanger you; and then there is disgust."
I'm not sure how my reactions go with these 3 concepts. I just can't. It's fear. I guess that's danger, huh?
I found this very concise explanation here:
Food neophobia is an unwillingness to eat novel foods, whereas pickiness is an unwillingness to eat many familiar foods.
So I am not "just" a picky eater.
Here is the Food neophobia test scale:

(I have put it in a different order because the original was very confusing.)
Part one:
Score each one 1-7 according to this scale:
1 is disagree extremely, 4 is neither agree nor disagree and 7 is agree extremely
  • I don't trust new foods. __
  • If I don't know what's in a food, I won't try it. __
  • Ethnic food looks too weird to eat. __
  • I am afraid to eat things I have never had before. __
  • I am very particular about the foods I will eat. __
Total score: __

Part two:
Score each one 1-7 according to this scale:
1 is agree extremely, 4 is neither agree nor disagree and 7 is disagree extremely
  • I am constantly sampling new and different foods. __
  • I like foods from different countries. __
  • At dinner parties, I will try a new food. __
  • I will eat almost anything. __
  • I like to try new ethnic restaurants. __
Total score:__
Total of part one + part two:___

A score of above 35 indicates you have a problem.
I scored 63.

my dad

Update: My dad didn't die. He had two bleeds in his brain, not one, and neither was as severe as first supposed. He has not regained his ability to speak but the doctors think it might come back. Of course his original (fatal) illness remains unchanged.

Friday, October 12, 2007

bad news for Rosie

It looks like my dad is finally dying. He's been ill for a long time, as some of you who've read this from the beginning know, and recently he went into a nursing home. He has two head injuries from bad falls--from last month and a new one from the other day. He's now having seizures. He's got bleeding deep in his brain that can't be repaired and is most likely fatal. If it is not fatal, he could be a vegetable, and you know we fat people don't like vegetables. haha.
Anyway, we can only hope it will be fast and painless for him. I've had migraines and I can only imagine how bad the pain must be in his head. He's lost the ability to speak so we don't know. :(

Thursday, October 11, 2007

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) looms on the horizon.

It's almost NaNoWriMo time again! November 1 starts the insanity again. So during that time I may be even more silent than usual as I attempt the impossible: writing an entire novel (or at least 50,000 words of one) in 30 days, between Nov 1 and Nov 30.
The original icon was yellow. Hideous. (shudders). So I changed it to a lovely shade of ROSIE pink. (heehee)
If you join NaNo, link to my profile and be my writing buddy.

getting to know you, getting to know all about you

These things make me crack up. Usually you email these to your friends, but here you go:

Two names you go by:
1. Rosie
2 . Look at how fat she is!

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Sandals
2. Adipose tissue

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Eat at buffets
2. Lay on the beach w/o getting thrown back in

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. $$$
2. A whopper with lots of ketchup and pile of hot crispy fries

Two animals you have or have had
1. Cats
2. The ones I've eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner--pigs, cows, chickens.

Two things you ate yesterday:
1. Everything
2. Second helping of above

Two people you last talked to:
1. Boss
2. Diet pill commercial on the TV

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Eating
2. Being fat

Two favorite holidays:
1. Lunch
2. Supper

Two favorite beverages
1. Diet Pepsi
2. Hershey's syrup

Two People that seem to know you the best?
1. Random people I meet online
2. The voice in my head

Notice I said SARCASM....sigh. People still won't get it. I'm sending this, with minor changes, to my real friends. They will all write back and say comforting things about my fatness.

Friday, October 05, 2007

book review: mindless eating

I mentioned the book "Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think" last week and now I've read it.
Understand that I am a very fat woman who has read many diet books and hated most of them. I have been given many diet books by well-meaning friends and bought others for myself thinking they would be good.
The only other diet book I've ever liked in my whole life was Thin Within, which Amazon is marketing now, unfortunately, as a Christian diet book. (The link goes to an older version; I'm guessing it was re-written to add the god stuff because the author's name is changed too.)
Mindless Eating isn't a diet book...but it is. The lose weight hints and tips are interspersed with all sorts of examples from real experiments done by the author and his team. Basically the premise of the book is that even when we think we are paying attention to what we eat, we aren't.
Each chapter includes a "Reengineering strategy" based on that chapter's information. You aren't expected to try all of them. To the contrary, at the end, the author suggests picking just 3. Three. And no where does the book say you can't ever eat fast food, or junk food, or cookies/cakes/candy/chips (4 Cs) again. Basically what you try to do is find the 100 calorie margin. You can painlessly, mindlessly, cut 100 calories a day. You won't even notice. Cut too many calories and you'll feel deprived.
Here are some of the rules, paraphrased:

