Friday, March 31, 2006

men in black and food rationing coupons (extension on "should I sue Burger King?)

Someone on Yahoo answers suggested that the government be able to control what we eat.
I peered into that future and this is what I saw.
Coupon books, rationing books, for fat and sugar and calories. I'm guessing electronic, not unlike the gift cards which are all the rage now instead of gift certificates. The government would refill your card on a pre-determined basis. You would be monitored by some kind of implant or chip which recorded your weight and body fat percentage. (In fact, now that I think about it, the chip and the ration book could be one and the same.) If you went over a certain weight/percentage, your food allowance would go down. If you were pregnant or nursing or recovering from a major illness or surgery, you'd get more.
Every time you eat at a restaurant, your card would be swiped and the calories, fat and sugar of that meal deducted. If you didn't have enough points, no food for you.
Now you can get around this, you think, by having the person with the most points order the fattening food and then switching plates. Sure. But if you get caught, there's a fine. Plus they are monitoring your weight anyway, and they'll know if you're gaining weight.
I'm not sure exactly how shopping would work. I'd guess one person in the family would be designated the primary shopper and be allowed to bring everyone's cards to be scanned. If you bought a five pound bag of sugar and flour, the system would allocate that to each person in the family according to their allowance, and you wouldn't be able to purchase more until the allowances had passed. Since you are scanned when you eat out, the system assumes all non-scanned meals are cooked at home according to previously given parameters. The family's meal cards would be linked together in the system so you couldn't use someone else's cards to get more food. And of course they'd be verified by separate id (or by the implanted chip in your head, why not).
If you're caught gaining weight, or buying black-market food, or using someone else's card to get food, the Men in Black come and threaten you. They fine you. Repeated offenses mean jail time.
Welcome to the future. Would you like fries with that?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

eat more, lose more?

I like this strategy:

Allowing an occasional indulgence can make going without easier

So it may be a surprise to learn that many dieticians say the best way to win may be to give in.
(A)nyone who loves chocolate can tell you that in some cases a sweet fruit just won't fill the void of that wonderful taste of chocolate.
....Whenever you have to give up a food that you normally love, you're going to obsess about it. ....(E)very weight loss program should focus on exercise, rather than on deprivation.

This seems rather common sense, doesn't it? I've done this before myself, without any special study telling me what to do. Eat ONE piece of chocolate (not a bar, but a square), ONE cookie. Not one BAG o' cookies.

I'm definately doing the last. I'm going to start weight-training on my days off from swimming. Just upper body. The deep water exercises really aren't challenging my arms, chest and back like the shallow water ones were.

flexible and fat

When I last saw my personal trainer, she was telling me how "mobile" and flexible I am for my size. As I've said before, I've seen people who weigh less than me in wheelchairs, on scooters, bedridden with their fat. A doctor even asked me once if I could walk. How the hell did I get to his office? duh.
Anyway, for some reason, on Mind of Mencia last night, he had clips of fat women dancing. I was half-asleep so I don't know why. But one of them was a black woman and wow could she dance. Even my husband commented on it. She did a SPLIT. No fat white woman would ever dance that uninhibitedly or do a split. I wish I knew who that black woman was. I'd like to follow her around and see where she gets her self-confidence.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

now they've got obese ambulances

I actually am supposed to go to Vegas later this year, so I guess it's comforting that they've purchased a new ambulance which has a winch and accepts patients over 500 lbs.
Not that I weigh anything near 500 lbs.
Or need a winch.
But it's still good to know.

An ambulance company has responded to oversize needs in southern Nevada by providing an ambulance equipped to handle patients weighing 500 pounds or more. ... Crews have called 75 times in the last six months for additional manpower to handle morbidly obese patients .... the largest patients weighed more than 500 pounds. ... "Not only does this person not fit, there's a chance he or she could fall. Our job is to get that patient to where they need to be safely and in a dignified manner. Traditional ambulances can't do that." .... (The ambulance) is extra-wide and has a larger gurney, a winch and ramps capable of loading up to 1,600 pounds. ... "If you don't think it's needed, all you have to do is look around Americans are heavier." ... Of Nevada's 1.7 million adult residents in 2004, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state Health Division estimated that 21 percent, or about 357,000, were obese.

Well, I guess that means if I do go to Vegas I won't be a freak, if 21% are obese. That's one in five.

I found the link to this story on, once known for its pictures of famous dead people.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the 900 club

I just found this site: the 900 club. (I wrote to the author and suggest the Half Ton Man be added to the list--but as I was writing this the email bounced. Oh well.) If you go up a level you get to a list of fat-related songs, and scans of antique fat postcards.
(Oops....I went up a few more levels and, um, apparently it's a site about fat girl porn. Um. Well, the original link is still cool. I've warned you, though, so if you browse the rest of the site and get offended, twasn't me who put it up!)
Anyway, the 900 Club is a short article on extreme obesity and a list of people who have been proven to be over 900 lbs. There's pictures of most of the people (non pornographic) and bits of information on them.
Guess what? I feel THIN! One of the people supposed had lymph edema (what I have in my leg) so bad that he had 900 lbs of FLUID in his body. Plus the fat. Eeek.
Anyway, if you like freaks, which I do, or if you just have to look, go take a look at this page.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

no white food

I keep hearing about this "don't eat white food" thing. The therapist I used to see brought it up all the time (the vegan who thought it was okay to eat fish and chicken). Supposedly Oprah did it/does it.
A friend of mine used to have a diet book that sorted foods by color. You took a quiz and it told you what colors to eat and what colors to avoid. White, red, brown, green & yellow (I think) were the choices. I wonder if the "no white" thing is a distortion of that book?
I am firmly coming to believe that the key is moderation. Not freaking out and saying "never again" or "only" or "always" about anything.
The "bad" white foods are of course flour, sugar, salt, pasta, tators, rice, and probably milk and ice cream. How about yogurt? I'm sure that's allowed an exemption. What about apples? The outsides are red or green or yellow but the flesh is white. What color are apples?
Basically it's low carb/no carb. It's an always/never diet.

ear stapling

Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes ear stapling for weight loss.
Before I link to any articles, let me guess what it's about: sticking staples into the acupuncture points of the ear for addiction.
Had acupuncture there, didn't work.
Used to have clear rubber inserts for my ears to stimulate the points. Didn't work.

Let me go off on a tangent. I used to be friends with a woman who had her hood pierced. (over her clit). She said at first it was like having an all day orgasm. But then she got used to the feeling of having the ring there so she got a bigger one. Same thing. Basically over a few years of repeated piercing and more piercings, she had de-sensitised herself so much that she couldn't get off anymore.

I'd imagine that even IF accupuncture in the addiction points of the ears worked, that having a piece of metal there 24/7 would desensitize the points and it would stop working.

Here's one article, from Web MD: "Don't count on ear stapling to be the magic solution for weight loss." That about sums up the article.

Source two:
Inserting acupuncture needles superficially into various parts of the body can facilitate weight loss by giving the person a feeling of well-being which can suppress the desire for excess food. Acupuncture also can stimulate metaboliscm and thereby enable the body to utilize food efficiently instead of storing it as fat. .... The use of staples in the ear for weight control is an American innovation which is often ineffective and dangerous. Only two points - one in the upper outer part of each ear - are used by this method in contrast to the ten or twenty points used in regular acupuncture treatments.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

We aren't fat, we're just fat-focused.

America's "obesity epidemic" is more a case of moral panic than actual crisis, according to Paul J. Campos — the result of an arbitrary dividing line that doesn't categorize people by what's healthy for them but rather relies on formula.
So starts an article I just found.
....Campos says that when the issue of weight is looked at politically, culturally and economically (who benefits financially from the weight loss push? he asks), and then the official pronouncements are compared to what well-devised studies show, the views don't match.
He gets challenged, he says, because he's not a doctor. But the real experts would be the obesity researchers, and "most of them are essentially funded by the weight-loss industry," which raises questions. .... The weight guidelines are based on a body mass index (BMI) calculation that considers height and weight, but can't differentiate lean muscle from fat, which is lighter. Standards that say someone with a BMI of 25 or greater is overweight pay no attention to what's healthy for an individual.

That's very interesting. And I have made that statement myself-- the BMI is strictly a ratio of height to weight regardless of body fat percentage. I think a better calculation would take into account your lean muscle mass to fat ratio as well as the stupid 3 digit scale number and how tall you are.
I don't weigh much less than I did a year ago. But I'm down two or three sizes. My breathing is better. I fit into booths with ease. I don't get out of breath grocery shopping or panic having to walk a block. But the whole weight loss surgery thing is about BMI, not clothing size or body fat percentage.
I just keep feeling so frustrated and almost trapped when I think about going for the surgery. When I'm sick in the bathroom an hour after eating, I think, "what's going to happen after the surgery which is know to make people sick who never were before?" As I down my slimfast shake and my legal amphetamine then go to the gym for a workout, knowing that what I'm doing is "wrong" because I can't eat like that after the surgery, I want to cry and give up.
What's the point of the fucking surgery? It's to help me lose weight so I can be more healthy. Because I haven't found any other way to lose weight.
But now I found something that's working: the holy triangle of phentermine, slim-fast and pliometrics.
I should stop because it doesn't support my surgery?
Shouldn't I support my LIFE first?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

crane rescue of obese Geman man

These stories make me cry. I am so terrified of it being me one day. And would you guys know it was me? No, because you don't know who the hell I am. So if I vanish, and you hear that a fat lady in CT was taken out of her house by a crane, that's probably me.

