Monday, February 27, 2006

yahoo answers

I've joined Yahoo Answers, this place online where you ask questions and real people answer them. I'm answering weight loss questions. Some of them I direct here to this lovely blog. We'll see how it goes. A lot of people are jerks on there and ask stupid questions and give even more stupid answers. It's addicting but I can see it getting old fast.

personal trainer says "you work out too much!"

I talked to my personal trainer this weekend. Doesn't that sound impressive?
Anyway, I was so damn proud of myself for working out over an hour 3x a week and how tired I am afterward. And how I can barely walk.
And she was FURIOUS. If she had been in front of me, rather than on the phone, I think she would have smacked me upside the head.
She wants me to go down to HALF HOUR at a time. No way. It's not even worth the time to drive there, change, get into the pool, work out, change again, drive home, shower, and then do laundry.
So we compromised. I've got to go down to 50 minutes plus 10 minutes of stretching. This sets me back months. I'm so upset. It took so long to work up to this amount of time. I want to cry.
I understand that this new deep water stuff is harder and that's why I'm more tired. I get it. But I'm not doing 90 minutes of deep water. I do 40-45 minutes of deep water and finish with an abbreviated version of my shallow water routine.
I'm having dinner with her tonight, and we're going to plan our next workout together. Maybe I should smack her. No, I can't. She's this tiny little thing. It wouldn't be fair.
She actually weighs about what I did at my skinniest. Was I that tiny? I'm taller than her, which means at the same weight (around 115) I would have been skinnier than she is now.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

1100 pound person

I can't even say if it's a guy or a girl. There's boobs, but when you weight that much, there's gonna be boobs.
Graphic image-dead person-don't click if you don't wanna see it-if you click and don't like it don't whine to me.
I just sat and looked at it for a while, and then decided to share it.
I certainly don't want to end up dead on the internet.
You know what I mean.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

another inconsistancy which bothers me...

This is on the part of my NEW therapist. I like her very much. She's in a building with a lot of other therapists (who seem to be most lesbians, or at least they LOOK like lesbians), with a shared waiting room. There's a sign in the waiting room which says something like "please respect the sanctity of this waiting room and don't use your cell phone." Okay, fine, a lot of people hate cell phones. (I hate Nextel phones. They are obnoxious and loud.) But what's the point of that sign when people sit in the waiting room and have loud conversations with other people in the room? that's twice as loud as someone talking on the phone, isn't it?
I don't get it.
One time, three people were not only talking loudly (and one of them made a lot of wet mouth noises, which make me CRAZY) but talking about really personal stuff. Stuff you don't talk about loudly in public. I was trying to read. TRYING. I finally just went into the bathroom, shut the door, and turned on the fan.
I could still hear them.
No cell phone call is that loud. So what's the point? Where's the sanctity?

slim fast & exercise

So this is what I'm doing with the slim-fast & exercise
I figured that I usually eat 19 meals a week. (No breakfast on the weekends).
I've replaced ten of those meals with slimfast--more than 50%.
Basically during the week (monday through friday) I eat 2 meals of slim-fast and 1 meal of food. I don't freak out too much about that one meal's contents, especially if it's within a couple of hours of a workout.
I work out 3 times a week (monday wednesday friday) for at least an hour, up to an hour and a half, which comes out to about 4 hours a week. That comes out to an average of 35 minutes/day, and most places say that you should exercise an average of 20 minutes and not even every day, every other day. So I am fine there.
I think I am going to see my regular doctor (not my fat doctor) and go over with him what I'm doing.
I had a session with my personal trainer a few weeks ago and she upgraded me from shallow water exercises to deep water ones. In many cases, they are similar to what I was doing in the shallow water. I feel really wimpy, like I'm not doing anything, hanging there at the 7' mark just flailing my arms and legs and keeping my navel "buttoned" to my spine. But these exercises are kicking my butt. I am so exhausted when I get out of the pool, all I want to do is go home and sleep. I don't even WANT to eat even though immediately after exercising is the best time to eat, as the food gets burned right up and never has a chance to turn to fat. I do 5 minutes each of four or five of the deep water exercises and then finish my time in the shallow end. Today my legs are still trembling and tired after yesterday's 1:25 session.

no more dietician

The obesity surgeon's office called me to tell me the on-staff dietician, the one I had to go see 5 more times, doesn't work there any more and they might not have a new one in time for my next appointment. And I have to go to theirs, not another.
Another fucking delay.
Not that I really liked the woman. It was obvious to me that she was bored and hated her job. She took me 25 minutes late which is extremely rude.
If I can keep up this slimfast thing....
I WILL. Fuck this surgery shit. I'm tired of letting other people control my destiny.

dissatisfaction part 2

I put the word "dissatification" in the title of my last post...and then didn't talk about it. I got sidetracked with racial profiling.

