Thursday, April 27, 2006

Falling down

I was thinking about falling down.
Last week a piece fell off my ancient car. (Rotted off, truly--the car's old.) I brought it to the service station and got a ride to the gym, which isn't that far away. When I was done working out I debated calling someone for a ride but really, it's not that far, and I figured I could probably walk it in the amount of time it would take for someone to get there and give me a ride.
Was I ever wrong. What was I thinking? I'm so exhausted when I finish at the gym and here I am thinking I can take a walk in the afternoon sun immediately after. I was halfway there and realized I wasn't going to make it, but it was too humilating to call for a ride. "Yeah, I can see where I'm going--it's right down there at the corner...I'm standing on the side of the road...can you come get me?" I made a bogus stop at a business, pretending to be shopping, just so I could sit for a minute.
So what I realized as I toiled along that lo-o-ng road, was that when my "bad" leg gets tired, it's very hard to lift. It doesn't quite drag, but it's only coming up an inch or so (in the snow, you can see drag marks). Since I can't see my feet because of my immense belly and boobs, it's very easy for me to trip. My feet are basically scuffing along and boom, my toe hits some miniscule thing, like a crack in the pavement or a loose piece of electrical wire and I'm falling over like a redwood after someone shouts "timber."
I wonder what my legs weigh. I once tried to weigh my boobs but it's hard to put something on a scale which is attached to you.

hair follicles

I was shaving my legs the other night and I thought about how much less I shave them now. I know part of it is because I don't really wear clothes that bare my legs, but part of it is also that my legs are just not as hairy as they used to be. Which makes no sense, because I have a European heritage, and European women tend to be hairy. My armpits are as hairy as ever and I'm not going bald on my head, so what's up?
I had to stop and think about it for a while, but then it came to me.
My legs are at least twice as big around as they were when I was in my early 20's. But there aren't more hair follicles, are there? So the same amount of leg-hair that made me look like Chewbacca in college is now barely visible when spread across my expanse of skin.
So I guess that's a benefit to being overweight.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Swollen leg

My leg is so swollen today. It feels awful. I can just feel fluid draining down my calf. And I am going to miss my Friday workout to go to the airport to pick up my new pet...yes, I got another pet. Not to REPLACE my dead baby--she's not replaceable. But my surviving pets are lonely and sad. They need a friend. I got a "used" pet cheap; it's being flown to me so I have to make a run up to Bradley International Airport to pick her up. This one looks just like one of my pets who died 12 years ago. She has her own name, which I've already forgotten (it's written down at home), but you know I'm going to end up calling her by the other one's name out of habit.
So my Friday workout is sacrified to get my new girl and bring her to the vet.
Saturday I'm having a party. There's a possiblity of me working out in the morning but I'm not sure when the pool opens.
Monday I have to work overtime because we have a monthly project due and my boss hasn't even given me the information to start it. And he wanted it done on Friday and it takes me 10-15 hours. Tomorrow I work 6 hours and Friday 3 hours. So even if he gives it to me first thing tomorrow, there's no way I can finish. So I have to stay late on Monday, which means sacrificing my Monday workout as well, because I have to leave at 4 to meet a friend at 5:00 for dinner (I have to go through the 95/91 merge in New Haven and traffic sucks) and then go to a meeting at 7:00. I can't go in the pool on Mondays from 2-3, and if I get in the pool at 3 I'll never be ready to leave by 4:00.
And the fluid creeps down, creeps down. My leg is so swollen it's purple and it feels cold. I'm going to measure it with my handy Ikea measuring tape. Yup, it's a full 2" bigger around than my other leg. Nice. It's solid with fluid. If you shot me in the calf I'd probably spring a clear leak. If that would fix my leg I'd let myself be shot.
It might not even be a good idea for me to work out today with such a swelling. But I'm looking at a whole week (if I can't go on Saturday) without working out if I miss today, and that's just not good either. Too much working out is just as bad as not enough. Such a balancing act.
In fact, I'm so puffy, I feel like it's in my arm too on that side. I don't like that AT ALL. It's bad enough my leg looks like the Elephant man rejected it. I can't have my arm like that too. Maybe I'll take a picture later and post it. That would be yummy. I can tell you all are just on the edges of your seats waiting for THAT.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

smelly people part 2

Someone just walked by me. Some one with that deordorant tampon smell that I so abhor.
Except that it was a GUY!
Does he have the tampon up his butt? So gross. I don't even want to know.