A (35 year old) man weighing some 300 kilograms (660 pounds) was evacuated from his apartment in the northern German city of Hanover with a crane after he collapsed in his bathroom.

That's really all you need to know. He's my age, he's fat, he's being hoisted by a crane.
I weep for him because I am crying for myself.

Ironically, as I type this, "Gollum's Song" from The Two Towers soundtrack (one of the saddest songs, ever) is playing on my Launchcast station. I am thinking of when Frodo tells Sam that he has to believe that Gollum can be saved. It's because if Gollum can be saved, then Frodo can be saved. "These tears you cry have come too late. Take back the hurt, the lies, the blame. And you will weep when you face the end alone. You are lost, you can never go home."

Can I be saved?

blaming fast food for being fat, part 2

In case you forgot (I've been posting like mad today) it was: Food Industry a Target in Obesity Fight

It's a long article with lots of good points. I'm going to probably skip around. My brain is like a monkey on crack some days.

So-called portion distortion has contributed enormously to obesity.
And overeating becomes even easier when food is everywhere .... Meal time is all the time when everything from cars to backpacks to grocery carts are redesigned with snack food holders to accommodate constant munching. ...(I)it becomes a chicken-or-egg question. Lifestyles have changed and Americans want to eat big and on the run. Did that lead food companies to change, or did new products change Americans?

This hit one of my pet peeves: the fucking drink cup holder on the carts at Stop and Shop. Because Stop and Shop now includes its very own Dunkin Donuts inside, because people are too damn lazy to drive to the real Dunkin Donuts a mile away on the same street. WHY WHY WHY do you have to drink coffee (or anything) while you shop? It's an HOUR at the most. Can you not control your caffeine urge for that long? I refuse to take a car with a cup holder just on principle. And because the drink holder is exactly where I want to put my hand to push the carriage.

I drive an old car. It's got a cup holder, but it's inside the console between the two front seats. It's not easy to get too if you're driving--you basically have to almost reach behind you to get to it, plus the cover's flipped on the console banging your elbow at every bump. But now everything is designed "to fit a cup holder"--giant drink cups come with absurdly tapered bottoms to fit a cup holder. The FRIES at Burger King come in new packaging to fit a cup holder. Same with their disgusting chicken fries. Why do I eat there again? Right, cheap.

Coffee addicts are astonished that I can survive without a cup holder in my car. It's ten (um, twelve) years old. I guess back then coffee wasn't king yet. That was before Starbucks hit our area, at any rate. And there wasn't ten Dunkin Donuts in every town. I don't even know how many we have in my town. At least 3 on main roads, plus the ones in gas stations and grocery stores.

And food is everywhere. Kmart became Super-K and stuck a whole grocery store inside. So did Walmart. Our local Target hasn't figured out where to fit a grocery store but the one up by West Farms Mall has a grocery store in it. Gas stations turned into "convenience stores" and have mini-marts in them. Auto parts stores sell snacks. Auto parts stores. Why exactly would I go to an auto parts store for a SNACK? Oh, I'm hungry, let me pick up some wiper fluid and a pack of cookies. WTF.

[Yale obesity expert Dr. David]Katz acknowledges companies are in a difficult position. Ultimately, they sell food, and staying in business means selling the foods people want. Public health is secondary.
But what if those companies engineered their foods to make you eat more of them? Though he acknowledges that evidence is scarce, Katz believes companies do just that, much the way tobacco companies were accused of tinkering with nicotine.
Research shows that people eat more when faced with a variety of foods, or even a variety of flavors within a single food. For example, you are less likely to overeat plain baked potatoes than those drenched in butter, salt, sour cream and chives.
Sugary cereals, Katz notes, have more salt in them than many potato and corn chips. Katz believes that's one way to make a cereal's flavor more complex and appealing to get people to eat more of it.

I know about MSG. MSG is a flavoring additive, the 5th taste (sweet, sour, bitter, salty--and "umami" or savory.) It enhances the flavor of whatever it's added to. A lot of holistic new age food nuts (mostly vegans, you know how they are) think it's deadly poison. I believe I have ranted on it before.
I didn't know breakfast cereal even HAD salt in it. Not that I eat breakfast cereal.
His comment about overeating when faced with a large quanity of types of food...I actually get that.
If I pile spaghetti into a bowl, I can't even finish that one bowl. But if you handed me a plate of fried chicken, I'd eat some of that five minutes after I pushed away the bowl of pasta. That must be why buffets are so dangerous. Tourist eating, of course, and I know I've talked about that before. One of my biggest problems--it's in front of me, and who knows when it will be again, so better have some now! (Birthday cake is the ultimate in tourist eating.)

Companies have tried to help people make better choices, he says, offering healthier products and more nutrition data. But people can't be forced to make the right choice and consumer disinterest doomed many of those products.
He's right. Consumers bear much responsibility for their weight and the fact that two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. It's not the industry's fault that people don't get exercise, or that schools have cut physical education, or that people prefer the taste of Twinkies (500 million sold a year) to tofu (much less).

And do they try to prop up the tastes of healthier choices? No, all the healthy stuff tastes like crap. And we just can't seem to learn to eat LESS of the unhealthy stuff. I've been doing really good the last month or so, but I stil slip up and just keep eating. STOP-take it home, put it in the fridge, put down the damn fork.
And of course people like Twinkies better than tofu. You can stick a twinkie in your backpack and go anywhere. No fridge, no fork needed. Tofu needs to be cooked in all sorts of arcane ways, and then kept cool, and eating properly with a plate and fork. And no matter what you do to tofu, it's never gonna taste as good as a twinkie. If they could make tofu twinkies, they would. Obviously they can't.

The industry should have done more to direct the child obesity debate.... Much of the focus has been on getting junk food out of school vending machines, but...that's just a tiny part of the solution.

I hardly remember being a child. I know McDonald's was a HUGE treat back then. I got it maybe once a month. We didn't even HAVE a McDonald's in our town--we had to drive to another town to get it. Now, like Dunkin Donuts, most towns (mine included) have MULTIPLE McDonald's. (Although most towns still only have a single Burger King.) But I do know we didn't have VENDING MACHINES in school. Not even in high school. The cafeteria sold those little 1/2 oz bags of potato chips ("Crisps" for my friends in the UK)--that was the junk food in middle and high school. In grade school, you brought a bag from home, or you bought the hot lunch (same for everyone, no choices) or you walked home for lunch. Of course it's probably illegal to go home for lunch now, but I used to. I would heat up a can of Chef Boy Ar Dee BeefARoni, chow down, and walk back. A whole mile each way. Alone. And there was no parent home to supervise me. And back then, no microwave--I used a saucepan and the STOVE. What a terribly abused child I was.

Modern kids get taken out for fast food, not just weekly, but more than weekly. Because of the toys. And the playground. They want that stupid fifty-cent piece of junk which is based on some stupid movie that wasn't original in the first place. The movie itself is marketed aggressively through sugary cereal, cookies, and who knows what other crap. Shrek cereal. What the hell does an ogre have to do with cereal? Why not show Shrek eating an apple? Why not put that hilarious squirrel-thing from Ice Age onto a package of healthy nuts?

more workout stuff

I worked out with my personal trainer last night. 100 minutes. She's a lunatic. After she told me not more than 50 minutes!
She taught me new moves.
The first one goes with the chart to the right.
It's called Open Diamond
You start out in the water with arms straight out, legs straight down (the Iron Cross).
Open your legs straight out. Then rotate one leg to the center front and the other center back.
Bring them back to the open position. Then close them. Open again, and rotate the opposite leg to center front and the other to center back. You are basically moving your feet along a diamond shape. Open them back up, then close. Repeat until your brain melts. (Only kidding about that part.) Keep stomach in, move arms in sculling motion, stay in place in the water.
The we have Up and Out.
Start with your thighs parallel to the bottom of the pool (don't forget we're in a pool, in water deep enough that we don't touch bottom!), as if you're sitting. Spread your legs and unfold them. Bring them together and straight down. Then bring them back out (unfolded), then up to seated position, and then straight down again. Talk about brain melt.
Together & Change
In regular Cross Country (aka Scissors), you move one leg forward and the other back, alternating. With T&C, you move one leg forward and the other back TWICE and then switch for two beats, etc. Doesn't cause as much harm to the brain as the previous two.
In regular jumping jacks (aka Open and Close) , you repeated spread your legs and bring them together. In pulses, you spread them to almost max and then pulse them in and out with a very small range. Not meant to do for 2 minutes straight, just a way to break up the monotony of regular jumping jacks/open & close.