I don't know if I'm a perfectionist or a control freak (same thing, I guess) but I'm easy displeased. Music and food set me off the most. And commercials. If I don't like the music, I want it off. I want it to be away from me. Music I dislike can actually make me sick. And my food has to be perfect, exactly what I want, or I won't eat it. Why should I let things into my body that I don't want there? Whether it's through my ears or my mouth, it's affecting me, right?

And I just dislike 99% of commercials. I've done rants on commercials and bad music before so this shouldn't surprise any of my faithful readers. Most commercials are a form of lying. I took classes on advertising in college and I also used to write ads as part of a job so I know all about it. It's designed to make you feel incomplete and bad and worthless. That's part one. When you're ready to kill yourself over your inadequacies, then part 2 is: this product/service will make you perfect and wonderful! part 3 is: if you don't have it, you suck. Just in case you forgot that you suck.

I wonder what it is in me that makes me like this. Is it a defect to want everything just-so? Or is it a commendable trait, to know my own mind so strongly?

Hypocrisy & dissatisfaction

I don't like hypocrites. It's a form of lying. I don't like liars.
My old therapist was a hypocrite, and for that reason I don't miss going to her.
She went on and on about how terrible my diet was and how I had to "get over" my dislike of certain foods which smell bad, like fish. And how I shouldn't eat meat (she was vegan). Or eat in restaurants because of the bad vibes the low-paid cooks put in the food. Etc. But I can't forget the time we went on a daytrip and she wanted to stop at a restaurant for breakfast, where she proceeded to eat bacon and eggs and drink coffee while I had tea and an english muffin. She did take time to sneer at the butter & nutrasweet I used while proclaiming sometimes she just "had" to eat meat!
Every time I was at her house for a group thing, and she was going to serve food, I asked that she not serve fish, and almost every time she did serve fish. One time I left, because the smell was so strong it was making me gag. For some reason, this was rude of me. And I never did figure out why a vegan ate so much fish. If you're playing 20 questions, fish fall under "animal" not "vegetable" don't they?
But the absolute last straw came a few months ago. She wanted to see me and hang out some day at lunch. At that time I wasn't doing the SlimFast thing and I usually ate at a fast food restaurant. She said "I'll meet you whereever you want." So we met at Burger King. I had 2 hamburger patties, Atkins-style (no bun). I don't remember what we talked about. But a day or so later she sent me an email about how disgusting it was to sit there and watch me eat meat and how she couldn't get the smell of burnt flesh out of her hair and clothes and how utterly repulsive an experience it had been for her.
This is from a woman who eats fish cooked on the grill--roasted flesh no matter how you look at it, and utterly disgusting as far as smells go.
Of course, I can't tell her to "get over it" the way she does when I complain about something she eats that I find repulsive.
I've hardly talked to her since. Do you wonder why?
I thought of one of her "rules" the other day-she didn't want me to eat before therapy. Because I would inevitably eat meat or processed foods, which disgust her, so that meant that my therapy would be inpeded as my body tried to digest these disgusting unnatural foods. I say that having my stomach growling loudly for an hour is just as distracting as digestion. Whatever.
And somehow this brings me to our government. I try not to get involved in politics. But this whole thing with six major ports going to fall under the authority of the Arabs is just ridiculous and proves once again what an asshole Bush is. (Uh oh, another entry in my security file, next to consorting with cultists. OH-that's right, this is an anonymous blog. Good luck in finding me!)
I know someone who worked for a company which was sold to a Japanese firm. Not uncommon or a big deal. But this one branch, where my friend worked, did work for the Department of Defense, and therefore the Japanese couldn't own that branch, and had to sell it off. A few years later it got bought again by another company based in a foreign country-Great Britain. I questioned my friend--why could a British company own her firm, and not a Japanese one? I understand the security clearances involved...and she explained that England is the United States' ALLY and therefore we SHARE our secrets with them. They our are friend. Japan is not our ally, even though we're friendly with them now. (I guess the specter of the BOMBs of 1945 still hang over that relationship--and well they should, for it was a terrible time in history.) The president at that time, whoever it was (I think Clinton), did not make a big deal and say that Japan had to own that firm no matter what. No, it was just quietly sold off and the world went on.
Then we had 9/11. A terrible day. And where did some of the terrorists come from? THe UEA (Or UAE, whichever. I don't care.) And where did the money come from? Same place. And now who wants control over six of our ports? the UAE. Are they our friend? Are they our ally? NO. They hate us. Just because Bush's family is friends with their royal family because of oil ties (You saw Farenheit 911 didn't you? Go rent it. Now. I'm waiting....) doesn't mean that the COUNTRIES are friendly.
Evidently those ports were owned previously by Great Britain. Our ALLY, as I've already explaiend above. And no one complained. Right, because we haven't been at war with GB in, oh, a couple hundred years, right? My history sucks. Were they on our side during the war of 1812? I think they were.
But now Bush is screaming racial profiling because NO ONE who has half a brain, wants this deal to go through, because no one wants the Arabs to control SIX MAJOR PORTS. You know what? I don't terribly mind being searched at the airport because I have nothing to hide. But when you "randomly" pick me out of the crowd and let a guy with a towel around his head whose accent sounds like throat-clearing walk through unimpeded, there's a major fucking problem going on. Search all the fat white women you want, but also search all the fucking towel heads. Better yet, search EVERYONE. Search the skinny old man with Alzheimer's. Search the teenage boy dressed all in black with a ring through his eyebrow. Search the fat white redheaded woman. Search the pretty black lady in slinky tight pants. And search the throat-clearing towel-wearing people. And yes, seach the Indians too (dot Indians, not Native American Indians---Columbus did us no favors by naming the natives after another country!).
Carlos Mencia does a funny bit about racial profiling on his Mind of Mencia show. (If you've never watched it, try it out. He can be offensive, but the reason you're offended is because you know he's right. I never really liked Dave Chappelle's show that much even though he tried the same things, but I like Carlos.) He says people who look like the hijackers should be searched. We have their pictures, we have their names, we know where they were from. None of them were white, latino, black or asian. Randomly search those ethnic groups, sure, because I'm also sure that a few have been recruited into the cause. But focus on the culprits, not being politically correct.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bad aftertaste