  • 20% more or less. Eat 20% less of whatever is you usually eat. Eat 20% more vegetables and fruits.
  • Make comfort foods more comforting. Don't cut out your comfort foods--cut down on how much you eat. Have fruit on your sundae instead of candy, for instance. Maybe someday you can make the fruit your comfort food and forgo the ice cream...but for now, just pair them.
  • Portion-size me has 2 parts. The first is what he calls the "health halo". This is what makes us think it is okay to eat a whole box of low-fat Snackwell cookies--they are low fat! Or to pig out at Subway--Jared lost weight doing this, right? The book actually lists the calorie differences between regular and low-fat food and it's not very much. A low-fat fig newton has 5 calories less. Low fat yogurt; 4 calories less. Low fat chicken noodle soup has 20 calories MORE. The other half is to think small or share. Don't supersize. Don't refill your drink. Buy a value meal and an extra drink and split the sandwich and fries with a friend.
There are six more; you'll have to read the book to find out what they are!
The only think he harps on too much, I think, is how many calories Americans drink. I rarely drink alcohol and I rarely drink non-diet soda. He introduces the 10/20 drink rule--thin liquids like soda have about 10 calories per ounce, and thick ones like shakes have about 20. That is handy if I'm drinking a Frosty from Wendy's, but if I get a Frosty, that's my whole meal.
This book, unlike others I've given or thrown away, is worth reading.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

former thin people

When I was a fat teenage girl, as you might expect, a lot of boys treated me badly. A few were my friend in private, calling me on the phone but never talking to me in public (and somehow, that was worse than just being they were ashamed they liked to talk to me, but they couldn't bear to LOOK at me), and others were just mean all the time. I asked 22 guys to my junior prom and all of them said no, some nicer than others. One of them told me right out he didn't go out with fat girls. (But a few months before when he was drunk at a party he had no problem accepting a ride home in my car...and puking in it. Asshole.)
A few years later, and many mental problems and not very much food later, I was thin--down to 114 pounds and a lovely little size 4 butt. I had a boyfriend who started going out with me when I was fat and had never been ashamed to be seen talking to me in public before that. The boyfriend and the puking asshole had some friends in common and somehow all of us ended up together at a horror movie. And guess what? The asshole had gotten fat. And he didn't recognize me at first. I loved the look in his eyes when he went from checking me out to horror when he realized who I was. Did I say anything to him? Nope. Not even when he talked to me. I just pretended he wasn't there, like the episode of South Park where everyone ignores Cartman and he thinks he's dead. Eventually he got frustrated and then I said, sweetly, "I don't talk to fat boys" and walked away. Was it right? No. Did it feel good? Hell yeah.
Of course now I'm fatter than ever again and that was way way in the past. Almost as far in the past as graduating from high school. Yup, reunion coming up. Do I go, in all my fatness, and look at the senior class picnic pictures of me in a bikini? Or do I stay home, again, like I have for every other reunion?

crazy fat lady

This morning I had to drive my husband to Hartford and when I stopped for gas, there was a swan causing a traffic jam. If I had been on the way back home, I would have gone over and tried to corral the thing. But traffic was terrible and both of us were going to be late for work. A crowd of workers from the gas station came out and were laughing at the giant bird as it tried to dodge traffic on a very busy road, no doubt taking bets on how soon it would get hit. (And I believe they are protected species so whoever hit it would have been in trouble.) I got so incensed I got out of the car and yelled at them, to call for help or go help the bird themselves instead of laughing at it. In return, I got laughed it, because clearly I am the crazy fat lady. If I was thin and gorgeous and 22, do you think they would have run over and helped the swan because I told them to?
I hate that my opinions and needs are discounted because I am overweight, like every pound over a certain number decreases from my innate humanity.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the official "seefood" diet

It's an old joke: "I'm on a seafood diet." "Seafood diet, what's that?" "When I see food, I eat it!"
And now someone has written a book about it: Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. I've got the book on order from the library, but here's what has to say about it:
We are powerless to ignore the clarion call of the candy jar, the beckoning of the buffet, the summons of the snack cupboard.....What really influences our eating...are visibility and convenience.

You'll eat more if you're eating:

  • "family style" with the serving bowls on the table.
  • directly from the bag or carton.
  • on a bigger plate or from a bigger container.
  • in front of the television, in the car, with friends.
Oh, that's depressing. I wonder what it will be like to read the whole book?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

metabolism boosting diet soda?