So here's the master list of what I know:
Bicycle--backward Bicycle--Scissors (Cross Country)--Together and Change Scissors--Dolphin--PomPom (switch-legged dolphin)--Opposites (Jumping Jacks when your legs go out and your arms in)--Open and Close (Jumping Jacks when your legs go out and your arms go out)--Open and Cross--Long Lever Rotation (a hip twist with legs fully extended beneath you)--short lever rotation (hip twist with legs drawn up)--Alligator--Open Diamond--Up & Out--Pulses--Together & Change-Organic Stretch--Hamstring noodle stretch--Adductor noodle stretch--Quad noodle stretch--lunge stretch--side to side stretch

My trainer said that if I was to come to classes where she's learning/teaching, I would have to start in the beginner class because that's the rule, but after one or two classes I'd be moved straight to advanced. I'm doing really good.

We came up with this kind of nebulous workout. I have to really work on making sense of it.

  • warm-up: Do these slowly, with big range. About 2 minutes each
  • Bicycle--back bike--open & close--scissors--open & close--dolphin--open & close
  • Organic Stretch ~2 minutes
  • Main Workout--faster, smaller range, about 1 minute each
  • Scissors-- Open/Cross-- Dolphin-- Open/Cross-- Scissors/change-- Opposites-- pompom-- open/close/pulses -- Organic Stretch. (~10 minutes total) Repeat if desired.
  • 2-3 minutes each: Up & Out--Organic Stretch--Diamond--Organic Stretch (8-12 minutes) Repeat if desired.
So we're at 15+10+10+12+12=59 minutes.
Then go into the shallow end and stretch.

I'm going to have to start writing this down, I know so many exercises now!

Stupid warning labels & instructions

I just had to go and find some of these. Who knows if they are all true? I will try to stick with food-related ones to pretend this has relevance. Anyway, it's a nice laugh break. I could use one.

  • Microwave popcorn is packaged so that the directions cannot be read unless you open the plastic and unfold it. Direction #1 is Remove plastic.
  • The instructions were on the bottom of a grocery store pizza, and the first instruction was DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN!
  • On a box of Frosted Cheerio's, the logo, "Tastes so good this box never closes," is located just underneath another announcement: "To close: place tab here."
  • On a plastic orange juice can: "100% pure all-natural fresh-squeezed orange juice from concentrate."
  • An ad for some type of contest on a candy bar. The wrapper said "No purchase necessary - Details Inside."
  • Seen on a container of salt: Warning: High in sodium
  • "Recycled flush water unsafe for drinking." -- On a toilet at a public sports facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • "Eating rocks may lead to broken teeth." -- On a novelty rock garden set called "Popcorn Rock."
  • Caution! Contents hot!" -- On a Domino's Pizza box.
  • Caution: Hot beverages are hot!" -- On a coffee cup.
  • "Do not use for drying pets." -- In the manual for a microwave oven.
  • "Not for weight control." -- On a pack of Breath Savers.
  • "Product will be hot after heating." -- On a supermarket dessert box.
  • "Do not turn upside down." -- On the bottom of a supermarket dessert box.
  • "Not for human consumption." -- On a package of dice.
  • "May be harmful if swallowed." -- On a shipment of hammers.
  • "Warning: May contain nuts." -- On a package of peanuts.
  • "Remove plastic before eating." -- On the wrapper of a Fruit Roll-Up snack.
  • "Ingredients: Artificially bleached flour, sugar, vegetable fat, yeast, salt, gluten, soya flour, emulsifier 472 (E) & 481, flour treatment agents, enzymes, water. May contain: fruit." -- The ingredients list on a package of fruit buns.
  • "Open packet. Eat contents." -- Instructions on a packet of airline peanuts.
  • "Remove wrapper, open mouth, insert muffin, eat." -- Instructions on the packaging for a muffin at a 7-11.
  • On some Swanson frozen dinners: Serving suggestion: Defrost.
  • best one: "Please keep out of children." -- On a butcher knife.


Do I blame Burger King for making me fat?

This is really a tough question. And in many ways it is similar to the whole smoking thing.
People smoke, get cancer, sue Phillip Morris. I'm not sure if anyone's won.
The Cancer patient' (CP) rationale is: Big Tobacco (BT) KNOWS smoking causes cancer and yet they sell their produc anyway.
BT's defense is: there's a warning label on the packet so don't say we didn't warn you. And who told you that you had to smoke anyway?
CP: you seduced me with advertising, with a sexy Marlboro man long before Brokeback Mountain made cowboys sexy...
BT: It's not our fault you're easily suggestible. Get a backbone, bitch!

You can easily substitute "Fat Person" and "Fast Food Giant" in the above dialog, minus the whole Brokeback Mountain reference. (Speaking of that, did anyone see Mind of Mencia last night? He did Wetback Mountain. I thought I would pee the bed laughing. I didn't. Pee the bed, that is.)
Except for ONE little niggling detail.
No one HAS to smoke.
Everyone HAS to eat. (I don't believe in Breatharians.)

Am I seduced into eating by Burger King's repulsive new "big bucking chicken" commercial? Absolutely not. In fact, since I usually only listen to TV at night, I've only heard the commercial. The first time I thought it was one of those parody commercials they stick in South Park, Mind of Mencia, Saturday Night Live, etc (don't remember what I was watching at the time). Then I kept hearing it, and I'm thinking, are they saying "big fucking chicken" on tv? I mean, it's after 10 p.m. but they bleep fuck out of everything before 1 a.m. Last night, I was watching the new episode of South Park (poor dead Chef) and there it was: the big bucking chicken. What a disturbing and wrong commercial. It's a guy dressed in a chicken suit while another guy rides him in some kind of twisted chicken rodeo. Kind of like the Submissive Chicken thing they had a while back. It was a guy in a chicken suit and when you typed a request he'd do things. Like dance, or flip you the bird (pun intended).

Anyway, I thought the submissive chicken was pretty funny. But the big bucking chicken? Eww. If I didn't already eat at Burger King I'd probably boycott them over that.

So why DO I eat at Burger King?

I eat there because it's CHEAP. And I'm poor. I can get two hamburgers, a medium fry and a medium drink for less than $4. ($3.81 to be exact.) (For some illogical reason it's cheaper to buy 2 burgers and throw away a bun than to buy 1 double burger. Go figure.) If I go to KFC, their used-to-be cheap value meals are $5 each (used to be $4, and include the soda) and now the soda is $1 more so that's $6 for 3 chicken strips, two scoops of tators, a biscuit and a soda. Too much. If I go to Wendy's, they don't offer refills (1 reason not to go there) so I have to buy a large meal. And their spicy chicken sandwich by itself is $3.69. Remember that my WHOLE MEAL at Burger King is $3.81. By the time I add fries and a drink and pay sales tax, it's something like $6.50--for less food than I get at KFC for the same price.

I think my rant is getting derailed.

So, I eat at fast food places because it's cheap. I know it's unhealthy. But like I said, it's cheap.
And here I am, the biggest fattest fatty of them all.
Do I blame the nice Latina lady who waits on me every day, remember my order and calls me honey? Or her manager who always says hi to me and asks me about the temperature outside? They're just people doing their job, trying to make a living. They probably make more than I do, in fact.
Since it's not BK's advertising that's bringing me in, and it's my own choice, how can I blame them?
Obviously people keep buying the larger sizes of things. I know I posted a while back on how the medium sized fry now was the large when I was a teenager working at McDonalds. So is it's supply and demand, right? The old, "do you want twice as much for a quarter more?" Only a quarter? $.25? Sure, throw it on the tray. (Same as at the movies--they try to upgrade you on the popcorn and drink sizes.)
If Burger King suddenly stopped offering the King Size versions of their value meals, do you think people would grumble and just order the large? Or do you think they'd go somewhere else that still offered a huge size?
All the fast food places sell salads now. Does anyone order them?
I know Burger King sells Aquafina (umm, my favorite bottled water. That and Poland Springs.) Wendy's still doesn't offer bottled water. I'm not sure about KFC. I've bought water at BK to go--to drink at work in the afternoon. But I still have the stupid soda with my meal. Why? Cuz I'm thirsty and I can refill to my heart's content. If it wasn't diet I was drinking, that adds on about 10 calories per ounce to my meal.
Where am I going with this?
Should restaurants put warning labels on food?
Warning: this item was fried in lard. Lard is 100% fat.
Warning: this item is dripping with butter. Butter is 100% fat.
Warning: this item contains sugar. Sugar rots your teeth and gives you diabetes.
Who cares? Is that going to stop you from eating it?
I mean, the whole warning label thing has gone too far. Ever since that stupid bitch spilled hot coffee on her lap and sued Mcdonald's, everything has a stupid warning label on it.
So should I sue Burger King? Would I win? Probably not.
Here's the article which provoked my rant: Food Industry a Target in Obesity Fight

It's tempting to blame big food companies for America's big obesity problem. After all, they're the folks who Supersized our fries, family-portioned our potato chips and Big Gulped our sodas. There's also the billions they've spent keeping their products ever on our minds and in our mouths.