I must admit, as good as the slimfast tastes, it does leave a hideous chemical aftertaste that has me gulping water to get rid of it. This morning I chewed a couple of tums (I actually LIKE how Tums taste, and calcium is always a good thing) so I have the aftertaste of Tums mixed with the regurgiated taste of the slim fast.
But I'll tell you, if this weight loss is "real" and I can keep it up, I can forgo the surgery. Because this is something I CAN DO, just like the working out.
Have I found it the key at last?
But of course my old therapist would poo-poo this. Because slim-fast is processed food (if one can call it food) of the WORSE sort, and she doesn't believe in processed food. Nothing in a can, box or bag (except a plastic bag with organic bean sprouts in it). I've been wondering for a while what planet she lives on. Not this one.
Anyway, yummy processed foods & bad aftertastes are better than having my intestines rearranged any day.

black ooze eats LA

Stranger than fiction.
This has nothing to do with being fat, it's just amusing. I know someone who lives in LA; I'll have to write to that person and find out the true story.
Mystery blob eating downtown
Los Angeles officials were still scratching their heads today over what caused a mysterious black goo to burble from streets downtown, forcing the evacuation hundreds of apartment dwellers.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said investigators had yet to identify the ``black tarry substance'' more than 24 hours after it erupted at Olive Street and Pico Boulevard. ... While outside temperatures struggled to break 60, sidewalks in the vicinity steamed at 103 degrees, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Ron Myers said. ... "We were called back because there was a gooey substance, a tarry-type substance, coming out the underground electrical vaults, out of manhole covers in the street, through the sidewalks and possibly in one older apartment building," Myers said.

A 120-foot stretch of Olive buckled 1 1/2 feet, he said. The pre-1933 unreinforced masonry apartment building shifted one foot from its foundation. Sidewalks were as hot as Jacuzzis. And a pressurized liquid shot from every street orifice located above what used to be a historic oil field downtown.

Anyway, wonder what it is? Will there ever be a follow up? Maybe the La Brea tarpits are finally going to eat some humans.

lost some weight

I'm not going to say how much, but if my scale is accurate to the doctor's scale, it's a happy number. But I've been fooled before by scales--with weight gains/losses of 10lbs or more over a day. Not possible (except with dehydration and that's not what I'm talking about).
So I guess my 2x a day slim fast is actually working. And you know, it's not too horrible. I could live like this for a while. Every day, it seems more and more like the surgery isn't going to happen. Maybe I should resign myself to a life of chalky chocolate milk for breakfast & lunch. Eventually I guess I'd reach my goal weight, no? Yes?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

when is a diet pill worth $153....?