I was just made aware of this so called metabolism-boosting diet soda.
So I looked it up (see link) and checked it out.
Here is the claim:
"The clinical research proved that drinking one 12-ounce bottle of Celsius increases metabolism by more than 12 percent over a 3 hour period," states principal investigator Ron Mendel, Ph.D. "Elevated metabolism is what allows people to burn more calories."
Okay, sounds great, right?
How significant is a 12 percent boost in metabolism? Dr. Mendel says that by replacing a regular soft drink with a bottle of Celsius every day for one year, even with no change in exercise habits, a person could theoretically lose up to 17 pounds.
Notice the hedge language: "could theoretically"... "up to".
Now let's do some math. Don't worry, I'll do it all for you. That splashing sound is my brain melting and running out of my ears.
17 pounds is 61,200 calories. A regular soda (let's say a can) is around 120 calories. So just cutting out 1 can of non-diet soda a day would give you a 43,800 calories lost in a year, even if you didn't switch to this miracle soda. You'd lose about 12 lbs. That leaves 5 lbs of weight loss to the soda.
Five pounds? After a year of drinking their no-doubt shitty tasting & expensive soda? Is that worth it?
Let's see what the math says:
According to this Base Metabolic Rate calculator, my base rate (unmoving in bed for 24 hours) is 2295 calories. Let's round it to 2300. In fact, let's round it to 2400 in 24 hours, for a nice even 100 calories per hour so the math doesn't strain my brain.
So in 3 hours I burn 100 calories. An increase of 12 percent for 3 hours is...gasp...36 extra calories. That's 13,140 calories a year extra, or 3.65 lbs. And remember, I am hugely fat, with a huge BMR.
12 + 3.65 is less than 16 pounds, not the 17 they promise.
Most of the stories I found on this product are dated in 2005, although a few are from February of 2007. I could not find any place on line that sells this. But it's a good exercise in critical thinking.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

900 lb man

A 900 lb man with Prader-Willi syndrome (where a person is always ravenously hungry) had to be taken out through a wall yesterday. I saw part of the story on CNN (I had jury duty--yuck) in between stories on OJ's thievery and that guy getting tasered for yelling at John Kerry.
The man hadn't left his house since 2003. He was taken out after a nurse voiced concerns about his condition. They had to cut a hole in the house and take him out with a forklift, covered by a tarp.
I've seen shows on this disease. You can't give these people gastric bypass, you can't do anything but lock up food. Many of them are also mentally disabled as well. It's very sad.
image source
For more on Prader-Will Syndrome.

Friday, September 07, 2007

making fat people look bad

I was just in Friendly's, having lunch with my mom. I went up to pay.
Waiting there by the registers was a very fat man. He was wearing a tank top. It was too short. He showed a very large expansive of sagging hairy belly up front, and we do NOT want to talk about the plumber's crack. Lots of tattoos.
Okay, not a pretty sight, but I am not judging.
As I got closer, I smelled him. Sweat and dirt.
He was eating what looked like M&M's. Every so often he would drop one and it would bounce. I wondered why anyone would eat M&M's while waiting in line at Friendly's.
And then I saw what he was doing.
When no employees were around to see, he would lean over the counter and HELP HIMSELF to the toppings bar. A scoop of Reese's Pieces (not M&Ms after all), another of nuts, etc. He would shovel each handful into his mouth and if no employee was looking, go for more.
Even if that wasn't disgusting, it's stealing. If he wanted those toppings on his ice cream, it's something like $.50 each. Probably per scoop. And he ate at least 5 scoops while I was standing there to pay. He was already eating when I walked up, and still there when I walked away.
That is a fat greedy bastard. That is someone who ate himself fat and doesn't give a damn.
Everyone who already hates fat people thinks we are all like this guy. But it's not true. Seeing him make me want to take a walk. When I got home I put on more deodorant and brushed my teeth.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

amazing new fitness diet fork

I have a hard time believing this product is real. It's a fork ($8.95 for a 10 pack. TEN! I only have two hands!) that makes you eat less.
What amazing technology does it use? Supposedly the handle is hard to hold and the tines are small and funny shaped.
The website claims:
The Diet Fork helps users eliminate over-indulgence while simultaneously creating a "chewing fitness." The characteristics of the Diet Fork allow dieters to "scoop less" food during meals.
Because of the design of the Diet Fork, dieters will eat slower, assisting in weight loss.
In this health-conscious society where people are constantly searching for a way to a healthier lifestyle -- the Diet Fork is going to change they way we eat.

CHEWING FITNESS? WTF does that MEAN?! And why is "scoop less" in quotes? That implies it is a made up (nonsense) phrase.
But, Rosie, you ask, how can a fork be designed to help you lose weight? I'm glad you asked, dear reader. The website explains earnestly:

Shorter and dulled teeth inhibiting user from grasping larger pieces of food at any one time
Smaller triangular shaped surface area allowing dieter to hold less food than many other forks
Uncomfortable grip compelling user to put fork down between bites, slowing the user's eating speed

Why can't I just eat with a baby fork. Or better yet, a spork. I can get a spork from KFC and save it and use it for my exclusive eating utensil. Short tines, small surface, and best of all, FREE.
And don't forget, the diet fork "makes dieting fun"! And also, "dieters can now assist in metabolism by chewing more"--who knew that CHEWING raised metabolism?

I've put my recommendation down--buy these handle-less bamboo sporks and see how much you can eat.

Oh, and one other thing.