Likened by some to the way tobacco companies seduced smokers, such practices have made the food industry the target of lawsuits and legislation seeking to yank junk food from schools and curb advertising to children. ...

Sure, companies set the stage with cheap, calorie-dense foods.

But government also has propped up agribusiness, the medical community was slow to take on obesity and good nutrition, and consumers seem determined to move less and eat more, says Tillotson, a former food industry executive.

How much of that burden of blame belongs to the food industry can be difficult to answer. ...

Companies have tried to help people make better choices, he says, offering healthier products and more nutrition data. But people can't be forced to make the right choice and consumer disinterest doomed many of those products.

He's right. Consumers bear much responsibility for their weight and the fact that two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. It's not the industry's fault that people don't get exercise, or that schools have cut physical education, or that people prefer the taste of Twinkies (500 million sold a year) to tofu (much less). ...
Personal responsibility also falters when it comes to children, who are bombarded by junk food ads that undermine parents. Everything from child-friendly merchandizing of sugary cereals to cartoon ads is designed to give companies more sway over what children eat....It becomes a marketing thing, a fashion thing. You want to buy the food with the cartoons on the box or the toy. ...

Actually, there's other good stuff in this article. I will blog more on it later.

Yahoo answers

I'm having a lot of fun on Yahoo answers. I'm up to level 3.
But I'm seeing the same questions over and over, and it's getting tiring. Does no one check answered/resolved questions before posting? Supposedly they are going to do something about that.
Anyway, I was thinking of writing some essays on my favorite answers (well, not favorite, but ones that I answer fifty times a day) and making them perma-links on the sidebar. Then I can give some info and direct them here to read the rest.
There's a few people who literally post essays, word for word the same, for every weight loss question. Isn't that spam? It's always adverting their product or service. In once case, it's hoodia, in another, it's a personal training service. I wouldn't care so much if they actually TAILORED their answers to the questions being asked. But they don't.
Although I have gotten some emails, and I think one person linked to my 360 page. Maybe I'll make a new friend, who knows? I have offered to be email pals with a few people. One said no, she would only do through snail mail, and I'm not compromising my identity that way. The other hasn't responded, but she did say she was 22 and had to lose 40 pounds and wanted someone of a similar age. If she was 12, that would have been one thing, but when I was 22 I suddenly realized I could be friends with people of any age. I had friends who were 18 and friends who were 33 and everything in between.
Now, I set my cut-off for friends at about 21 or 22. I just have nothing to say to an 18 year old anymore--that mindset is far gone from me. When I was 18 I was skinny, beautiful and a battered girlfriend. Not typical. And no longer me.

here's a big DUH

Some studies are so STUPID I want to choke someone.

Weight-loss surgery has the added benefit of dropping high blood pressure levels as it slims morbidly obese patients, researchers said on Monday.

Well, DUH. The blood pressure is high because the heart has to pump blood to all the extra body parts. I wonder how many extra feet of blood vessels you gain per pound? Maybe I'll throw it out to Yahoo answers if I can't find out myself. Anyway, if you're smaller, the heart doesn't have to work as hard, therefore your BP goes down. And I only have a degree in Communications. Sheesh. I shoulda been a doctor. I'd certainly make more money.

The article concludes with:
Weight-loss surgery is booming in the United States, doubling to 140,000 operations in 2004 compared to two years earlier, with an estimated 2 percent of the U.S. population morbidly obese. The death rate from complications after surgery ranges from 0.5 percent to 1 percent of patients.

That death rate still scares me. Dead is dead.
That's 700-1400 people dead from trying to live.

fat man walking

Today's news nugget: a 410 lb man has been walking across the US for almost a year and has lost 114 lbs.
Actually, that scares me. All that work, walking all day every day, and he lost only 114 lbs? I'd have thought he'd lose a lot more.

Steve Vaught is trying to shed unwanted pounds the long, slow way: step by step as he walks across the United States. Vaught, 39, began his trek last April in Oceanside, Calif., and has covered more than 2,300 miles. ...Vaught began the trip to lose weight and break the bad habits that led to his obesity. "When I first started this walk, I weighed around 410 pounds ... Now I weigh 296 pounds."

Okay, let's do the math. 2300 miles...114 he lost a POUND for every TWENTY MILES.

Thinking about it that way, who would ever walk to lose weight? Most people walk only a mile or two a day, maybe 3 days a week. At that rate, it would be...hmm....let's be generous and say 2 miles, 3 times a week for 6 miles a week...that's going to result in losing a pound every 3 1/2 weeks.

Ah, but what else is going on?

<>He initially thought he could avoid the temptation of junk food on the road, where he usually camps in a tent at night between towns. "It is amazing how hard it is to find good, healthy food while on the road," he wrote. "Most restaurants, fast food and sit-downs, offer limited choices, and usually you are relegated to a small variety of beef products with potatoes."

See, he's eating out. I guess that proves that restaurant meals really do suck. I gotta stop going out to eat.

He's got a blog: I haven't been to it so don't ask me what's on it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

an interesting site about women's weight training

I love strength training. Although I haven't used my bowflex for a while, strength training remains my favorite exercise. The water workout I do includes strength training, although not as intense as with the bow flex.
Anyway, one of my kind visitors left this link: Women's Weight Training , an interesting site devoted to free-weight training by women, written by a woman. It debunks myths, gives advice (I learned from just scanning a few pages!) and is well-written. It's not enough to make me abandon the pool for the gym, but it might help others who are on the fence about weight-training for weight loss.

why I've been silent

I lost one of my dearest most beloved pets last week. I raised her from a baby, bottle-fed her. I can't believe she's gone. I am heartbroken. Everyone keeps telling me to replace her. I can't replace a creature I raised from birth, who was born right there in front of me. There's no substitute. I could get another pet similar to her.... But I can't replace her.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

new book says fat people can never be thin

This was in the Washington Post. Their online archives are hinky; sometimes you can get in and sometimes you can't.
The Measure of a Man
Lobbyist Michael Berman Comes to Terms With Size and Self in 'Living Large'
For more than six decades, Michael Berman has lived as a fat person. At 5 feet 9 inches, he has weighed as much as 332 pounds. He has been known to eat three racks of ribs at one sitting, or a 40-ounce steak, or a whole box of saltines. ... Berman, 66, doesn't deny the dangers of fatness or the urgency of encouraging people to exercise and eat healthier. He acknowledges that with 60 percent of the U.S. population overweight or obese, and the rate of obesity increasing particularly dramatically in children, being fat has serious consequences for the health of individuals and the economy. He'd like to see government and private resources used for a public education campaign similar to that for smoking and seat-belt use.
But forget the notion that fat people can become slim, he says in a part memoir, part self-help book scheduled for release this week. They can -- and should -- manage their weight. They can -- and should -- find an exercise program they can stick with. But fat adults will always be fat. They are in the grips of a disease over which, in the end, they do not have complete control. ...

"The idea that you can slim down by willpower is a bunch of horse manure," he says. If "nonfat" Americans could be convinced of this, perhaps they'd start relating better to fat Americans. And if fat Americans understood why they're fat and accepted that they will always have to shop at Rochester Big and Tall or Lane Bryant, they could begin "Living Large," as Berman called his book. ... But if there was one thing he had learned in writing his book, it was this: "Losing weight is only one aspect of dealing with the reality of being a fat person -- and not necessarily even the most important one. Managing fatness means accepting ourselves as who we are. . . . in short, learning to live a full and satisfying life at whatever weight and size we happen to be."

Kind of me says, GOOD FOR YOU.
And part of me cringes at the amount of food he ate. I can eat a SLEEVE of saltines, but not a whole box. (A box has 4 or 6 sleeves, I'm not even sure how many because I always de-box them for space reasons.) However, anyone who eats that much and then whines about being fat isn't going to get "nonfat" people to understand him.
And if it's a "disease" like alcoholism, why the hell won't insurance companies pay for any treatment? (Rosie jumps on her soapbox.) If I smoke and get lung cancer, it's 100% my fault yet I can get surgery and treatment via health insurance. If I have a genetic disorder that makes me fat and some kind of addictive-type disease, it's NOT my fault, yet insurance won't pay. Isn't that illogical and the reverse of what it should be? I am not saying my fat is genetic or caused by addiction. (Look how easily I switched to two slimfasts a day.) I do feel that medication I was on a long time ago had a factor in really bloating me up from chubby to obese. But the medical community doesn't want to hear about that.
And I was fat, then thin, now I'm fat again. So I can be thin. My body knows how. I just have to remember.

why am I sad

I was so tired yesterday. I have a cold of sorts, my voice is funny and my nose sniffly. Even someone at the gym asked me if I was okay. But my husband said I don't look sick, I just look sad.
I probably am sad. Being sad is the normal state for me.
I just had my taxes done. I didn't even make $10,000 last year. Pathetic. I have a fucking college degree but I can't find a real job. I feel like such a failure at everything.
Now I'm thinking, I should get the surgery, because if I don't, I will have failed at that too. But that's such a bad reason to get such a major surgery done.
I just got really sick from my lunch. My lunch was slimfast with organic milk. What am I going to do when I have no stomach and everything makes me sick? That's not just irrational fear. That's real. Everything makes me sick. It's not a good thing. Why can't the doctors figure it out?