cookie cutter weight loss

I had written down that I was meeting with the nutritionist this week, but they called me last week and said it was last Friday. I cancelled it. I didn't reschedule.
#1 I have to pay and it's $65.
#2 She just says the same thing over and over. "This is how you eat after the surgery."
#3 Her whole thing about my slim-fast weight loss being "inappropriate" just keeps bothering me.
#4 I thought the 6 visits were to teach me nutrition in general. Then I could get approval from the insurance company. But they are just about eating after the surgery. There's no other information.
#5 She also said she was withdrawing the approval because of my continued sickness from all foods.
So why keep going, why keep paying? I'm not a one size fits all kind of person (in more ways than one) and their approach seems to be more and more trying to shoehorn me. They do the exact same surgery on EVERYONE--same length of intestines moved, everything identical. I'm not just like anyone else. I thought I'd get more personalized care. I don't like it.

"that lady's really big"

Last week I'd just gotten out of the pool and I was walking into one of the cubicals to change. There was the usual contingent of screaming children running wild in the locker room. One of them, a little girl, looked at me as I walked by and said loudly "That lady's really big." I stopped and waited, giving the mother plenty of time to tell her child what she said was inappropriate. She didn't. I gave the brat the evil eye and said just as loudly "That's not very nice." The mother chimed right in with "No, it's not" but didn't tell her brat to apologize. And if I hadn't made a point of saying something back, that mother NEVER would have spoken up.
Why is it appropriate to be rude to the overweight and obese in public? What if I was black? Would it be okay if the child called me a nigger? I bet the mother would have said something then! I know that when I was a child I made a remark about a woman being dark-skinned because I'd never seen one before, and my mom apologized to the woman and explained to me that god made some people darker.

Friday, April 21, 2006

new web site

I started a geocities site. Nothing's really there yet, just a placeholder page with very little info.
I am going to put some longer articles there--I'm working on one about over-the-counter "diet" pills, for instance--and lots more links.
I'll also syndicate the blog into it, like I have with my 360 page.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

burger king

Yesterday I ate twice and never did have any slim-fast, not even for breakfast (no breakfast at all--crazy morning). I had a hankering for some beef, which I only eat at Burger King. So I scraped up some change (literally) and took myself off for a whopper.
There must be vacation or something because the place was full of screaming rug rats (ugh). Right behind me was a mom, a grandma, and 2 or 3 little boys (they ran so fast and yelled so loud it was hard to tell). The mom kept saying very loudly "this stuff is all crap. I hate how it feels in my body. I won't eat it." I was so close to turning around and saying "Then why do you let your kids eat it?" but then I also would have to point out how badly her kids were misbehaving and you know what? I was too tired. Since her kids wouldn't stay in line or sit at a table, she kept screaming at them "What do you want to drink? What do you want to drink?" like it was imperative that she know RIGHT THEN even though the drinks are self-serve. Did she ever off the kids water (nice bottles of yummy aquafina)? No, "Do you want Hi-C or soda?" In other words, "you aren't running around and screaming enough so which type of high-calorie liquid sugar do you want to drink?"
I want to yell at these people and shake them and say "Do you want your kids to grow up to look like me? Get them the hell out of here and go home and make them a healthy lunch of soup and a small sandwich."
But then again, I didn't grow up eating fast food, as I've already explained. So I guess it doesn't matter when you start eating it. I've been so good, too, I haven't been out to lunch in 2 weeks. But like I said, I had no time to make my slimfast yesterday and I really wanted some beef.

Fattening food in the US is more fattening than in other countries: "Metabolic poison"

I just can't win! A study shows that Fast Food in the US is more unhealthy than fast food in other countries.
The great virtue -- or perhaps the great drawback -- of McDonald's and KFC is that the food is pretty much the same all over the world. But a new study suggests the fries and the chicken served in the United States may have more artery-clogging trans fats....At a New York City McDonald's, a large fries-and-chicken-nuggets combo was found to contain 10.2 grams of the trans fat, compared with 0.33 grams in Denmark and about 3 grams in Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic. ... McDonald's Corp., which promised in September 2002 to cut trans fat in half, and KFC parent Yum! Brands Inc. said the explanation is local taste preferences. But nutrition experts and consumer activists said it is about money: Frying oil high in trans fats costs less. ...
Trans fat raises bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. Eating just 5 grams of it per day increases the risk of heart disease 25 percent, research shows. ...Per gram, it is more harmful than any other kind of fat. It's a metabolic poison."

I give up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's the farmers' fault I'm, it's the government's fault....whose fault is it anyway?