How does the diet fork stop you from eating a double bacon cheeseburger el gigante value meal washed down with a liter of non-diet Coke? Or a dozen hot wings and a pitcher of beer? Or a large meat-lovers pan pizza? Or ingesting an entire bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups with a side of chocolate frosting?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

virus turns stem cells to fat cells

Everyone (thin) laughs at the idea of a fat virus--not a virus that is overweight, but one that causes obesity, the way a cold virus gives you a cold. You eat too much, that's your problem. Don't blame it on a virus that doesn't exist.
Ah, but it does: New research announced Monday found that when human stem cells -- the blank slate of the cell world -- were exposed to a common virus they turned into fat cells. They didn't just change, they stored fat, too....For several years, researchers have looked at a possible link between obesity and this common virus, called adenovirus-36, from a family of viruses that cause colds and pinkeye in people.
I've had pinkeye. I had it for the first time when I was thin...and I got fat again a few months later. Did my pinkeye make me fat?!
They had already found that a higher percentage of fat people had been infected with the virus than nonfat people. They had exposed animals to the virus and got them to fatten up and even found a a gene in the virus that causes animals to get obese.
If a viral cause of obesity can be confirmed, a vaccine could be developed, maybe within five to 10 years, to prevent the virus from making some people fat...However, it wouldn't help people already obese.
Oh. Well, that sucks. And I don't see the vaccine being high-priority to develop if it doesn't cause weight loss, only prevents weight gain...and only virus-related weight gain at that. A vaccine to a virus no one believes in, yeah, that's going to take off like a lead balloon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

a "fat hormone"

No, it's not the hormone that's fat. It influences hunger and psychological/physiological responses to foods.
According to this article:
The hormone that tells us we are full also regulates our desire for certain foods, researchers said on Thursday, in a finding that sheds light on why people gain weight and could lead to new treatments for obesity.
Sounds promising.
In the study, published in the journal Science, researchers searched for "circuits" in the brain that signal when a person is hungry or full and found that they were linked to areas involved in determining the enjoyment of food.
Somehow that is not surprising. It's pretty logical actually. A person who enjoys all types of food is more likely to eat and therefore not starve to death. Of course in the modern U.S., starving to death because you don't like the tastes of many foods isn't a problem, but 15,000 years ago, if you didn't like the taste of charbroiled Mammoth, it might have been.
I say "all types of food" because those who were studied have a rare genetic disorder.
The patients with the genetic disorder (who lack the hormone called leptin)-- of which there are about a dozen known cases in the world -- liked all types of food, ate excessively and were obese.
After the patients received leptin injections, the areas that had previously shown activity all the time at the sight of food were only active if the people had not eaten the night before, which was a normal response.
You might be saying, well, Rosie, I am NOT one of those 12 people who lack leptin. How does this help me? The researchers have an answer for you:
Knowing how leptin, which is produced by fat cells, triggers different parts of the brain could lead to new drugs that target obesity and help dangerously overweight people take pounds off.
"Dangerously overweight" that's me. I'm so fat when I walk down the street, people stare at me and get in car accidents. (Well, not that I know of, but people do stare, and children point and make unkind remarks.)
You know what this will trigger, right? More commercials for that damn Leptoprin and Leptopril crap (same thing, different marketing campaigns and pricing).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

obese woman trapped in beach chair

This poor woman. Bad enough to not be able to get out of the chair, but with the tide rising and the crowd gathering, she must have felt mortified.
This holidaymaker found herself stranded in her deckchair as the tide came in and started lapping at her feet. The woman, estimated by some onlookers to weigh as much as 20 stone, had been unable to get out of the chair after its legs became firmly wedged in the shingle.
Why didn't any of the other beach goers help her? My god, the tide's rising, the woman's trapped and going to drown--don't just stand there and take pictures with your cell phone.
To me, she looks much fatter than 280 lbs. Usually in these stories they guess too high.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

anti supplement rant

I just wrote this for a reason unrelated to this blog, but since it's back in business, I thought I'd cross-post it here:

If the product was real and worked, it would have FDA approval. By making it a supplement rather than a drug, they can say anything they want (ie, LIE) and put a disclaimer that says the product isn't intended to treat any disease or condition.
So they can say: this product treats hoof-and-mouth disease, acne, hysterical blindness, ectopic pregnancy, Ebola, gangrene of the toenail, baldness and obesity*
and go on to extol the wonders of their product, and its proprietary blend of 7 delicious herbs and spices, and how no other product every formulated in the entire history of the world has ever treated hoof-and-mouth disease, acne, hysterical blindness, ectopic pregnancy, Ebola, gangrene of the toenail, baldness and obesity* all at once with one convenient daily application directly to the affected area. This is followed by pages of before and after pictures and testimonials on how great this product is and how it treated their hoof-and-mouth disease, acne, hysterical blindness, ectopic pregnancy, Ebola, gangrene of the toenail, baldness and obesity* better than any product in the entire world so you have to buy this RIGHT NOW. If you ACT NOW we'll double your order--that's two TWO bottles, a full 60 day supply, for only 468 payments of $29.99 each!
Oh, and somewhere deep in there, in very tiny print, it also says:
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

great. fat friends make you fat. The rise of supersized fat camps.

So, just by existing and having friends, I am making the world a fatter place, according to this story.
If your friends and family get fat, chances are you will too, researchers report in a startling new study that suggests obesity is "socially contagious" and can spread easily from person to person....