Monday, March 13, 2006

my crystal ball says...

There will soon be a new diet pill advertised on TV (with the standard "FDA has not approved these claims" caveat) based on this study:
In a study appearing online in advance of print publication in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Luciano Rossetti and colleagues at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York report that inhibiting an enzyme in the liver called carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 (CPT1A), which is involved in metabolizing fatty acids, inhibits feeding.
The researchers placed normal rats on a lard-based diet, which stimulated the animals to voluntarily overeat and gain weight. When the researchers inhibited CPT1A by delivering special molecules called "ribozymes" into the brain of the rats, the animals ate dramatically less. The treatment also improved the blood sugar levels of these animals, who suffered from a common metabolic impairment known as insulin resistance, in which the body is unable to respond properly to insulin.

I can't imagine what they will CALL it. No, I do know. Transfer-ease. I estimate it will be...$89 a bottle...for 30 days now and get a second month FREE (you pay shipping and handling of $8.95 per bottle). Money back guarantee, just send us the empty bottle and we'll refund your money minus shipping and handling.

laser treatment for weight loss?

This is funky.

<>(T)here's a new weight-loss technique utilizing cold lasers that some say will help eliminate food cravings.The therapy evolved from a therapy originally designed for smokers ... developers of that quit-smoking program decided to adapt it and help dieters overcome their urges for fatty foods. ... <>Here's how it works: laser light penetrates the skin, and stimulates the cells. "It creates a cell metabolism, which then triggers the energy point to raise their natural level of endorphins in their system," said (cold laser technician Georgia) Think of it as acupuncture, without the needles. The cold laser is pressed against 38 energy points all over the body, on the face, arms, feet and ears. ... Costs for cold laser weight loss therapy start at $300 for a month of treatments. Although the therapy won't hurt anyone, right now there aren't any clinical studies to guarantee it can help people lose weight<>

Okay, it kinda sounds like magical new age thinking-that whole "creates a cell metabolism" thing. I've had accupuncture, as faithful readers know, and it didn't do much. My doctor, whose wife is an accupuncturist, said accupuncture doesn't work for weight loss because accupuncture works on the PHYSICAL and weight gain is largely a mental thing. You crave food, and don't care to exercise. Harsh but true. As a big fat person, I know that up until a few months ago, I ate and didn't exercise and didn't care. If you have some kind of hormonal imbalance or some organ's not working, then accupuncture would be helpful.
This sounds like a way to make money. $300 A MONTH? That's $75 a treatment. Well, probably not that expensive. That's about what massage therapists charge around here. I wonder how long a treatment lasts? 38 points? How long on each point?
I'd like to know more.
I've see accupressure color wands (light comes out and you put a gel filter over the wand to change the color/frequency of the light). This sounds like a very expensive version of that.

my new workout routine

So, based on Friday night, and my new deep-water exercises, here's the 56+ minute routine I've come up with:

  • 2 minutes bicycle forward
  • 2 minutes jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes bicycle backward
  • 2 minutes reverse jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes long leg twist
  • 2 minutes jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes short leg twist
  • 2 minutes reverse jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes dolphin-2 legs
  • 2 minutes jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes dolphin-1 leg
  • 2 minutes reverse jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes cross-country
  • 2 minutes reverse jumping jacks
  • 28 minutes total
  • repeat and stretch
  • Organic stretches (kind of like being a cat) in between each exercise, which will lengthen the time obviously.

  • bicycle forward-I think you can figure out
  • bicycle backward--reverse your legs. Sounds easy. Isn't. Try it.
  • jumping jacks: arms open when legs open (body in x shape)
  • long leg twist: twisting the hips with the legs extended beneath body
  • bent leg twist: same as above, but with the knees drawn up
  • reverse jumping jacks: close your arms, open your legs. Sounds easy. Isn't. Try it.
  • dolphin 2 legs: bend at the knee only, rest of body straight. Feet flexed at bottom, pointed at top
  • dolphin 1 leg: same as above but alternate legs instead of both at once
  • cross-country: legs and arms straight, like walking in water, or cross-country skiing.

Remember not to move in the water; wherever you start you should stay. Keep abs in tight, tight, tight. Use float belt.

obessive compulsive addictions & exercise

I think there's a link between being obessive-compulsive and having an addictive personality. (I mean that you get addicted to things easily, not that others become addicted to YOU-that's charisma.)
I know that I have lots of O-C-D in me. Not so bad that I can't leave the house for checking the stove every morning, but I do have it. Mostly it's about food. but it's really easy for me to transfer it to other things.
Like exercise.
I've already told how I was up to an hour and a half 3x a week and my trainer said NO and tried to get me down to half an hour and we compromised at 50 minutes plus 10 minutes of stretching. Once before I had a "stair machine thing" and I'd spend 3-4 hours A DAY on the stair machine. I'd get on it, pick up a book and read/walk until my mother made me stop. I literally wore out parts of the machine until the manufacturer refused to replace them for me. They said the amount that I used the machine was considered "abuse" and not covered by the warranty.
That's me, stair-machine abuser.
We did have time, briefly, on Friday to go over my routine. I told her how a few of the exercises really kick my ass. And how I do split sets-if an exercise has two flavors (like both legs at once and alternating legs) I do each one for 4 minutes, for a total of 8 minutes. If it only has 1 flavor I do for 8 minutes. This doesn't seem like a big deal for me--when I was in the shallow water I did 7 minutes on each exercise, then 5, then 3, then 1.
She said I am working my muscles way past failure, and it's NOT a good thing.
Not more than 2 minutes per exercise (continously).
I misunderstood something she said when we first started this last summer, or she didn't explain it well. I thought she had said that if we did the same exercise for a long time, it built more strength, and if we did it for only a short time and then switched to another for a short time (like circuit training) we were working more on cardio.
My thoughts were: cardio is great, but I want muscle. A pound of muscle is much smaller and sleeker than a pound of fat, and every pound of muscle I add increases my metabolism, thus allowing me to burn off even more pounds of fat.
Therefore, I will do each exercise as long as I can bear it.
She isn't sure now if she misrepresented what was going on or if I misunderstood. Or both. But that's not how it works, apparently. Going for a long time just causes muscle fatigue/failure. It doesn't necessary build more muscle than going shorter.

eating & exercise

After a long weekend (two whole days) of eating food, I'm so glad to go back to my slimfast. I feel like eating (drinking) Slimfast for all three of my meals today. Maybe I will.
If this is working for me, and I don't feel deprived, and I'm not hungry and frothing at the mouth to eat lots of solid food, why can't I continue on? Isn't the ULTIMATE goal for me to lose weight and be more healthy? Does it matter what road I travel down to get there? If this road is comfortable and WORKS for me, and the bariatric surgery road isn't working and isn't comfortable and most of the time has a big "under contruction" barrier across it, why shouldn't I do my slimfast?
My trainer and I went to the gym together on Friday night. I paid money for her to come with me. The schedule says on Friday night water aerobics ends at 7:15 and the pool's open until 8:15. So at 7:10 we were on the bench waiting for the class to end to get about an hour of workout together.
The first thing she said, after watching the class for a while, was that she didn't want me to take it. That's probably funny--for my personal trainer to tell me NOT to take a FREE aerobics class! She was appalled at the lack of form of the instructor. If the instructor has no knowledge of proper form for the exercises, how can she possibly teach anyone how to do them correctly? I had told her the class was all about speed--go faster, go faster--and not about form or isolating muscle groups. Now she believes me. She was also upset at how out-of-shape the instructor was. She's an older woman, so you can't expect her to have the tight body of my 115 lb 28 year old personal trainer, but she's got no muscle tone ANYWHERE, and terrible posture, as well as being somewhat flabby. The other woman who teaches the class is downright fat. She said something to me a while ago about being shocked have hit 200 lbs, but to me she looks heavier than that. Then again she's short.
What pisses me off isn't the flabby formless instructors. It's the fact that the class ran late, until around 7:20, and by the time everyone got out and we got in it was even later than that, and at 7:45 the instructor KICKED US OUT OF THE POOL to close it. A half hour early. Another woman was doing laps and she complained too, saying "Don't I have until 8:00 at least?" "No, it's friday, get out. We're closing." What the fuck? If it had been just me I'd be upset, but I paid to bring my trainer in with me.
So we got almost nothing accomplished. More on what we did accomplish in a few minutes.