Um, NEVER? (Face it-if it was a REAL diet pill that REALLY worked it would take a prescription, be regulated, and not have warning labels that the FDA has not tested or approved it!)
Especially when it's based on flawed logic:
It is simplistic to suggest that lowering cortisol levels will promote weight loss, as some television ads claim, according to researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. ....
(T)he scientists show that the hormone isn't the major factor involved in weight gain and fat distribution, and might actually come into play at a secondary level.
"There's no question that this pathway is involved in metabolism, but the mechanism is more complex than just cortisol 'causing' obesity," Dr. Malcolm Low, from the OHSU Center for The Study of Weight Regulation and Associated Disorders, told Reuters Health. ...
When treating inflammations such as asthma, patients might have to take high doses of cortisone, which can lead to weight gain. On the flip side, obese people usually have elevated cortisol blood levels.
"This has probably led to the general misconception that says: cortisol is responsible for obesity and should be lowered to loose weight," said Low. "You hear this argument very often, and it's promoted by manufacturers of anti-obesity cortisol reducing supplements."

Bunch of bullshit designed to separate fat people from their money instead of from their fat.
Not that I haven't been tempted to buy it, mind you. Grasping at straws.

news flash: fat kids get picked on

Gasp. Can you believe that in our tolerant CHRISTIAN "love thy neighbor" society that fat kids get picked on because of their weight? (Can you tell I'm not a Christian?)

Well, just in case you hadn't know this, some idiot funded a STUDY.
Researchers found that among more than 8,000 7-year-olds, obese boys and girls were about 50 percent more likely to be bullied over the next year than their normal-weight classmates. ...
The findings suggest that children need to learn from an early age that it's not okay to tease or bully over body size, said lead author Lucy J. Griffiths, a researcher at the Institute of Child Health in London.
Children as young as 4, she told Reuters Health, have been shown to have negative feelings toward drawings of overweight children their age. The "thin is good, fat is bad" view, Griffiths said, appears to take shape in the early preschool years....

When I'm at the gym, children routinely said rude things about me. "Why is that lady so fat? Why is her tummy so big?" Only ONCE did I hear a mommy reply, "That's not nice." And it's not just children. I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and there were two elderly ladies sitting across the aisle from us. They were leaning together talking, and then one of them looked at me sideways and said "I don't want to shout it" in kind of a psuedo whisper "but look how BIG she is!" so I turned my head and just looked at her until she looked away. Rude old bitch.
This ridiculous study concludes:

So besides the long-term physical health consequences of obesity, the researchers conclude, many overweight children may also face the psychological and social effects of bullying.
"This study suggests that parents, school personnel, and health professionals need to reduce the occurrence of this behavior and the social marginalisation of obese children at an early age," they write.

I wish I could punch all these people in the head.
No, better. I wish they could ride along on my shoulder for a day. And listen in on all my thoughts. And see what it's really like to be MARGINALIZED.

suck a lemon, lose weight?

I meet the most interesting people.
Yesterday at the gym I was talking to a woman who got out of the pool around the same time I did. She used to be a social worker who did weight loss consultations. She said she learned "from the Russians" (I can't make this stuff up) that if you chew on lemon rind before you work out, that your body will bypass the sugars in your blood and go straight to fat burning.
I guess I'll buy some lemons and try it out. I can always just freeze the juice.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

obese + sex = burst pipes, collapsed ceilings

You know what? I'm glad they had fun, with their combined weight of 490 lbs.

A heavyweight couple caused a pub ceiling to collapse by frolicking together in a shower.....

"The couple were pretty big, they must have had a combined weight of 35 stone.

"They must have dislodged a pipe while they were in the shower causing the water to flood down."

I wish I was uninhibited enough to frolick in a shower!
And you know what? They aren't even that fat. That's 250 each. Sheesh. What's the big deal?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

AC/DC's Bon Scott

As you can guess from my psuedonym, Whole Lotta Rosie, I'm an AC/DC fan. A big one. Hahaha.
Tomorrow's the 26th anniversary of Bon Scott's death. He was their lead singer, and he wrote/sung the song "Whole Lotta Rosie." (On Let There Be Rock, 1977) They are making his grave into a historical landmark and putting up a statue to him. says:

SYDNEY, Australia (Billboard) -- In an unsual ruling, the grave site of AC/DC singer Bon Scott in Fremantle Cemetery in Western Australia was classified with a heritage listing Wednesday.

