Sunday, January 23, 2005

Weight Loss Mudra #3 Sun/Surya Mudra

SURYA (Sun) MUDRA for weight loss
How to do it: fold ring finger and press thumb on the 2nd part of ring finger. 1st part thumb to cover it (look at picture)
1) increases heat in the body as sun is the giver of energy.
2) increase of heat dissolves the fat stored in body cells
3) improves digestion & reduces obesity due to excess fat
4) all problems of thyroid gland reduces or eliminated
5) sometime due to thyroid , menses abnormalities are caused, which reduces.
6) decreases mental heaviness
7) reduces cholesterol , constipation
8) helpful in diabetes, TB, ASTHAMA
9) balances body.
Works on the principles of burning fat in body cells. Not to be done by weak people
15 minutes per day, when weight is loss than 5 minutes per day

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Anonymous said...

How much weight can be loss per week by doing sun mudra.. about 15minutes every day...