Friday, March 10, 2006

more on my terrible eating habits

I'm not done with my slimfast rant, apparently.
So she said "you have to wean yourself off slimfast" Wean myself off? It took me two weeks to wean myself ONTO it and lost the fucking weight the other one was harping about!
She gave me a sample meal and said it would be "less calories" than a slimfast. Which we've already determined is approximately 200.
She wants me to eat 3-4 ounces of meat.
I looked up beef on an online calorie counter which kindly told me each ounce of beef (completely fat free, which is impossible) is 59 calories.
She wants me to have 2 servings of vegatables, 1/2 cup each. I like green beans and snow peas and edamame And now that calorie counter site is down and I need to find a new one. Green beans have 18 calories per 1/2 cup. Snow peas don't come up but regular peas have 67 calories. Edamame is a kind of soybean; those have a whopping 149 calories.
I am also allowed a serving of carbs. A medium potato has 220 calories. White rice (1/2 cup) 103 calories.
I can have an orange for dessert. Depending on what kind of orange, it's around 60 calories.
So, the low end would be 3 oz of beef, 1 cup green beans, 1/2 cup white rice and an orange.
(3*59)+36+103+60=376 calories. Clearly way less than the approximately 200 calories of my slimfast.
The high end would be 4 oz of beef, a cup of edamame, a potato, and an orange.
(4*59)+(149*2)+220+60=814 calories. And this is only ONE meal out of THREE that I'm supposed to eat this way.
But it's better than slimfast?!

who knew Slimfast was an inappropriate way to lose weight?

Just came from the WLS's office where I saw the new nutritionist. Evidently the old one never even bothered to make notes on our last session. Nice, huh? I am honest (such a failing) so I told her that my homework had been to
1. Lose at least 5 lbs
2. call my insurance company for more information on what their requirements were
3. Turn in a food log.

On their scale, I lost 7 lbs (on mine, 12. But who's counting?). I had left her (old her not new her) a message weeks ago with the number for HER to call the insurance company because that's what they require. And I had my food log like a good girl.
So she flips through my food log and is extremely distressed to see that I've lost my excellent 7 lbs using SLIMFAST. Gasp. How--not right. She said if I eat Slimfast after the surgery I'll gain weight. (huh?) She said people "sip these shakes all day long" and gain all kinds of weight. I make it with 1 % milk and protein powder. I think a shake comes out to around 200 calories. I eat 2 of those a day, and 1 meal. So that's 400 calories of shake. If I drank those 400 calories (TWO shakes) ALL DAY LONG, that would still only be...400 calories. If my metabolism is so fucked up that I gain weight on 400 calories a day, something is very wrong.

good carbs, bad carbs, they're all carbs

Some days there's just so much interesting news!

Diets that distinguish between "good carbs" and "bad carbs," are not an effective way of controlling blood sugar levels, a new study suggests. ... (T)he glycemic index has never been fully embraced by most dietitians and remains a point of debate among scientists.
Now, diabetes researcher Elizabeth Mayer-Davis of the University of South Carolina says the use of the index should be ended altogether in favor of more traditional methods of losing weight and reducing the risk of diabetes — eating less and exercising more.

I thought (still think) The South Beach Diet is the worse diet book ever written. The book was terrible. It made no sense. The author kept going on and on about how could give out this diet on a pamphlet but no where in the book was he that succint. It was overblown, padded, ridiculous. I had to get the short pamphlet version from online (free, I might add) and I still didn't like it. Everyone said "oh, it's just like Atkins only better" but it was even more stupid than Atkins. On Atkins, you could eat unlimited bacon but not a carrot, apple or orange. On the South Beach diet, peanut M&Ms are rated higher (better to eat) then apples.
So I don't care if the glycemic index is bs. It never seemed right to me anyway.

I knew I wasn't a wimp

Obese people may be more sensitive to pain than people who aren't overweight, a new study suggests. ... The researchers found that obese individuals had a greater physical response to the electrical stimulation than non-obese people. ... (T)he obese individuals had a lower tolerance for pain, even though they said that they felt no more pain than non-obese people.

Not sure what the implications of this are. I hate getting blood taken. Is that because I'm fat or am I really a wimp? It's not the pain. It's something else. If I even talk or think about it (like now) I start to get faint. The edges of my vision go all grey and fuzzy. Not cool. Had to have blood taken last week and I still have a huge bruise (2" across) where she DID NOT get blood.
And of course my blood tests were fine.
I can take certain types of heat--I can put my hands in hotter water than my husband, and take a hotter shower, for instance. But I can't stay outside in the sun if it's also hot. I get flushed and unable to breathe and if I don't submerge myself in water, I will faint. Not good. Because who can pick me up? No one, that's who.

Obesity: the terror within?

What a quote:
Surgeon General Richard Carmona last week said America's obesity epidemic will dwarf the threat of terrorism if the nation does not reduce the number of people who are severely overweight. He called obesity "the terror within."

alternatives to weight loss surgery?

Blue Cross (the last insurance company who wouldn't pay for my surgery) is instead paying FIVE MILLIONS DOLLARS to figure out "a non-surgical 'gold standard' of treatment for the severely obese." Yeah, so they won't need to pay for $20,000 surgeries anymore. It's self serving.
And it's not alternative at all. Listen to this:

Those taking part in the study will be divided into four groups. Two groups will consume 800 calories a day, with most calories coming from a packaged, nutritionally dense powder to be mixed into shakes, soups and other foods. The other groups will consume 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. Half of the participants will take an FDA-approved appetite suppressant or fat-blocker while the other half receives no medication. All will receive behavioral treatment to learn how to manage their diets, prevent relapses and stay motivated, and all will be encouraged to walk daily, eventually three miles.

It's just your basic "diet and exercise" routine with some medication thrown in. Why is this any different from any other diet these people have tried and failed at? Isn't that part of the proof behind getting the surgery: many failed diets?

follow up to 1087 lb man

I've written about this guy before. I wish I could find out more about the 615 lb woman Jackie.

Man Who Weighed 1,000 Pounds Down to 400
Patrick Deuel, who once weighed more than 1,000 pounds, has lost another 81 pounds in a surgery that removed a mass of fat and skin hanging from his midsection. .... When Deuel came to Sioux Falls for gastric bypass surgery in 2004, he weighed 1,072 pounds.
He was so large his bedroom wall had to be cut out to extract him from his home. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with extra-wide doors and a ramp-and-winch system that had to be dispatched from Denver.

I don't consider having your stomach panniculus removed to be more weight loss. That's plastic surgery. It's cheating. His picture is up on the link. He really doesn't look well. Then again, I wasn't impressed with his personality after seeing that show on TLC about him.

Lifting weights defeats belly fat!

What have I always said? Build more muscle, have less fat.
Did I ever tell you guys I used to do aerobics back in the early 90's, and the women-only fitness place I went to wouldn't allow people to use weights until they were within ten pounds of the goal weight? You had to get weighed before you could enter the weight training area. I stopped going there because of that and went back to Nautilus. These people acatually believed it was harmful to weight loss efforts to lift weights because muscles would weigh more than fat and bulk you up. Obviously they knew nothing. (BTW, they went out of business. Wonder why?)

This article came out today. Emphasis mine.
Study: Lifting Weights Attacks Belly Fat
By just lifting weights twice a week for an hour, women can battle the buildup of tummy fat that often takes hold with aging, a new study suggests. And they didn't even diet. [details of the study} .... Women who did the weight-training for two years had only a 7 percent increase in intra-abdominal fat, compared to a 21 percent increase in the group given exercise advice.
The strength-training group also decreased body fat percentage by almost 4 percent, while the group just given advice remained the same. ...

[One of the reseachers nnoted that} adding muscle mass can help overweight women move faster so they burn more calories. ...
Dr. Rita F. Redberg, a cardiologist at the University of California San Francisco, pointed out that since muscle burns more calories than fat, increasing muscle mass means losing more calories.
"Certainly, any kind of exercise is better than not doing anything,'' Redberg said. But for "maximal benefit, cardio with weight training will get a lot more bang for your buck."
"I think exercise is the fountain of youth," she said. "If it was a pill, everyone would be taking it."

What I do is cardio, strength and flexibility for 3-4 hours a week. So fuck those (fewer every week) people who sneer at my routine in the pool. I'm doing it right.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

why aren't there waterproof ipods/mp3 players?