Scott's legend has grown since February 19, 1980, when he died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 33.

Heritage listings usually are reserved for buildings, but the grave was recognized because it is visited by thousands of fans each year, a reflection of AC/DC's global popularity....In addition, the Western Australia Bon Scott fan club's efforts to erect a Scott statue in Pioneer Park opposite the Fremantle railway station have received the blessing of Fremantle mayor Peter Tagliaferri.

I never thought to even wonder where he was buried. I know he was originally from Scotland; I guess for some reason I thought he was buried there. I believe he died in England (London?).

It's weird to think I'm older now than he was when he died.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Why American children are so fat

They're a bunch of pussies.
Spoiled rotten.
Why do I say this?
I was just following a school bus. This bus stopped, no lie, at EVERY OTHER HOUSE.
I used to take the bus to school. The bus had 4 stops. Everyone walked to one of those 4 stops. It didn't go down any side streets. It didn't stop in front of anyone's house (except if you lived at one of those 4 corners, of course). It didn't wait for anyone's mommy to bring him/her outside and cross the street with him/her.
Nope, not at all.
My mom went to work at 6:00. I got myself out of bed and hauled my ass to the bus stop with no help from Mommy. And if I didn't get out of bed on time and I missed the bus...I'd walk the four miles to school.
With no cell phone.
So these spoiled rotten brats who have to get walked across the street and the bus has to stop at the end of the their driveway and the kid can't get out until mommy comes to get's a wonder they aren't so fat they can't even walk.
It doesn't matter if they can't walk though. Mommy would carry them.
I am never, ever having children.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

modified liquid diet

So I've put myself on a modified liquid diet. I have to lose at least 5 pounds this month. I bought dexatrim max and a canister of slim-fast powder. I eat slimfast for 2 meals and food for 1 meal. I'm not trying to go crazy with making my food meal a "diet" meal. I'm eating less food at that meal though. Soda's almost entirely gone from my diet. Drinking bottles and bottles of water (I drink about a pint between breakfast and lunch, another pint after lunch, a half-pint with lunch, and a pint or more with supper). I just keep filling the bottles up at our water cooler at home.
I thought I would be more hungry than I am. I'm head-hungry mostly. I think I want food. Then I distract myself and forget that I was hungry. My stomach is a little rumbly and a little sick. Even the slimfast is making me sick. What else is new? I'm mixing 8 oz 1% organic milk, a scoop of Slimfast Royal Chocolate (it's actually yummy! Scary), and a scoop of bene-protein. Dexatrim and a vitamin in the morning. We'll see how I do at the end of the month.
Still working out 4 hours a week too.

people don't like me sometimes :(

God, I hate it when people say bad things about me. It haunts me. I lie awake at night almost in tears. It sucks that I need other people's approval. (If I didn't, would I have this blog? No.)
A few days ago someone called one of my jobs to schedule an interview. She was horribly rude to me, to the point where I said something to my boss that she was awful on the phone. She called, canceled her interview and then sent a nasty email to my boss (not knowing that that email address goes to ME) about how unprofessional and rude I am!
A few months ago I had a complaint about me at another job too. It made me sick for days.

Monday, February 13, 2006

follow-up to my pool encounter

I talked to the aquatics director on Friday and she said she kicked that guy out. She didn't give me any details, but she seemed pissed off (not at me). I wonder if he did indeed flash other people, or if they have a no tolerance policy.
I can almost feel bad. Almost.
Because everyone I've talked to about it agrees that no one pulls down their bathing suit to the point of pubic hair and beyond without knowing they're doing it.
I hope he never looked at my id card and got my last name--he did ask if I lived in town.

portrait of america

I wish I had a picture of the other night.
Big fat me pulls into a gas station to feed my SUV (it's one of the smaller ones--considered an "entry level SUV", but it does get hungry).
Four pumps at the station. Four SUVs (mine was the smallest). Four fat people fueling them up.
Welcome to America, land of the fat gas guzzlers.
Seriously, if I could afford it, I'd have a hybrid. I can't, so I don't. When I can, I will.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

fat people with bad ankles

I was always under the impression that to be a doctor, you have to be pretty smart, right?

