Tuesday, August 23, 2005

vacation & death

Just came back from going on vacation with my parents. How fun is that? I haven't been on vacation with my parents since I was about 17. But my dad's basically dying, and my parents paid for everything, so we went up to Plymouth for a week, since once upon a time my dad loved it there.
My parents walk many miles every day. My mom often gets up early and goes for a walk before work, walks for her lunch break and then walks again at night after supper. She could not, cannot comprehend that I cannot walk three to five miles with her. We walked so much that my feet STILL hurt.
The first 2 days we were up there, like a good girl I went to the pool with my noodle and my float belt and did 50 minutes of pliometrics and then did my stretches. The 3d day we walked around all morning at an attraction, then walked on the beach, then walked uptown. Even though I sat whenever possible, I still got tired. My knees started to click. The next day we went up to P-town shopping and I totally overdid it, was on the edge of a heat stroke, and still my mom wanted to keep walking when I didn't think I could make it back to the parking lot.
The next day a friend of mine who lives nearby came up and we walked on the beach for several hours--this was after going whale watching, which is an hour or so of sitting, followed by an hour or so running back and forth to see whales, followed by another hour of sitting. My ankles and knees were in constant pain. I was glad my father let my husband drive us home the next day because I could barely walk. And our room was on the 2nd floor so to go anywhere, I had stairs to deal with, and a steep steep flight to even go down to the beach.
When I got home, I found one of my parrots dead, rotted, in her cage. The person pet-sitting had called the night before and sworn everyone was okay. How could she have lied like that? She also left my cats with no water. And she doesn't understand why I am mad at her. Whatever.
So my vacation was cool, I got tan, got a lot of exercise, but my homecoming sucked. I am back to pliometrics today, but it's starting to get a little cold and I need to find an indoor pool.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm too fat to be in an obesity research study!

I saw in the New Haven Advocate an ad for obesity research study. And it's a PAID study. So I called. I'm obese, right? Non-smoking, on no drugs, fairly healthy.

I'm too fat.

I "exceed their height to weight ratio"
--they want mildly overweight people. Well that's not an obesity study! I'm the obese one, not some schmuck who only needs to lose 25 pounds.

for someone who's not so fat & lives in this area, here's the web link to the study: www.newhavencru.com.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

more tests

My talking therapist (as opposed to my physical therapist) convinced me to get my nautropath to do some more tests. She wanted me to have my hair tested for metal poisoning, and my poop for digestive issues. The ND compromised with a partial poop test. Disgusting! God, I hate playing with my poop. And this poop test had so many rules. I could not scoop the poop from the toilet (even a clean one). No pee with the poop. (I always do both at once.) Three consecutive poops must be scooped. They suggested pooping into a plastic grocery bag in a trash can. How am I supposed to poop into a trash can at work? I waited until the weekend when I could be sure of pooping 3x in a bag. The first one was full of HAIR. EWW. I don't eat hair! It was long hair too. My TT said she thinks the "hair" was fiber from the snowpeas she had fed me the day before and that I'm not digesting fiber or fat, and because I'm not getting nutrients, that my body is storing everything as fat because I am in starvation mode. If that is true, what do I do about it? the ND wanted me to go off my supplements for a while. Although they were helping me back in May, she thinks now they are harming me. I'm not even on any of her homopathic remedies right now.
So I will know in a week or so what's going on with the poop.