If I could use an ipod in the pool, I'd buy one. Even if it is a Mac product.
They are so damn little, how hard could it be to make one waterproof? Or make a waterproof case for it? I have a digital camera with an underwater housing. If I'm snorkeling, I pop the camera into the case and seal it. The case has big buttons that push through to the camera's buttons underneath, and clear windows where the lens and viewfinders are. I can't use EVERY function through the case, but it's good enough.
Even if all I could do was turn the thing on, hit shuffle or choose a playlist (I don't even really know how they work) and pop it into its case without being able to change other settings with it in its case, I'd buy one.
They make waterproof walkmans (radio only, but what's the difference? there's no tape or cd in an ipod, that's the whole point) for use in the shower or at the beach. Why not ipods or other MP3 players?

new favorite song

I got the new Korn album, See You On The Other Side, over the weekend, because I am IN LOVE with one of the songs on it. I heard it on the radio a week ago, and it was one of those things where I just had to turn it up. I thought it sounded like Korn but the announcer didn't identify it, and then my launchcast station played it and it was Korn.
The song is calling "Coming Undone" (click to hear a sample from Amazon--scroll down). It's got this relentless beat that just sticks in my head. I kept it in my head when I was working out yesterday and basically I just worked out to it.

new goal & how to ride on a plane when obese

Okay, I have to travel (on a plane) to a relative's wedding this summer on the West Coast. And I've very fat as you all know, and you can imagine what it's like to cram my bulk into an airplane. First off, I don't fit down the aisle. I have to walk sideways, and even then I don't really fit because I'm pretty square (round/but I mean the same across as through). And the embarrassment of having to ask for the seatbelt extension. You can't imagine. I've had stewardesses who were really nice about it and others who were sneery and rude. Like they're not all bulemic to stay at their goal weights or lose their jobs.
I've found through trial and error that the best thing to do is to say discreetly as I'm entering the plane and the stewardesses are greeting me to say "I'm in aisle xx and I need a seatbelt extension." Otherwise I have to use the call button and then she has to go all the way up to the front to get it and come all the way back, which is a pain for her and draws too much attention to me.
I like the aisle seat. Or the window. Never the center seat because then I just feel too clautrophobic--I'm pinched at the window too but at least I can look out. In the middle, I can't look out, my arms are pinioned, it's just awful.
And the worse is that the little tray won't come down. My stomach is in the way. It doesn't balance on top, it just hangs there half open and useless. So embarrassing. I use my husband's tray.
So this is my goal. I have four months. I don't want to have to ask for a seat belt extension.
I want to be able to walk down the aisle without turning sideways.
But I don't know what that will take. Where do I get data on this? Maybe I'll post something on Yahoo answers.
It's a strange kind of goal; very concrete and yet very amorphous. I know the mythbusters would call all the airlines and ask them how much the maximum seat belt goes around and how wide are their aisles and then measure my ass & weigh me and do calulations and figure out according to what I weight and what my fat percentage is how much weight I'd need to lose to lose the correct amount of inches.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

overweight people contributed to boat sinking

This boat sank a while ago, but this is from the findings:

Americans' expanding waistlines were a factor in the capsizing of a Baltimore water taxi that killed five people in 2004, a trend that has contributed to other deadly transportation accidents, the government said Tuesday.
The National Transportation Safety Board said the water taxi tipped over because excessive passenger weight made the boat too unstable to withstand a sudden gust of wind. ... The Coast Guard ... assumed the average weight per passenger was 140 pounds, a standard measurement that hasn't changed since 1942, the safety board said. ...The average weight among the ... 25 passengers when the accident happened was 168 pounds, making it 700 pounds overweight ...
In October, the Coast Guard contracted for a one-year study to assess changing federal assumptions about people's average weight were changed.

I'm sure there's assholes out there who think this is funny, who think overweight people get what they deserve when too many of their fat asses are crammed into a small boat (or plane or elevator). I get nervous when I'm on an elevator with a small weight limit and people keep piling on.
And it's dangerous for the Coast Guard and FAA to keep using fanciful wishful thinking that has nothing to do with the reality of what size Americans are now. (In fact, the article does say that after a plane crash in which 21 people were killed due to the plane being overloaded, the FAA revised upward the weight estimates for people and luggage, but it doesn't say to what.) In this case, assuming doesn' t make an ass out of you and me, it makes corpses. And that's no joke.

(But at least 140 lbs is better than the 100 lbs allocated to those using toilets in Australia!)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

toilet seats only rated for 100 lb people?!

All of a sudden I'm frightened to sit on my toilet. Who knew that "the current industry standard for toilet seats is just 100 pounds"?

According to this article, Australians are also getting fatter (copycats) and therefore need bigger toilets:

Sturdier toilets may be on their way in Australia to cope with the country's increasingly obese population. ...Standards Australia spokeswoman Kate Evans said the current industry standard for toilet seats is just 100 pounds and that the group is looking to increase it to 330 pounds.Experts will examine the seats "from the perspective that people are getting bigger," Evans said. Steve Cummings, a committee member for Standards Australia and head of research and development at toilet maker Caroma Dorf, (said) "If you are going to sit on it, you want it to hold you(.)"

ACK! Should I be hovering instead of sitting confidently on the toilet? I'm sure our standards in the US aren't much different. Who the hell decided the average weight of a toilet user was 100 lbs? Are these people nuts? If it was 200 lbs, I could understand. But even thin women weigh over 100 lbs, and what about men? A skinny pencil-neck geek still weighs in around 140. Most men of my aquaintance are over 200 lbs.

celebrity retouching 2

The site I reccomended is offline now. The site now says

We have temporarily removed this site from service for repairs.

Please bear with us during this transition.

Thank you for your patience.

Sorry about that. It was up and running fine when I put up my post. It did have a message saying it was running slow so maybe that's what they're fixing.

Surgeon General's warning on soda?

A new article on CNN laments people drinking soda with the headline:

Scientists in food fight over soda

One of every five calories in the American diet is liquid. The nation's single biggest "food" is soda, and nutrition experts have long demonized it.

I have drunk (have drank?) diet soda since I was in high school, with the rare exception of ginger ale (I can't stand the taste of diet ginger ale), which I drink only when sick or when I get a craving (maybe 2-3 times a year). A girl who graduated with me was Miss Connecticut and I remember her telling me how many calories soda had--about 10 calories a mouthful. Doesn't sound like much, but who drinks just a mouthful? Especially now, with free unlimited refills everywhere. Most people drink at least 2 glasses at a restaurant. If each glass is 16 oz, that's 320 calories of soda! You could eat three of those 100-calorie packs of cookies!

And back then, we didn't have soda machines in school. We didn't have snack machines. We stood in line and bought what the cafeteria was selling or we brought our own. With a 20 minute lunch break there wasn't time to go out and eat. And I don't remember people bringing soda to school.

Right now, of course, I'm doing the SlimFast thing, so about 1/2 of my daily calories are liquid. But that's ON PURPOSE and it's not soda, it's 1% organic milk. Although I was reading the label to find out how much protein was in Slimfast (not much) and I was shocked at how many carbs. The first ingredient on the label is sugar. No wonder it tastes so good.

The article goes on:
(T)wo groups of researchers hope to add evidence to the theory that soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks don't just go hand-in-hand with obesity, but actually cause it. Not that these drinks are the only cause -- genetics, exercise and other factors are involved -- but that they are one cause, perhaps the leading cause.

That's pushing it. Didn't I just say I gave up diet soda in High School? But I gained all this weight AFTER high school. Then again, the crazy vegans say that it's diet soda that makes people gain weight because Nutra Sweet and aspartame and all those fake sugars are deadly poisons and also addictive. Blah blah blah.

And then this shocker:

In reality, proving this would be a scientific leap that could help make the case for higher taxes on soda, restrictions on how and where it is sold -- maybe even a surgeon general's warning on labels.


Then there's a "mock trial" for soda. (These people have way too much time on their hands)

  • Count One: Guilt by association.
  • Soft drink consumption rose more than 60 percent among
    adults and more than doubled in kids from 1977-97. The
    prevalence of obesity roughly doubled in that time.
    Scientists say these parallel trends are one criterion
    for proving cause-and-effect.

    Okay. Since I got my parrot, I've gained over a hundred pounds. Therefore owning a parrot causes weight gain. Whatever.

  • Count Two: Physical evidence.

  • Two studies by Penn State nutritionist Barbara Rolls illustrate this. One gave 14 men lemonade, diet lemonade, water or no drink and then allowed them to eat as much as they wanted at lunch. Food intake didn't vary, no matter what they drank.

    The second study gave 44 women water, diet soda, regular soda, orange juice, milk or no drink before lunch. Total intake was 104 calories greater for those given caloric beverages than those given diet soda, water or no beverage. Caloric drinks didn't help women feel any fuller either.

    Then there is the "jelly bean study." Purdue University researchers gave 15 men and women 450 calories a day of either soda or jelly beans for a month, then switched them for the next month and kept track of total consumption. Candy eaters ate less food to compensate for the extra calories. Soda drinkers did not.