Here's a gem from last week which I missed:
Foot pain should not prevent obese from exercising

This is from a doctor's point of view:
"Ligaments can stretch out more than they should, joints can get out of alignment, which can cause arthritis and pain in the foot. Tendonitis can occur, among a myriad of other things. But this should not be a reason to avoid physical activity."

Has this idiot of a doctor ever BEEN an overweight person with bad feet/ankles?
Well I have. I am. And when it hurts to walk or even stand up, what the hell kind of exercise is there?

But it gets funnier.

He goes on to say, "....If any discomfort occurs with a particular type of exercise, they should stop until the discomfort resolves. "Trying to work through the pain is not a good idea."


So, here's his scenario: No matter how fat you are, and how bad your feet/ankles are, you should still exercise....But not if it hurts.

"D'oh!" says Homer Simpson.

Monday, February 06, 2006

a disconcerting encounter at the pool

This is really creepy.
I did my workout today (an hour) and I was just signing out when this guy came in and started to talk to me. I'd forgotten his name, but I'd talked to him once before. He re-introduced himself and we were standing there talking. While we were talking he kept playing with his bathing suit, which had a velcro attachment, opening and closing the velcro in kind of a nervous twitch. Then as he played with the velcro he started PULLING DOWN HIS SUIT. When I saw his pubic hair (nasty old grey pubes) I looked away before I could see anything even worse, and said "See you later" and fled into the locker room. There was a lady there getting dressed, and I told her what happened and how creepy it was, and she agreed.
I wasn't going to say anything to anyone in authority but the more I thought about it, the creepier and grosser it got, so I went back inside and told the lifeguard. She knew exactly who I was talking about and said she never liked the guy.
EWWWW. I am still creeped out.

soft body, hard arteries?

Found a couple of articles on a local site:
Obesity, hardening of arteries form a deadly link
It's about how being overweight clogs your veins.
I wonder if it's as cause and effect as it seems. Could it just be that many of the people who are obese just have a terrible diet that gives them hard arteries? My cholesterol level is well below 200. I don't worry about my heart. Is this something else to make me lie awake at night?

The other article there (I guess their topic this month is health) is 8 Rules for Permanent Weight Loss
Here they are:

  1. No quick fix.
  2. Weight Train 15 minutes per week
  3. Eat 5 small meals & don't skip breakfast
  4. Avoid high glycemic load carbs but not low glycemic load carbs
  5. Reduce carbs in the evening
  6. Eat protein through the day
  7. Eat quality fats moderately
  8. Drink 50 oz of water daily

I do most of that. I work out 4 hours a week (combination strength & cardio & flexibility). I've been eating 3 meals plus 2 snacks of protein pudding most days. I've been trying to be better with my carbs. Reducing them in the evening...that's my main meal so it's kind of hard. I mostly just eat protein pudding and soup for my other meals. I think he means fish oil for quality fat. Not happening. And I drink even more than 50 oz of water.

Friday, February 03, 2006

word of the day: obesigenic

I just had to look more into this Yale guy's mouthful word of the day: obesigenic. I'm sure it must be related to obesity and maybe epidemic...I forget what "genic" means but I've heard it stuck onto the ends of words before. Causing an epidemic maybe? I've always like etomology, but because of my inability to learn foreign languages (such as greek and latin), I basically just look things up in the dictionary.
Yeah, there's still people who do that.
Let's go to my friend, Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. for those of you who haven't used this fabulous FREE resource yet.
Well, M-W doesn't know what obesigenic means either. I don't feel so bad. It's probably in the unabridged. I don't pay extra for that.
However, it did offer me this lovely word in its place, which I share with you now:

aposiopesis: the leaving of a thought incomplete usually by a sudden breaking off (as in "his behavior was--but I blush to mention that")

I find it interesting that they give an example of the DEFINATION, not of the word being used in a sentence. Sounds like something used in literary criticism to me.

So let's turn to our friend Google. Y'all know goggle, right?
The first few listings just use the word. Ho-hum.
Then we get this, which sounds inaccurate, "Obesigenic means appetite". I don't think so. Go to my last post and subtitutue "appetite" in the Yale professor's rant. Just doesn't go.
Ah, here we go. Weight Watchers says that it means "factors in the environment that may encourage obesity and promote the expression of a genetic tendency to gain weight." That makes sense with what I guessed, above.