The study found a person's chances of becoming obese went up 57 percent if a friend did, 40 percent if a sibling did and 37 percent if a spouse did. In the closest friendships, the risk almost tripled.

Tripled? From 57% to 171%? Huh? Obviously it impacts your math skills too.

Researchers think it's more than just people with similar eating and exercise habits hanging out together. Instead, it may be that having relatives and friends who become obese changes one's idea of what is an acceptable weight.

Hmm. That part could be good or bad. It's annoying to be negatively judged constantly by what I weigh. The real question is, if I hang out with someone who looks like a skeleton, will I lose weight?

Or, in other words, don't be friends with fat people. The story realizes people will think this, and quickly says:

Despite their findings, the researchers said people should not sever their relationships.

"There is a ton of research that suggest that having more friends makes you healthier," Fowler said. "So the last thing that you want to do is get rid of any of your friends."....

The findings could open a new avenue for treating this worldwide epidemic. The researchers said it might be helpful to treat obese people in groups instead of just the individual.

But what if my fat friend doesn't want to join a group with me? Would my dieting help her or would her lack of dieting hinder me?

So if I join Overeater's Anonymous, and I have to make restitution for my wrongs, I'll have to write a letter:

Dear Friends:
I am most heartily sorry for the way I have wronged you. Because I am a big fatass, and you are my friend, now you are a big fatass. It's contagious to be fat. Who knew? No one ever said I had to be quarantined. I didn't know to hand out Sars-type masks to those around me. ...

I can see it now.... The final solution, super sized. Fat camps across the land, not for weight loss but for quarantine and isolation. Scales in public places. Immense bariatric trucks assembled to round up all those whose weight is not below the cut-off. Chubby babies torn screaming from thin mothers. Toddlers left behind as their plump mamas are loaded into reinforced railroad cars. Skinny spouses sobbing for their chubby honeys.
Great buildings in the midst or prairies, surrounded by shining barbed wire. Miles away, the signs start: "Obesity Epidemic Area. Full Quarantine. No one who entered without taking the proper precautions will be allowed to leave."
Workers are required to wear full body anti-contaminate suits. They are not permitted to look at those imprisoned in the fat camps, because the sight might be pleasing to them. Or even if the sight isn't pleasing to the guards and workers, it might become commonplace. Hell, they ain't so bad. Jest a lil soft around the edges. And the contagion begins to spread again....
A generation or two passes. Horror stories about the hideously deformed people who once lived in the now empty fat camps are used to terrify children. The public weighing machines fall into disrepair. Spiders nest in their gears. The reinforced bariatric trucks and train cars are given new life as cattle cars and horse trailers.
People breath a sigh of relief. The fat gene has been eradicated. No one over a BMI of 30 was allowed to reproduce. It's the final victory over obesity.
Then, somewhere, a child takes an extra serving of pizza. Another child hides in the closet, stuffing her face with Oreos. Three other children stop going outside to play. Their mothers wonder why their clothes don't fit anymore....

people don't seem to want me to leave

I really haven't got time anymore for this blog. But I'll try to post once in a while, okay?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Is this the end, beautiful friend?

From a high of 55 visitors a day, I'm down to about 10. No comments. No feedback. It just doesn't seem worth it anymore. Most of the visitors stay for only about a minute, so they aren't really reading anything. I've got 3 subscribers through Feedburner, but no click-throughs, so those people aren't coming to read based on my RSS feed.

I used to have some "faithful" readers who commented often; even they seem to have gone away. Perhaps it's time for Rosie to move on. She's not really real, you know, she's just a tiny piece of my personality. She had a good life and a long run--almost 670 posts.

I'll keep my email addresses.
wholelottarosieyoung @ gmail and yahoo

Exercise log:
Thursday: 85 minutes
Friday: 90 minutes
Saturday: none, couldn't go to the pool because of thunder/lightning and for same reason couldn't go hiking
Sunday: 45 minutes in the pool

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday I had a day of no working out. I had to bring my cat to the vet (his cancer is growing) and then met a friend for dinner and shopping; got home at almost 9 p.m.
Monday I did 90 minutes in the pool for about 950 calories.

Monday, June 04, 2007

exercise log

  • Thursday: 92 minutes in pool 974 calories
  • Friday: 80 minutes in pool 847 calories
  • Saturday: 90 minutes in pool w/ trainer 953 calories
  • Sunday: 45 minutes hiking 714 calories
So it seems like I burn roughly 10.58 calories per minute in the pool. So if I decide to drink a 2 liter bottle of non-diet soda, it would take an hour or so to work it off, since soda is about 10 calories an ounce.
Hmm, put it that way, the choice is clear.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