U.S. Farm Policy Contributes to Obesity

U.S. farm policy geared towards driving down prices for corn and soybeans is a significant contributor to the nation’s obesity epidemic. ... The report, Food Without Thought: How U.S. Farm Policy Contributes to Obesity, found that low prices for corn and soybeans over the last several decades has spurred investment in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats). The introduction of HFCS and trans fats directly mirrors alarming increases in obesity rates in the U.S, the report found. The full report can be found at:

Okay, that's interesting. No scientist am I, so I can't refute it. Sounds logical to me.

newly discovered weight loss protein

Yet another study finding yet another protein/hormone/enzyme/whatever which is the "magic bullet" for obesity.
Yet here we all are, still fat as ever.
Let's hear what these people have to say:

A team led by a Canadian researcher has discovered a process by which a small protein acts directly within muscles to increase the body's metabolism to burn fat while simultaneously suppressing appetite. These findings suggest that the protein, known as the ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF), could play a key role as a weight loss agent.

Until recently, most obesity research has focused on the regulation of appetite by hormones such as leptin. ... CNTF protects against some of the effects of obesity.

It does this by activating an enzyme, skeletal muscle AMP kinase, which increases the ability of the body to metabolize fat and sugar. This work may lead to new strategies to reduce the risk of metabolic abnormalities associated with excess weight.

Steinberg's research shows how CNTF activates similar pathways to those stimulated by exercise. ... While hormones such as leptin were initially thought to be the cure-all for weight loss, they were later found to be ineffective in obesity due to the presence of proteins which inhibit their ability to stimulate fat metabolism.

So much for LEPTOPRIN the diet pill worth $153 which is based on the leptin thing. Someone just gave me a diet book to read (sigh--she meant well) and it's about leptin as well.

My question about this protein is, if you're already exercising, and this activates the same pathways, then will it work on someone who already works out?

Monday, April 17, 2006

interesting pun: icwales I See for the obese

Now that pun has nothing to do with the article. The web site is for Wales (UK) and it's called IC Wales. But I read it as "I see whales" and that's just too funny.
The article is about marekting for the obese and how companies are cashing in on us fatties. It was inevitable.

From the cradle to the grave, obesity has found its niche in American marketing.

Baby seats, doorways and coffins are but a few examples from a long list of life’s accoutrements that are getting much bigger to accommodate much bigger people. There are even holiday resorts for those too embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit.

At Freedom Paradise on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, the chairs are wider and without arms, to prevent getting stuck; the beds are king-sized and reinforced, to prevent collapsing; and the beach is private and secluded, to prevent gawking and staring.

“You should not be embarrassed by how big you are,” said William Fabrey, whose online business “Amplestuff” offers larger versions of everyday things from umbrellas to footstools. ... To make living large a little easier, Fabrey sells lotion applicators and sponges attached to handles – enabling the user to reach all parts of the body; handbooks on hygiene with tips on dealing with odour problems, chafing and irritations caused by skin folds. ... Even toddlers have joined the overweight ranks, with car seat manufacturers offering the “Husky,” which is 10lbs heavier and four inches wider than the standard size. ...US Surgeon General Richard Carmona sounded a dire warning last month, telling university students in South Carolina “obesity is the terror within,” and that unless people start getting thinner, “the magnitude of the dilemma will dwarf 9-11 or any other terrorist attempt”.

Such pronouncements help fuel criticism that catering to bigger people really means throwing wide the door to death by overeating.

So, the last paragraph means that I will lose weight if I don't fit into (whatever)? No.

  • If I can't fit into a booth I won't go out to eat.
  • If I don't fit into an airline seat I won't fly.
  • If I can't climb into the back of a van I won't leave my house.
  • If I can't fit into a wheelchair I won't leave my bed.
  • If I can't fit onto my bed I'll lie on the floor.
  • And if I fill the room, then and only then will I DIE. Yes, die. Not lose weight.

Fucking thin people who have never been fat-I want to slap them all. So fucking smug. "Just eat less, you disgusting fatty" Well FUCK YOU. You want to come live in my skin for a few days? And see that I eat LESS THAN YOU DO. And probably work out more. You want to walk a milie in my stretchy velcro-clasp shoes? Oh, that's right, my fat body can't even walk a mile, no matter who is powering it.