Now let me get this straight.
We live in an OBESIGENIC culture of eating out, highly processed processed foods (another nod to Profession Yalie), huge portion sizes, high-calorie foods with little or no nutritional value, where exercise is not valued and everyone uses modern conveniences like dish washers, washing machines and remote control garage door openers to give them more time to sit in front of their 48" flat screen TV and eat nachos smothered in chili and cheese, thus making said nacho-eaters into big fat slobs who no one wants to hire or be friends with EVEN THOUGH OUR CULTURE IS SET UP TO PRODUCE JUST SUCH A FAT SLOB.

it's not my fault I'm fat--it's CONTAGIOUS

This is too funny. I just found two articles, both saying being fat is CONTAGIOUS and that's why there's a size explosion going on! I always knew it wasn't my fault.
Seriously, what if this is really true? Can we all get a vaccine or something? :P

You know these links will go away, but here's the first one:
New human virus linked to obesity in animals

delicious highlights:
Researchers have identified a new human virus that increases fat deposits and, paradoxically, reduces triglyceride levels in animals, according to a report in the American Journal of Physiology
Oh, it's a VIRUS. That sucks. Can't take antibiotics for a virus. Damn. There must be SOME WAY to defeat it, or send it into submission. Like by creating a compound that bonds on the same place on each cell so the virus can't attach to cells anymore and cause damage? They can do that right? Or have I been reading too much sci-fi?
"The nearly simultaneous increase in the prevalence of obesity in most countries of the world is difficult to explain by changes in food intake and exercise alone, and suggests that adenoviruses could have contributed," the authors state.
"The role of adenoviruses in the worldwide epidemic of obesity is a critical question that demands additional research."
All adenoviruses are transmitted through direct contact and most frequently result in respiratory illness. Depending on the type, they may also cause gastrointestinal illness, eye infections, bladder infections or rashes. Some types of adenovirus also cause persistent, asymptomatic respiratory or gastrointestinal infections.
So my policy of not picking my friends by what they look like doomed me to be a person who people who DO pick their friends by what they look like doesn't want to be friends with?
Go ahead and parse THAT sentence.
I'm thinking of all the fat friends I've had (still had) in my life. Did I catch this from them? Has anyone caught it from ME?

Actually both articles are based off the same study.
The other article: Obesity Might Be Catching
As if the close proximity of delicious, fattening foods weren't bad enough, obesity might actually be infectious.
That's the incredulous finding from new research involving overweight chickens; the study suggests that a contagious virus can make fat cells fatter....
(Findings can't be incredulous. People can be incredulous. Findings can be incredible. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, incredulous means, "
unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true : not credulous" ie: skeptical. How can a finding be skeptical? I can't believe the BAD WRITING that's out there these days. Not that mine is perfect, but at least I TRY and most of my errors are typos, not bad word choices.)
In the future, Whigham thinks that it may be possible to develop a vaccine against obesity to target these viruses. "A great way to handle the [obesity] epidemic is to come up with a vaccine," she said. "We are still a long way from that, because first we have to know how many of the human adenoviruses cause obesity."
The findings don't mean eating right and exercising are a waste of time, Whigham said.
"It is important for people to pay attention to those factors," she said. "We don't know how diet and exercise interact with the virus. Even if you are antibody positive, if you watch your diet and exercise, maybe it won't have the same effect. There are people who have the antibodies but are not obese."
One expert disagreed with the notion that viruses are key to the obesity epidemic.
"There are far more satisfying explanations for epidemic obesity, said Dr. David L. Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center Yale University School of Medicine and author of The Flavor Point Diet."We have more calories available per capita per day than ever before in history. And more and more of those calories are packaged in highly processed, flavor-enhanced, processed foods," he said.
Katz said there's a simpler explanation for why more Americans are getting fatter: because they can.
ARGH! This guy works for YALE and he says "Highly processed...processed foods." Am I going to be able to talk about the content of this article or just mock the bad word choices?
"We live in a profoundly 'obesigenic' world, one that makes weight gain the path of least resistance," he said. "Any contribution that adenoviruses make to epidemic obesity is certain to be little more than specks of dust compared with these 'obesigenic' factors."
And what the fuck does "obesigenic" mean? What a jerk. He goes from talking like an idiot to using big words no one's ever heard of and not defining them. Clearly I am never going to get to the content here.
Another expert agreed with Katz that viruses probably have only a small role to play in obesity.
These are the same assholes, no doubt, who say "with just a little willpower and some diet and exercise everyone can be thin--yay!" (said in a Richard Simmons-like lisp)
"The obesity epidemic in the U.S. can be largely explained by our inactive, over-indulgent lifestyle behaviors," said Lona Sandon, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas. "It is possible that viruses may play a role in setting us up for becoming overweight, similar to how our genes may be programmed to lead to obesity under the right circumstances."
So, even if we weren't indolent gourmands, we'd still be fat, isn't that what you're saying, Miss Lona? It's already been proven that our fatness comes from caveman times, when any bit of extra food was indeed once on the lips forever on the hips. Add a pinch of virus and voila! Welcome to America, Home of the Free, the Brave, the bursting waistband.
But for now, Sandon said, people need to stick with what works for preventing and treating obesity. "That's eating less and moving more. We may not be able to change our genes and environment, but we can change the way we eat and exercise."
Like I said above, "with just a little willpower and some diet and exercise everyone can be thin--yay!" (said in a Richard Simmons-like lisp)
comments from the peanut gallery (that would be me):
Okay, here's how I see this whole debate going down.
  • Fat people v 1: "see, it's not my fault I'm fat. Give me another box of donuts." (I'm talking about those fat people who eat boxes of donuts, not those fat people like me who don't eat boxes of donuts and are fat anyway.)
  • Fat people v2 (this would be me & my kind) "what the fuck. So you're telling me no matter what I do, I've got a fucking fat virus sucking on my body that I can't escape?"
  • Sanctimonous thin people: "Well, a virus doesn't matter if you just eat right and exercise. Yay!"
  • Helpful thin people: "Whelp, you're fucked now." ("Whelp" might be a regional word from up here in New England. It doesn't mean a child or to make a child, like the dictionary says. It's just a weird way to say "well" at the beginning of a sentence. It's used to signify giving up. "Whelp, that's the end. Gonna shoot myself now, Becky.")