    Do they realize how absurd this is? The men didn't vary in their food intake, but the women did. Maybe WOMEN cause obesity. That makes sense. I'm a woman, and I own a parrot, and we all know parrots cause obesity because I just proved it. I wonder if I could get a grant? Anyway, notice my point about diet sodas--women who had diet soda didn't eat more food as the vegan tree-huggers claim happens when artificial sugar is ingested. I DO believe that people don't compensate for soda calories. I don't when I have ginger ale. I just give myself a day or two of drinking it, then the bottle's gone and I move on back to water and diet soda.

  • Count Three: Bad influence on others.
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages affect the intake of other
    foods, such as lowering milk consumption. Popkin
    contends they also may be psychological triggers of
    poor eating habits and cravings for fast food.

    He examined dietary patterns of 9,500 American adults
    in a federal study from 1999-2002. Those who drank
    healthier beverages -- water, low-fat milk, unsweetened
    coffee or tea -- were more likely to eat vegetables and
    less likely to eat fast food.

    Although I drink milk, if I drink anything but organic milk I get sick. I know adults aren't supposed to drink milk. Milk is baby food. Plus we don't even drink human milk, we drink bovine milk which is intended by nature to make baby cows fat. Pretty stupid thing for people to drink. Juices would be a better choice except that most juices you purchase are full of added sugar. So what's the difference between a bottle of juice with high-fructose corn syrup in it and a can of Coke or Pepsi with high-fructose corn syrup in it? NOTHING except the taste. And as far as adding vitamins to soda goes, I think the whole vitamin thing is a crock. Most vitamins just get peed out because in the form we take them (little pills) they can't get absorbed properly.

    People who drink soda and eat fast food have different eating tastes & different lifestyles than people who eat lots of vegetables and drink water. And yeah, the fast food eaters are fatter because they eat fast food. I eat fast food and look at how fat I am, and I only drink diet soda while I'm there. Although I'm down from 4-5 fast food visits a week to one or two. Yay for me.

  • Count Four: Consistency of evidence.
  • Many studies of different types link sugary drinks and weight gain or obesity. Some even show a "dose-response" relationship -- as consumption rises, so does weight. ...
    In rebuttal, Adamson, the beverage industry spokesman, sees no such consistency. He cites a 2004 Harvard study of more than 10,000 children and teens. Consumption of sugar-added beverages was tied to body-mass index gain in boys but not girls, a gender difference that warrants a "jaundiced eye" to claims that soda is at fault, he said.

    Is it just me or does that totally contradict the previous study when men didn't change their eating because of soda intake and women did?

    BTW, I love that the article says "soda." There's something about calling soda "pop" that makes me want to strangle people. I know it's a regional thing. I've noticed that the same books which call soda "pop" also refer to jeans having "snaps". Maybe these people really do wear jeans with snaps (shudder) but I have feeling that "snaps" really means "button". I hope. Nothing is less sexy than a beautiful, muscular man wearing jeans with SNAPS. No doubt his grandma made them for him.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Darwin's Tubercle, alien implants & why I'm special

    On one of my ears, I have this weird pointy bump. I always thought of it as my "ugly ear" and in fact I had a boyfriend who used to tease me terribly about it. In reality, it's such a small thing that unless I pointed it out to you, you wouldn't notice. In fact, for a while when I had a lot of cartiledge piercings in my ears, I had pierced the area all around it. I don't know if I was trying to hide it by surrounding it with rings and studs, or draw attention to it.
    When I started hanging out with a new-age crystal-hugging crowd, they told me it was an honor to have such a bump. It's an alien implant, they explained earnestly. It means I'm visibly marked; a Chosen One. (Evidently other people's alien implants, if they have them, are up their noses, hidden meaning they aren't as good a specimen to track as I am.) In fact, I probably got the upper ear piercings after I met these people (who are for the most part extremely pierced and tattooed).
    I recently read Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs. (The new show "Bones" is based on her books/character, btw--but I can't seem to remember to watch it on Tuesday nights.) Anyway, in it, there's two guys who are good friends for the simple reason that they look so much alike, one kills the other and takes his place, and they figure it out from one guy's ear--one had the Darwin's Tubercle, the other didn't. So I finally know the name of my alien implant bump!
    And now I have to look it up, and find out more about this interesting condition. And whether the aliens did it to me or DNA did. tells me that Darwin (as in, evolution) said: "The celebrated sculptor, Mr. Woolner, informs me of one little peculiarity in the external ear, which he has often observed both in men and women, and of which he perceived the full significance. ... The peculiarity consists in a little blunt point, projecting from the inwardly folded margin, or helix. When present, it is developed at birth, and, according to Prof. Ludwig Meyer, more frequently in man than in woman."
    So right there, since I'm a woman, I'm rare and special!
    Then I did find some kind of alien connection (damn I'm good) on this site about the face on Mars:

    Darwin's tubercle (or 'auricular tubercle of Darwin') is
    assumed by evolutionary biologists to be a 'residual' of
    quadrupeds which had various shapes of ears and it has been
    carried to humans. The fact is that not all humans have it
    (I have it, though): thus it is a recessive gene what causes
    It is extremely well marked in the large original of 'Ferox'

    Ferox is evidentially the name of the face on Mars.

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    Yahoo 360

    I'm going to put the RSS feed from this blog onto my Yahoo 360 page.
    There's supposed to be a way to put all the questions I ask/answer on Yahoo answers onto my 360 page too but I haven't figured that out yet.
    Plus on yahoo 360 I can put more photos of me. haha.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    pharmacies suck

    When I went to see my doctor the other day he gave me a prescription for Fasting-phentermine (I think that's how it's spelled).
    I didn't want to wait forever for the pharmacy to take 30 freaking pills from a big bottle and put them in a little bottle. (exactly how long should that take? Especially when they've got FOUR people back there). So I called them.
    "Hello, Pharmacy."
    "Hi, I just got a new presciption from my doctor. Can I fax it over so it's ready for pickup and then I'll give you the original prescription?"
    "Um, hold on."
    3 minutes later
    "Hello, Pharmacy."
    "Hi, I just got a new presciption from my doctor. Can I fax it over so it's ready for pickup and then I'll give you the original prescription?"
    "Um, the fax number is..." Recites the fax.
    I copy the prescription and also my new insurance card. I type everything that's on the prescription (it's hard to read when copied) at the top of the page. I note what time I'm coming in to get the prescription.
    Twenty minutes later I get a fax. I wish I saved it. Basically it said
    We can't read the prescription. And we don't take prescriptions via fax anyway.
    I call them back.
    "Hello, Pharmacy"
    "Yes, I just tried to fax over my prescription and I got back a fax saying you couldn't read it and you don't accept prescriptions via fax?"
    "Who did you talk to?"
    "A guy."
    "Hold on."
    3 minutes later.
    "Hello, Pharmacy." It's the guy.
    "I called a little while ago and asked about faxing in my prescription and now I got a fax back saying you don't accept faxed prescriptions?"
    "I tried to discourage you from faxing it."
    "By giving me the fax number? I'm just trying to save some time here because I can't sit around and wait for a hour for you to fill the prescription."
    "I'm sorry we're so slow, but we can't take a faxed prescription except from a doctor."
    Which he he knew I wasn't.
    "Hello, Doctor's Office."
    "Hi, I was in there yesterday and I got a prescription but the drugstore won't let me fax it in. Can you call it in?"
    "Of course."
    I give her the particulars.
    Twenty minutes later my cell rings--caller ID blocked. I don't answer it. They call back a couple of times and then leave a message. Fine. I don't do blocked calls. I'm just listening to the message and finding it's the doctor's office when they call me at work.
    "They don't make Fasting anymore. They said to get Meridia."
    (Isn't it great when pharmacies are prescribing medicine? Meridia is something like $80 a month and insurance doesn't pay. Plus I think it's one of the ones that gives you anal leakage.)
    "I don't want Meridia. And I know they make Fasting because my friend also goes to Dr XX, I saw her on Monday and she said Dr XX had not only given her a new prescription but also a stronger strength pill."
    "Well that pharmacy says they can't get it anymore."
    "I don't understand, I used to get it there. Okay, I'm going to call my friend--" I give her complete name "who is also your patient and find out where she gets hers and call you back."
    I call my friend. She tells me that the price on the drug has spiked from $10 a bottle up to over $40. She's currently paying $38.50 for 30 pills. I'm unhappy with that, as I only wanted to pay $10. She tells me where she gets it from, but it's a pharmacy I boycott because they once gave me ear medicine to put in my eye and I almost went blind. I start calling area pharmacies: "do you carry Fasting-phentermine? How much is it?" but sure enough no one carries it. What the fuck? It's good old fashioned speed, the classic diet pill.
    The doctor's office calls back. "You can pick your prescription up at " phamarcy which doesn't accept faxes and doesn't carry Fasting anymore "tomorrow between 5 and 5:30."
    What the fuck? Why was that so fucking difficult? Sorry to be swearing, but this is really outrageous.
    This must be what people who need RU-486 go through. And this is only a stupid diet pill. I hope I never need the morning after pill.