handicapped parking permits

Maybe I'm wrong. I have been known to live in a dream world. But I thought a handicapped parking permit entitled the user to ONE thing, and one thing only: to park in legally designated handicapped spots (painted with a handicapped icon and with a sign).
Lately I have noticed that people with handicapped permits park in any way they please, anywhere they want. Since when is that blue placard (or special plate) a license to parking gluttony? I've seen handicapped cars double-parked, parked across three or four regular spaces, in fire zones, in pedestrian walkways.
I don't have a handicapped permit. I helped my grandmother get one, and actually I could probably get one--I do get out of breath if I walk a long way. But I don't NEED one, and I'm not greedy. Sometimes when it's icy I wish for one, but then I hope those who have them really need them, and they are even less able to walk on ice than I am.
However, someone I work with has one. We only have ONE space in our lot, and there's five cars with handicapped placards. This person gets in early enough almost every day to snag the spot. He is capable of walking up the two flights of stairs to the office (no elevators). He plays golf several times a week. How was he able to get it? He had NECK surgery a year ago. I'm not sure how having a bad neck entitles him to be handicapped. Yes, his dad is old and he often drives his dad around, but if he has the placard based on his dad (who isn't at work with him!) then he shouldn't use it when his dad isn't in the car.
It's a bunch of BS if you ask me. I wish the police would start giving these illegally parked jerks tickets, but when my coworker called the police to complain about someone parking in the spot here without a placard, they told him they don't enforce that law. Nice.

Yesterday's workout info: 70 minutes in the pool for 741 calories burned.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

workout details

Yesterday I worked out for just over 80 minutes in the pool, burning 842 calories.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

sad news & computer news

My cat has cancer. I'm not going to talk about it much, just giving a heads up. I've chosen not to treat it aggressively, as he is 14. We are keeping him comfy (right now he's so comfy and happy you'd never know he's only got a few months left in him) and loved.
I have a laptop now with internet access so I can use wifi and write/be online if I'm upstairs with the cat so I don't envision any lessening of posts. Our old home network (wired) crashed so we replaced it with a wireless one, then I found a sweet little refurbished IBM Thinkpad at a computer show and scooped it up for a tenth of what it cost new--and it included a full install of Microsoft Office XP! We popped in another RAM chip and a wireless network card and I was ready to go. Now I can bring it with me on vacation next year too.

new goal

I have a new goal.
I've made vacation arrangements with a friend. We're going to one of those places on the 1,000 places to see before you die list. It's a foreign country, we don't speak the language, we've never been before and both of us are in poor physical condition. (She's old, I'm fat.) Going there requires not only travel by planes and cars, but also on foot (but not donkeys or scooters--I draw the line at both). I can get from here to the parking lot on foot right now, but I'll be tired.
That's going to change.
I weighed myself last Friday and I wasn't at all happy with the number. Yes, I work out 3-4x a week and my clothes keep getting bigger, but the number on the scale just doesn't change. It's very discouraging.
So my goal is to drop 50 lbs in six months and to increase my fitness level until I can walk 1-2 miles without stopping to sit. There is a trail near my house that's just over a mile long I can test myself at.
I am going to up my pool workouts to five per week (from 3-4). I am adding more cardio to my existing workout, making it longer. To lose 2 lbs a week, I need to burn 850 calories a day extra, average. At my current weight, according to the calculators at this handy site, I burn 212 calories every 20 minutes in the water. That's 80 minutes per day in the water, or just over an hour. Very doable. If I walk, I burn a lot less calories (I go slow and have to stop a lot); only 132 per 20 minutes so I'd have to walk for 2.25 hours on my off times (or go faster). I walked the 2+ miles of the nearby trail in just about an hour on Sunday, which is 159 calories for 20 minutes, so I'd only need to walk for an hour and three quarters. Right now I just don't think I can go much faster on land. I'll have to do extra in the pool to make up those calories. I can use my bowflex on my off days, for the same calorie burn as walking 2 mph. But I NEED to walk, because walking is what I'll be doing on my vacation. Pool fitness doesn't seem to equal land fitness.
Oh, and eating less will help, of course, but I'm so awful at counting calories. I'm just eating less food. I'm cutting everything in half again. (I started to eat whole meals gradually as my Phentermine wore off.) But I'm only counting exercise calories; that's a lot easier. Any calories cut by eating less will be bonus.

Here's my new tracker:
weight loss weblog

Recent workouts:
  • Friday, Pool, 1 hour
  • Saturday, cleaning out basement, 3 hours
  • Sunday, Walking, 1 hour

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

fat does not have to equal disgusting...