Thursday, February 02, 2006

my time & money wasted--disappointed & pissed off

I went to the nutritionist today. I saw her last year. She basically just went over "this is what you eat after your surgery" with me. It cost me $130; insurance doesn't pay.
Now I have to see her every month for six months, for a half an hour each time.
She went over "What you eat after surgery" with me. Again. The exact same speech. Is that all she knows? How does this help me NOW? It cost me $65 that I can't afford. She took me 25 minutes late. I have to stay late at work to make up for it.
I am so pissed off.

eat less, live longer?

Someone from wrote to me and requested that I cover this on my blog. It's a starvation diet that increases your life span. Supposedly it's easy to get used to. Supposedly.
I've heard about this before. I believe the initial trials were done with rats. I can't find anything online about the rats offhand. Basically the people eat an extremely low calorie diet for the rest of their lives. They end up skinny and live longer.
Okay, that sounds doable, right?
And I'm sure it is doable for someone of near-normal weight, with a normal metabolism and a body capable of free and easy movement.
For a person like me, super morbidly obese or whatever the term of the week is for my level of fatness, I can't see that being an option. If simply cutting back on my food intake would cause weight loss, I'd be thin, because I've tried cutting back/cutting out. In fact, once again yesterday, the nutritionist I saw said I have to eat 3 small to moderate meals a day plus 2 snacks. The low-calorie diet outlined above, as far as I can tell from the 2 linked articles, is 2 large meals, no snacks. I agree that cutting out empty calories like soda and alcohol is important. I drink mostly water and if I drink soda 99% of the time it's diet (except when I am sick, I drink ginger ale, and that's not diet.) I drink alcohol so rarely it's basically not at all (I don't think I've had a drink in the past year). They eat lots of fiber, again, that's important, but it doesn't seem like they eat much meat. Miss Nutricionist is very big on meat. In fact in her hand out it says that beans are not high-quality protein and not to rely on vegetables for protein sources, that you must eat beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. (not that I would eat fish) I don't believe that pork is listed. I'm not a big pork eater anyway--a bit of sausage on a pizza is about my week's intake of pork. Or maybe some bacon on a potato. (That's what I live on when on Atkins: melted cheddar cheese over bacon. Delish for the first few days, and then I can't gag it down anymore.)
The 2 articles the gentleman asked me to look at don't really contain very much information on how to eat this way. It's kind of just steering you to buy the book...
The Amazon pages say "it's not about willpower."
Any DIET, any EATING PLAN (however you want to pretty up the words) is about willpower. It's about making choices. Cake vs fruit. Fried vs broiled. Coca Cola vs water. Coconut truffles vs bananas (I'd pick neither).