Here's the Amplestuff website.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jackie's story: follow up

I was looking, once again, for more information on the woman featured in "Jackie's Story: the 627 lb woman" and I found the production company's website and they have an email address for her. I'm not going to publish it here (I don't know her and wouldn't be right for me to do so without her permission) but I will post a link to the email link. I know every time the show airs I get lots of hits because I've talked about it more than once.
I just wrote her a nice letter asking her to send me an update on her progress which I can post here for all to see.

beached whale

After Easter dinner with my family we went to the beach. I know, weird. But my dad's sick and he likes the beach. So to the beach we go. I haven't been in years. Probably because I'm so damn fat and I get tired of hearing people laughing about how I should be thrown back in before I suffocate under my own weight.
My parents don't understand that I'm not 19 and skinny anymore and that I can't walk 5 miles without a rest. I can barely walk five MINUTES. I was okay when we were on the boardwalk. But the boardwalk ended and we went down to the high tide mark (ie, edge of the water since it was high tide). Just about every step I took, I sank into the sand. I couldn't walk on the firm sand because that's where the cold water was. I tried taking off my sandals but that wasn't much better. By the time we got to the other section of the boardwalk I was ready to collapse. My ankles are aching still. The wind was savage, blowing cold and strong right into my ear. My parents usually walk the whole length of the beach and I said I'd sit and rest for a while and then catch up with everyone--I'd probably hit them on the way back--but they said no, that wasn't fair, and so everyone turned around and headed back to the car. I felt (still feel) really bad about cutting short everyone's time at the beach because of my physical inadequacies. Especially my dad's time--who knows how much longer I'll even have him, and he didn't get to stay because of me.
In other news, I put on a pair of capris this morning, my favorite pair from last year, and they are falling off me. That's good, right?

linking to me

Hello all my lurkers and readers:
I just got an email that someone posted a note that she was linking to this blog and was it okay...but it was an anonymous comment! Yes, it's okay! Link away! I just ask that if you link to me you give me your URL and I'll link back. Fair's fair. That goes for everyone.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

my head hurts

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible headache. I had it all day. I couldn't face the screaming children at the gym so I didn't go--I went home and took a shower and went right to bed. I got up long enough to watch South Park at 10 and then fell back asleep during the Daily Show. I tried not taking my Phentermine today--don't know if that could be the cause or not, but it can't hurt to try. I still have the headache though. I had therapy tonight and I cancelled it. I can't drive. All morning my boss was on the speaker phone (I hate that--it's so rude and egostistical to think that #1 everyone wants to hear your business at full volume and #2 that no one else is trying to talk on the phone or do something that might require hearing--the same as those idiots on their nextel phones while you're having dinner) and it just cuts through my head. Ow, ow, ow.
Two of my cats got out today when my husband left for work-he didn't close the kitchen door all the way. I had to run to the basement to get dressed to go outside and corrall them. One of them NEVER goes out so I can't believe he left-he must have followed the other one. By the time I got upstairs it had started raining and there were two cat faces at the screen door wanting in out of the rain. There are tractor trailer trucks going up and down my street all day and night which is why my cats are all indoor cats or leash-only cats.
The pain is up and down the left side of my head, behind my eye, into my jaw. It's awful. I took the blue gel Advil which usually works on me and NOTHING. Didn't help at all.
Yesterday I made it to level 4 on Yahoo answers. 2500 points.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

full body lift

I just met a girl (in person) who had bypass surgery in 2004, which is about when I started this journey. She lost 120 lbs and now just had a full body lift--she said legs, hips, stomach and arms. (She didn't say boobs but I bet she got those done too). She showed me the scars on her arms. About an inch wide and bright pink. She claimed to weigh 180. She looked really good.
I just hate the idea of the bypass. It doesn't work for me. I really don't know what to do. I was looking at the duodenal switch operation (which my doctor doesn't do, in fact it doesn't look like anyone in CT does them), but that removes half the stomach completely. The reason I like the lap band is that it's ajustable, reversible and leaves my organs intact. But then I read that I won't be able to keep any weight off that I manage to lose with diet pills or dieting and I'm just destined to be a big fat disgusting person since I managed to get myself up to this weight.
I don't know what to do. Did I already say that?