...but all too often, it does. Here is a perfect example:
I was in a restaurant the other day with my husband. It was one of those with a long booth along the wall, with tables for 4 and 2 people along it, with chairs on the other side. We were at a table for four. Next to us was another table for 4, with 3 people sitting at it. My husband kept giving me the eye sign to look to my left but I couldn't understand what he wanted me to look at.
I was sitting in the booth part. At the next table there was a guy sitting at the booth part. He made me look petite.
He was wearing those really annoying falling-down pants. You know the ones of which I speak? When the guy's underwear is showing halfway down his ass cheeks? Do any women find that attractive? And how the hell do the pants stay up? I was at a concert once and the lead singer of the opening act wore his pants like that. The band sucked. (They are a popular band, but I can't think of the name offhand.) Instead of yelling "get off the stage" I was yelling "pull up your fucking pants!"
So you can see that this dubious fashion trend annoys me. But this wasn't just a fat guy wearing ill-fitting trousers.
Usually, the style is that the guy in question wears some kind of patterned boxers so you have something to look at while his pants slide off his hips.
This guy, I guess, didn't understand that part of the fashion. He just wore his pants really low. Almost to his thighs. His bare thighs.
Yeah, no underwear that I could see.
And I could see plenty.
I didn' t want to see ANY of it.
This guy's BARE ASS CHEEKS were on the booth, that's how low his pants were. His NAKED ASS CRACK was touching the place where other people sit to eat their food.
Luckily, my food came out wrong, not once, but twice, so I ended up not eating. Not that I could have eaten knowing this guy's butt cheeks were just a foot away, probably oozing. (He looked unclean as well.) By the time the second wrong batch came out, the ass-cheek guy was gone and so was my appetite.
When the lady came to clean the table off I told her to clean the seat too.
Just because you are overweight, you don't have to be a disgusting pig. You can wash your hair and pull up your pants and for gods' sake, WEAR UNDERWEAR.
(sound of Rosie gagging)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

making fat discrimination against the law

Massachuetts is thinking of making discrimination against people for their height and/or weight illegal.
I'm all for that....except that why does it have to be a law? Why do people have to be assholes?
The article really doesn't say much:
Lawmakers are considering they review a bill that would make Massachusetts just the second state to bar discrimination based on height or weight.
What's the first? Anyone know?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

560 lb/40 stone young man dies after 6 months in armchair

This poor guy had Prader-Willi syndrome, that's when you never feel full and just eat and eat. Most of them are mildly retarded too, although he doesn't seem to be that bad.
Chris Leppard, who suffered from Prader-Willi Syndrome - which meant he never felt full - suffered a heart attack just two weeks after being admitted to hospital....He was admitted to hospital two weeks ago by doctors who feared he had just weeks to live after he ballooned to just over 40 stone and had spent the last six months living in an armchair. But despite the last ditch bid to save him, the wannabe chef suffered heart failure...At the height of Chris's illness he would consume nearly £10,000-a-year worth of food. (which is about $20k) ....Chris was diagnosed with Prader Willi syndrome just after turning 13. The condition, which means the brain fails to register when your stomach is full, then saw his weight creep up by a stone each year until his 18th birthday. By 23 he was tipping the scales at 25 stone (350 lbs) and made headlines when he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2005....he was so determined not to be sent back he dropped nine stones (224 lbs) after taking up a strict diet and going to the gym. But after a fall in October last year he developed Cellulitus, an infection in the fat under the skin, and he found it too painful to walk.Within months his weight had crept up to a deadly 40 stone (560 lbs) and he was left stranded in an armchair, moving only to make the short but painful walk to the toilet.
It's unclear if he gained all the weight sitting in the chair or if he was confined to the chair after gaining weight. Truly the article is very badly written. Still, it's a sad case when someone dies simply of being fat.
Then again, who was feeding him while he was confined to a chair, feeding him enough to gain 200 lbs in about 7 months? That's a lotta food, folks. That's over seven pounds a week (or half a stone).

lose 66 lbs a year using your computer

I'd rather do a stationary bike than a treadmill, but I can see that this would work...if you can keep it up.
I don't see many businesses investing in them, though.
A "walk and work" desk designed to let people work on a computer while walking on a treadmill may help obese people lose as much as 66 pounds in a year....the researchers compared the amount of energy burned by 15 obese people while they used the "walk and work" desk and when they sat at a conventional desk.
The average amount of energy burned while sitting at a desk was 72 kilocalories per hour, compared to 191 kilocalories an hour while using the "walk and work" desk. They walked the equivalent of one mile in an hour.
Amazing conclusion--that people burn more calories while walking than sitting. Wow.
I wonder how many calories I burn bouncing on my exercise ball rather than sitting in a static chair? I hate chairs now. I am forced to sit in one at work, but I don't like it anymore. Although the setup of my desk precludes me from using a ball--I have to sit all sideways because it's not a computer desk and there's no where for a keyboard and monitor.

in just 10 minutes a day...

keeps death least for a little while, according to this article:
Just 10 minutes of exercise a day can help even the most inactive overweight women...
Tests on overweight and obese women, many of whom had high blood pressure, showed that even small amounts of exercise improved their fitness and toned them up enough to lower their overall risk of early death.
The study is the first to reinforce using hard medical data what other studies have suggested -- that exercise does not have to be an all-or-nothing venture.
Thank god for that. Otherwise for those of us who are quite large, it would be "nothing", wouldn't it?
"Any type of moderate intensity physical activity should provide comparable benefits to those seen in our study. And that's good news. This can include work around the house and yard, swimming, playing in the park with your grandchildren, or other activities that are of a similar intensity to brisk walking."
After six months, the women had not lost any weight on average and their blood pressure, as a group, had not changed.But all the women who had exercised were fitter, as measured by oxygen intake as they exercised. And their waists were smaller.
That's good news, right? Less likely to die and a smaller waist. I'll walk to that. (Or swim.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the bathroom police

There are bathroom police in the office building where I work. I've never seen them, but they have covered the bathroom with notes. "T-bear loves hand washing" with a picture of a smiling bear (t-bear, presumably) and "please be considerate to other Bathroom Users [sic] and make sure toilet is flushed twice" (I keep wanting to become the environmental police and explain that flushing twice when it's not needed wastes water.)
Today when my boss came to work, he found a note stuck the door, addressing me as "The [name of company where I work, misspelled] Madam" (which really cracked me up) telling me they were going to report me to the "health department" because of the "condition" I left the bathroom in.
I didn't even USE the bathroom yesterday! On Friday, I put in my contact lens in front of the mirror and filled a water jug for our plants and coffee machine.
I am fairly certain I know WHO the police are. They are a bunch of tight-faced telemarketers, and the irony is that there's a huge sign on the door to their suite saying "no soliciting"!
So I have to wonder, did they paper every door in the hallway or just single me out?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

fat as a bear

My husband was telling me something that happened to a friend of his. This guy heard a noise in his yard, looked out, and there was a bear in his yard. So like any red-blooded American male (no doubt with a few beers inside him), hubby's friend goes charging outside and tries to frighten away the bear.
The bear turned the tables and frightened the guy back into the house.
I found this story interesting, as it involved a bear that was alive and not killing anything or being killed. I asked the next logical questions: What kind of bear? How big of a bear?
Around here, in Connecticut, when someone says "bear" it's usually a black bear. Still a bear, and still scary, but not a BIG bear. Not a grizzly or a brown bear. According to this web site (where I also got the photo), male black bears generally range in weight from 130 to 600 lbs. and females from 100 to 400. I don't know if the bear menacing my hubby's friend was male or female.
So what is my husband's response?
It was a really big bear. As big as you.
My mouth fell open. I almost cried. I felt just awful. My husband just said I was fat as a bear. Now if it was a 130 lb little baby bear, that would be a compliment. But I think he meant more in the 600 lb monster papa bear range.
Now since this, he has been backpedaling. Saying "it was a human-sized bear, that's what I meant." Of course, he made it worse when he said, "I didn't say the bear was fat." He should just quit before I smack him upside the head.
I told my mom about it (not sure why, as in the past she's been a major naysayer about my weight) and she was actually sympathetic and agreed that my husband really should have phrased it better.
Okay, I know I'm fat. Otherwise I wouldn't have a blog about it, right? But for my very own husband to compare me to a bear... Not a good day.

Friday, May 11, 2007

work out and diet advice that isn't dumb

Usually these diet/exercise posts linked to the front page of Yahoo's portal go in my "duh" file if I bother to even read them. So it wasn't with any sense of hoping to learn something that I clicked today's link.
I was pleasantly surprised.
The writer says:
If you are working out every day – cut it out – it’s too much. And if you are not enjoying your exercise class, or running, or meeting your trainer – forget it! That training is draining. And if in your heart you do not believe that “this new diet” will work for you – don’t do it.
Wow. No lists about celery stalks and numbers of steps per day? I might actually listen.
Her first piece of advice?
No new diets, no new restrictions, just stop it all.
My eyes are a-goggle.
Then she gets a little new-agey, but that's okay, many of my friends are like this. It doesn't scare me:
Repeat a positive mantra to yourself every day to recondition your thinking – and your behavior will change because of it. While thinking the following thoughts, envision yourself healthy, happily eating the foods and in the shape you want to be: “I enjoy whole healthy foods, I prefer them, I choose them, I lose weight easily and my health is better because of them."
I've had similar mantras (affirmations, my friends call them). I am healthy, wealthy and wise. I am sleek and strong, lean and long. (I like the rhyme and the alliteration.)
Then she finishes the blog with a workout plan that's doable--you can go and read it yourself.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

follow-up to made up news

On April 16, I wrote about a woman claiming she'd been crushed by a "300 lb man" who escaped, obviously via a scale since everyone was able to so precisely gauge his weight.
Now she is suing this unknown assailant and has expanded the story. From a man coming out of no where, now she claims to have seen him in advance: Massey said that on April 9 she was in the second row of the right field upper deck near a "visibly intoxicated" man who was "acting in a rowdy, boisterous and dangerous manner for a long period of time."
Um. But she didn't call a security guard or try to keep away from him.
Along with Sterling Mets L.P., the owner of the team, Massey sued Philadelphia-based Aramark Corp. and the Service Employees International Union Local 177.
Nice. I believe there are CYA (cover your ass) disclaimers on the back of most tickets to avoid this kind of frivolous lawsuit.
Oh, that's right, the woman he fell on was a LAWYER.