smelly people

I heard a commercial the other day--no idea what it was for, but they were talking about "good things" and one of the good things was "if people could smell themselves as others do" or something along those lines.
I hate the thought of smelling bad. Sometimes I think I smell bad, for whatever reason, and it really freaks me out. I'll go into the bathroom if I'm at work and sniff myself madly and even try to wash with a paper towel and handsoap if I smell anything. I have a very sensitive nose and most likely I don't smell bad, or if I do no one else would notice. But I know, and that's what matters.
My least favorite smell is someone else's deordorant tampon. I hate it when a female walks by me wafting that horrid tampon scent. That's more information than I need about another woman, especially when it's someone I don't know. I don't want to smell your crotch from 4 feet away for ANY reason. If you just change your tampon more often and wash yourself down there, you don't need to soak that area with horrid perfume. And how can that be healthy anyway? All those chemicals right against that delicate skin. JUST WASH!
I've been noticing something lately. It's how people smell IN THE POOL.
I've been working out, staring at the clock or the timer, and all of a sudden I'll get a whiff of rancid perfume, or old lady smell, or cigarettes. But no one has walked by. I turn around and there's someone swimming by. Someone who is so saturated in whatever I'm smelling that I can clearly distinguish it above the scent of chlorine. The cigarette smell is what gets me the most. How much does a person have to smoke if they stink even when 80% or more of their body is UNDER WATER?! Gross.

Monday, April 10, 2006

new BMI

My BMI is down 5 points with my 25 lb weight loss. I wonder if it's a point per 5 pounds in general? (plays around with calculator)--no, not really.
I am putting a permanent link in my links section to the online BMI calculator.

who's fat? Not me.

This new study came out that says a lot of fat people don't think they are fat.
I can kind of agree with that, only because I know my body image is all screwed up (Not that I think I'm thin or anything). AND because so many people are overweight these days that it's the majority, it's the norm.

(O)nly 15 percent of people in that category (obese) view themselves as obese. ... If somebody doesn't perceive themselves to be obese, they are most likely not going to pay attention to any public health information about the consequences of obesity. .... The CDC's latest survey reported 71 percent of men are overweight and 31 percent are obese. For women, it's 62 percent overweight and 33 percent obese.

Look at those figures. That's 2/3 of the population. That's a clear majority. Why would anyone think they stood out?

The article also makes the point I've made before, about BMI being just your height and weight and not your body fat percentage.

For my height, I hit "overweight" (via BMI) at 146. I can tell you that at 146 I am a butterball. At 126 I'm still a pudgeball, and that's in the okay range. Of course my weight now doesn't even qualify me as any kind of ball. I'm a planetoid.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

fat vaccines

I haven't been putting much news up lately. This isn't exactly NEWS, but it's informative. I like information.

How the Fat Vaccine Will Work (you know, if they ever actually invent one)
My computer doesn't like this link much. I will warn you that these SHORT articles are spread across many pages heavy with ads, graphics and movies. So good luck browsing it.

The "fat vaccine" is under investigation by Cytos, a Swiss biotechnology company. Currently called CYT009-GhrQb, the vaccine's purpose is to create an immune response in the body against ghrelin, a peptide (a short chain of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins) released by cells in the stomach. .... Blood levels of ghrelin quickly rise after people lose weight, which may be why so many people have trouble keeping the weight off. Studies have also indicated that bariatric surgery works, in part, because ghrelin levels drop when the stomach has been reduced. ... The German-based Noxxon Pharma is working on another drug called Spiegemler that, like the CYT009-GhrQb vaccine, targets ghrelin to battle obesity. But unlike the vaccine, Spiegelmer does not involve the immune system. Instead, it binds to and neutralizes ghrelin in the blood to control appetite. In a seven-day study, mice that were given the drug lost more weight than a control group.
It goes on to talk about new diet pills, which is a perfect segue:
there's another article on the same site about diet pills:
How diet pills work
I won't summarize it--it's pretty much a summary already. You can read it yourself. :) But it does say that these over the counter non FDA-approved diet drugs are bogus.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

weight loss & body reshaping, back to my past

I got on the scale this morning. I'll tell you, I was scared that I gained. I KNEW I didn't but I've been fooled before, felt totally different only to learn it was gain, not loss.
I'm down TWENTY SIX pounds from the beginning of February! So I'm very happy. This is on top of all the sizes I've dropped from working out.
I was standing still the other day (why, I don't remember-it's not like me to be still, even while asleep) and I noticed that my arms hang straight down now. They used to kinda stick out, because my hips were in the way. (Body builders have gorilla arms like that too, cuz their lats--right along their ribs--are so big.)
If there's skinny people reading this, having your arms hang down straight probably seems like a lame thing to want to celebrate.
Now if only I didn't look knock-kneed all the time. I'm not, but because my thighs are so very big, they are always together. And my calves don't touch, so I look like my knees lean together.
I got the old therapy report from when I first hurt my leg a few years ago. I have some kind of degeneration of my knee that the person who read my MRI reccomended I have looked at further if my leg kept bothering me. I was never informed of this, nor was it ever looked at further. I forget the word for what I have and I don't have the records with me. I'll post it later.
But this is the worst part: These people, when I went to them, really sucked. This is where the doctor told me "if you weren't so fat you wouldn't have fallen." I called them a couple of weeks ago to request my records. The response? "If we can find them." They did find them. I went to pick them up after working out one night. It was 5:45. They close at six. The doors were locked. Finally, another day, I got there when they were open. I walked in, gave my name, and asked for my records. I was fully prepared to show ID or have to sign for them. Nope. They just handed over the package. I went home and reported them to the state for violating my privacy. I could have been ANYONE and the information in my files should be CONFIDENTIAL. I was fuming. I still am.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hospitals make concession for the obese

It's sad that it has to come to this. But it's also reality. I don't care for the smarmy picture of the two really skinny women sitting in the obese wheel chair, though. It sets the wrong tone for the article.
Hospitals Make Changes to Care for Obese
She looked at a daily hospital census — about one-third of the 900 patients weighed 350 pounds or more. Startled, (she) checked another date, then another. The numbers were consistent. On some days, half the patients were obese. Some weighed 500 pounds or more. .... The hospital is replacing many of its beds — built to handle people weighing up to 350 pounds — with beds for 500-pound patients....Some wings of Barnes-Jewish are replacing 36-inch-wide doorways with those that are 48 or 52 inches wide. The bathrooms are being fitted with floor-mounted commodes that can't be pulled out of the wall, and rooms reconfigured so patients can essentially get out of bed and step into the bathroom.
Gowns are bigger. Wheelchairs are wider. Even hospital-issued slippers come in extra-large sizes because the standard-issued footies were cutting off circulation for some patients.
Issues extend beyond the patient's room. Operating tables have been widened because the girth of some patients was lapping over the table, in some cases all the way to the floor, Becker said. CT scan machines weren't wide enough. Syringes with the longest available needles — 4 1/2 inches — couldn't penetrate the fat.....(The hospital) is striving to make even the end more dignified... (T)he law requires a leak-proof body bag. Some patients were so large they wouldn't fit in them. The hospital is working with a vendor to develop a wider bag. ....
"I believe in dignity for whomever you are," Henk (who once weighed 745) said. "It can be scary, too. If people are trying to lift you up and somebody doesn't have the strength, it's very scary."

I hurt myself a few years ago climbing into a snorkeling boat from the water. I couldn't lift myself up, I slipped, and smashed my leg (what else is new) and then no one on the boat had the strength to pull me in. It took two guys, one on each arm, and one beneath me shoving up on my butt, to get me into that boat. You can't imagine the humiliation.

extra cost to cremate the obese; Spontanous Human Combustion

I remember a long time ago there were these twin guys who used to ride motorcycles, and they were in the Guiness Book of Records for being the fattest twins. And one of them died (or maybe both) and had to be buried in piano box.
Or I could be confusing that fat story with another.
Anyway, if I can't get buried in a green cemetary (no embalming, no headstone, just a simple thin box and a tree planted over me) then I want to get cremated. The thought of being underground, sealed inside of multiple boxes, growing moldy, is just gross. Our bodies should go back to the earth.
Then I read this story. Thanks again to for the link.
A 457 lb woman has been lying in the morgue, uncremated, because the crematory charges $1 per pound extra to cremate anyone over 300 lbs. I guess the state was paying for her cremation and they didn't want to pay the $157 extra.
I had a pet cremated recently. $75. I won't get into how much that was a pound, but it was much more than $1. It probably took five whole minutes.
(T)he last two months she's been sitting in the deep freeze at the medical examiner's office because the crematorium that does business for the county says, "Oh well, she's too big (and) too fat."
Extra costs for extra weight is normal in the crematory business...It is a much more involved process, and it takes quite a bit more time... You have to do it slower. You have to have somebody there all the time. ...(S)ome crematory businesses even refuse to handle obese bodies. ...A lot of them will not do it at all.... It's not digging a bigger hole to put the body in; it really is a much longer process.
Someone has to be there all the time? Really? Then how does spontaneous human combustion work? The victims of SHC are usually obese and completely burn up with no supervision and no extra charge. Their fat acts like a candle's wax, and their clothes as a wick, and they burn slowly at a low temperature for a very long time, usually with minimal damage to the room they're in.
Why can't the crematories just duplicate that process?
Google it if you don't believe me.